Longest grind in a game

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    Also, i would like to point out, getting all chips in any Megaman Battle Network game. Ever. Especially the first one, as the later ones have items to increase enemies spawns, or increases the odds of finding rare spawns i believe.
    All bosses had three chips named V1, V2 and V3. When you kill them during the actually game, they dont drop them. To get those, you need to find them in random areas and they are rare spawn. It would take about an hour of going around in circles to find them. The first time you get them will have a guarenteed drop of the V1 chip. Then it gets painful. When you fight them, the game gives you a rating of 1 to 10 (and S above that). To get the V3 chip, you need to get S rating and a bit of luck since he can decide to drop only money. (And therefore waste your hour). The V2 chip is a bit more of a pain because you need to get a rating between 6 and 10 so you need to kill him nicely but not too nicely...then hope you dont get money...

    Once you've gone through all that painful experience... you have to redo that 12+ times for every other boss in the game.
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    Quote from chaoslux

    Quote from Zakaz

    I did 'Insane in the Membrane' once upon a time. I was the third person on the server to do it (thankfully, as the prices of Pristine Black Diamonds absolutely skyrocketed afterwards), and honestly didn't hate it as much doing it as I do reflecting upon it. I had another guild member working on it at the same time, and she and I would play late into the night keeping eachother entertained grinding out goblin rep in Dire Maul. At the time it was pretty fun (I was a student and had plenty of time to kill), but looking back, it was such a massive time-sink for almost three straight months I'm not sure how I managed to do it as quickly as I did.

    For reference, I ended up farming something like 2,000 primal life from Skettis off the trees to craft Darkmoon Cards (I hit exalted with the rep there on killing alone, from 0/1000 neutral). And that was just ONE part of the quest.

    I was super thrilled to get it, but man, telling anyone who's not a gamer about that achievement is a lesson in humility.

    I also did that, but as well, i grabbed Exalted with those Bloodsail...
    Which could only be done by killing one goblin found in Badlands (and only that one), and he would give you 5 rep past Honored. No other goblin would give rep past Honored. He also had a 7 min respawn timer. And i got 21,000 rep out of that guy.
    The entirety of Insane seemed like a joke compared to that.

    Yeah, I could never bring myself to that. I had way too many other goals in the game to accomplish that didn't involve me teetering on the edge of suicide to kill a goblin over and over (plus, someone else was already doing it after I finished Insane, so I wasn't waiting around).
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    Theres an FPS MMO called "warrock" where the highest level is 100 and, as far as I know, no one has ever reached that level.(dont know about korean, but in international, no one has lvl 100)
    Highest was like 88(which is like 5% to level 100) and he used bots.
    Even with all the " xp up" items (which you have to pay like 25 dollar/month for to have) it still impossible.

    Theres also an MMORPG called "cabal online" and there the rarest item is "amulet of pain +7" and you have to craft that, but it costs like 15 billion alz (currency) to make it and the success chance is like 1%. also 15 billion alz is like 600 euro
    also in that same game theres an achievement for killing 10 million people in PVP orsomething
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    Quote from Zakaz

    Yeah, I could never bring myself to that. I had way too many other goals in the game to accomplish that didn't involve me teetering on the edge of suicide to kill a goblin over and over (plus, someone else was already doing it after I finished Insane, so I wasn't waiting around).

    Yeah, i originally grinded Goblins to exalted (exclusively in Dire Maul, even at Honored i didnt want to hurt my BB rep). Then i got most of the other stuff i wanted to do, it was a good 6 or so month later, when my guild was kinda fallilng apart that i decided to start doing it, because i would only look at my screen once every 6 minutes, and reading guild chat was the most disappointing thing ever so it worked out nicely. I entirely grinded Goblins a second time
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    You guys have forgotten Tibia, right?
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    Maple story 1-200 pre big bang.
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    Runescape hands down. The game has been continually updated to get easier and easier for years, but still NOONE has managed to hit the xp cap in all skills. The current #1 guy is expected to do it within the year after over 1200 days of gameplay. Nothing else achievable even comes close.
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    Quote from thundersteele

    Not sure how it ranks, but Lineage 2 has a pretty long grind to max level... years... and then, once you are there, you get to do it again for the subclass, and again for noblesse...

