Diablo Hellfire Problems

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    So I felt like revisting the first Diablo for old times sake. However I ran into some problems. Over a time peroid of restarting my computer and reinstalling Diablo and Hellfire ten times over and after messing with the .exe files properties I was finally able to get Diablo I to work. But I was only able to get Diablo I to work not hellfire, I was able to run the game and choose my character, however once I named my character and pressed enter my computer screen went black and the game never loaded. I have the update for the game installed and I really don't know why this is not working. Anyways here are my computer specs for anyone that thinks that it my help.
    Ram: 8 Gigs
    Video Card: Nvidia 9800+ (it has 512mb of vram)
    Processer: Intel i3-3225 (it's a dual core with two virtual cores, it has 3.30Ghz)
    Operating System: Windows 8 - 64 bit
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    Not entirely sure but I know Win 7 has had problems with D2 and D1 as well so it could just be the OS and the games not functioning properly together.
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    You might try running it in Windows XP compatibility mode and if that fails, VirtualBox is a free virtual machine client available that will allow you to run a full virtual Win xp machine on your computer.

    I have been able to get D2 with all of the expansions working on my Windows 7 machine, so I know it can be done.
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