DH Damage Reduction Build??

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    I was playing around with a few builds on my DH and noticed i'm nearly invulnerable and regen a TON of life with this build..


    Has anyone else tried this build?

    Is there a cap to DR%?


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    I don't think there's a cap to DR, but IIRC it's multiplicative and not additive. Also with the latest change to NT it will only hit each target once, so lets say it does 20k damage, you'll get 600 health back. Not very much when you get hit for ~8-10k from mobs (obv before you factor in the DR from those skills)

    Granted, you'll be able to take a lot of punishment before you run out of disc, but unless you have some good life/hit or life/second, you better hope you got some high DPS so you can kill them first kind of thing.

    Also, you might want to change out Steady Aim, because if you're planning on being able to take hits, mobs are probablyall over you and so that 20% damage won't help. Something like Perfectionist or Night Stalker would probably help more.
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    Considering you just found the page try to look on the front page for the demon hunter that tanked diablo inferno.
    On a second note learn to google stuff I mean u managed to find this site didn't u
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    Thank you for the feedback, minister215.. I didn't even realize I still had steady aim, thanks for pointing out that.. hmm.. I just got to level 60 and I still wanted to give NT a shot even after the nerf.. I was hoping this build would prove it useful again, but I'm not sure if it's plausible for Inferno.. Hence is why I posted asking you guys..

    Thanks for being so welcoming Zera ;), I think even if I figured out how to use that complicated "Google" website you speak of, it would probably take longer than simply posting a thread asking what the more experienced players had to say.. I have been a reader of these forums almost since launch, I just finally got around to creating an account today. So don't hate :P I'm a huge fan of d3 just like all of us (should) be.

    Edit: FYI I just checked the front page and I don't believe there is the build you speak of.. but thanks for the suggestion >.
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    Quote from minster215

    Also with the latest change to NT it will only hit each target once, so lets say it does 20k damage, you'll get 600 health back.

    Not quite. With the inferno 80% penalty to life leech you would be leeching 0.6% instead, no ? That would make it a mindblowing 120 health.
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    ewwwww, really tofuman? If that's so, then I totally understand why NT is useless now.. Hopefully they buff it in the future, I was really looking forward to using it :(
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