    I gotta second this. Lineage 2 was way more of a grind than paragon levels here is now. I got my warcryer to lvl 55 and just couldn't take it anymore. You killed stuff for 15 minutes then had to sit down and regen mana for 10 minutes. Yes back when it came out there was no potions to drink .. you had to sit down to regen and it took forever.

    The koreans loved that style of game though which is why they did it. It's a korean made game.
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    Runescape , nobody has achieved it yet and the game is 11 years old , although one person is getting closed to maxing out.
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    Level 100 in dransik took years.
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    my biggest/hardest grind was setting the record in endless chain in darskpore at the time to 18-4^18 or something like that. took me and my friend over 12 hours of sitting infront of the computer.

    at the time i had my roomate bring me food from the caf XD
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    People have already mentioned Runescape and Eve Online, as well as Ragnarok Online (I actually tried for the Mastery of All Lives, but gave up after two). WoW's worst grind that I actually did was the Vanilla Enchanter grind, since you had to hit Exalted with just about every faction to get their recipes.

    Been trying to repress the memory of Dark Age of Camelot levelling, that blew.

    Finally, for the twelve of you out there who were playing this game, maxing out on DnD Online as Free-To-Play was harder than HELL.
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    Everquest, the way to max level was long and then you had AA/Paragon levels, and the game was very unforgiving when it came to death consequences.

    Moving this thread to the general game discussion.
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    Quote from JUNKdeLUXE

    But I think the longest (not sure if its the hardest) grind to my knowledge is Eve Online. To max all skills it takes 15 years.

    Actually it's a bit more than that, iirc ~20 years was the ceiling, but given the game is 10 years old nobody is terribly close. One also must keep in mind that the training system in eve is constant and time-based (ie. your selected skill trains while you are on and offline) so there's really no grind to it at all.

    I say this as a somewhat-biased veteran eve player who hasn't logged in for more than skill queue changes in over a year, but I do fancy the system much more than any log-in chores. It's a bit of a shame more developers haven't caught onto it.

    Can't be completely sure if that kind of system would work at all in an arpg setting, but I think the paragon system has it's ups and downs too. Most importantly there's a bit of reward just for being online and doing some runs, so I think it has satisfied a basic need in a rather repetitive genre. There is certainly room to tweak both kinds of system grind and non-grind.
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    Getting max level in Lineage 2 I would say. Getting to level 180 in Helbreath International just after release was a challenge too :)
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    I have a 100 paragon barb, a 65 witch doctor, 36 demon hunter, and 19 wizard. It really doesnt take that long if you are efficient with your time.

    Profile: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Bradical-1577/hero/28092266
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    Getting to lvl200 in maplestory, if any1 else knows about this game and getting to a "high level" then you know what grind means.
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    Quote from lorien1973

    - The winterspring frostsaber: The original grind was crazy. You had to repeat the same quest 100's of times to get a mount where the only difference from the nightelf faction mounts were a slightly different color. Since vanilla wow it has been nerfed several times, and can be done in a day now though.

    No it can't. Takes 20 days. It's a daily quest to feed the kitten.

    But the point is valid. Paragon levels is the worst form of grinding. Lots of work for dubious rewards.

    Actually Parangon is not a grind in itself. You are not doing anything specific to gain parangon levels. You just play the way you like it (your regular item farming route) and Parangon levels are gained automatically. Parangon levels are just a side bonus for playing the game, they don't unlock any content or skill like the 60 first levels.
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    Well, it isn't the longest grind ever, but in college me and my friend leveled our blitzball team in FFX all up to level 99...
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    ragnarok , 1- 99 reborn (before the cash shop)
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