Longest grind in a game

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    Maplestory, 1-200. And I'm not talking like the last few years.
    Nooonono, I'm talking back when Tiger was #1. Back when there was only 3rd job, and people were forced to grind Ludi if they wanted to get past level 100. And they reached level 1-freaking-50 with it. 0.1% an hour? Sounds reasonable.
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    The adamant armor in FFIV was brutal. I spent ages fighting pink puffs but never got the tail.
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    it has already been mentioned, But i think everquest is one of the longest grinds there ever was.

    I mean back when everything was fresh, and AA had just been introduced.

    Today its easy as pie with companions and highly accelerated experience gain.
    But back in the day, the grind was brutal. Alot of people had a hard time even getting max lvl before it was raised in the next expansion.

    I actually tried playing it again when they made the classic servers. where you got to do it all "old school" and unlock expansions by killing end bosses of the previous. Unfortunately i only lasted 3 expansions, then i had enough of the grind.

    Oh brings back memories :)
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    Xenogears. Start to finish. Longest, most torturous grind in gaming.
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    Monk epic 1.0 in Everquest, during Kunark days.
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    Quote from Echaos

    Leveling to the cap in Final Fantasy 11. Not only was it brutally time consuming but your net exp gain a good portion of the time you logged on would be close to or at absolutely nothing.

    I can one up on this one ^^;

    Leveling to the cap (and then later trying to lvl for the "paragon" extras) as a thief (THF)...

    The cap was 75 when I played, and you also needed to lvl sub jobs to lvl 37 to be able to play as a 75 main / 37 sub class. And you can't really level solo past lvl 10ish, at least not in a way that makes for any kind of exp/h. I remember one time in particular around lvl 50ish that I spent ONE WEEK (maybe 6h / day) lfg, but noone wanted a THF in their party cause they suck (their words not mine).

    It was the class (apart maybe from RDM) that required the most skill to be good at... which is ofc why they had such a bad rep, cause there were a LOT of sucky thieves out there. While I actually ran a parser in parties (against the rules, but I just had to check) and saw that unless I was partied with a MNK killing skellys I was the top or second best dpser... EVERY TIME... sigh...

    Anyway, it took about a year in total to reach lvl 75 THF... I think maybe 1-2 month to lvl the sub jobs to 37+... that's to say:
    Paladin, Warrior, Ninja, White mage, Black mage, Corsair (came later), Bard, Beast master, Red mage and I think I forgot 1 or 2...

    Not to mention my 30+ kills of a certain rare mob in the dunes... which never dropped it's loot for me :P

    So when I finally get to the max level with a world new favorite exp zone in the expansion that has a lot of flyers (extra damage for THF) and I spent another week LFG... I quit...

    I think managed to join 1 or 2 groups before I was LFG for a week... I was top dps in both parties... by a factor of 2-3...

    Where is the THF love ;_;

    So yeah... lvl capping THF in FF XI... hardest grind EVER.
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    I lost alot of my life to d2 and sc. I probably could been a brain surgeon if I spent all that time studying.
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    Everquest was one of the worst grind games ever, but honestly; if they revamped the original game with newer graphics etc... I would play it again. I really enjoyed the conecpt of possibly losing your levels if you died to many times. It was a nice mix of hardcore permadeath and softcore who cares how many times I die. Add in the factions, quests, Epic quests (go ring war!) and the endless AAs, I truely enjoyed that game over a period of years.
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    Must be EQ2, grinding for all 24 Myths, only to put in my house for show..

    Stupidity I guess c",)
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    Supernova Elite on pokerstars is the toughest grind ive ever done. It felt like grinding paragon 100 x 15 in 1 year, with the possibility of losing thousands of dollars.

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    Grinding the Winterspring Tiger in Wintersprings was quite painful in Vanilla.
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    Honestly, my favorite "all consuming" grind was unlocking, and then subsequently grinding Jedi in Star Wars galaxies before they added force sensitive crap.

    Having to master from 4 to 32 professions, randomly assigned, where the in game holocrons weren't really helpful... Was time consuming and frustrating. Moreover, once you got your Jedi, you were banished off to areas where there were no players and no humanoids if you wanted to make progress. Finally, once you got there, you could end up with wildly negative xp. I remember at one point deciding to change spec and needing to grind 19 million xp by the 5000 just to get to where I could actually earn xp for new skills.

    It was costly of time and resources to even accomplish... And then they changed the game to make it super easy :(
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    Quote from Merodium

    Maplestory, 1-200. And I'm not talking like the last few years.
    Nooonono, I'm talking back when Tiger was #1. Back when there was only 3rd job, and people were forced to grind Ludi if they wanted to get past level 100. And they reached level 1-freaking-50 with it. 0.1% an hour? Sounds reasonable.

    Haha indeed, maplestory back in the day had some serious grinding.
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    Quote from plan3s

    You guys have forgotten Tibia, right?

    Hehe I'm a Tibia player! :D there's no level cap there, but it's still a grind for the goals you set. Killing 6666 demons is a pain.
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    Quote from shaggy

    Getting a full set of Master Materia (not counting the ones you get from Emerald Weapon) for your party in FFVII was quite a grind.

    Not really, triple growth weapons/armor + killing magic pots = hours.

    As for being back on topic... most games I could think of have been stated, I'd say the worse for me personally would be opening every voice clip and ending for star ocean 2. To be blunt I never accomplished it and I dumped a lot of time into that game. It's probably not as bad as some of the other games mentioned but it's pretty ridiculous overall.
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