Darkness falls gone baby mad, sort it out

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    Warning rant below!

    ok guys was just on the Darkness falls just a moment ago, i keep check regularly and what i did i see?

    More babies

    ive said in post on a different thread all i see are people and babies, about 1% are none human related

    and about 40% are babies

    this is becoming a joke, for me it is anyway

    blizz did not state what the pictures had to be, only they would be checked before going up on the site

    but i think all they want are people and babies

    ok i understand the people, dressing up as the class, but some people are just uploading their face, and its not even a funny face, its just a face with a banner

    back to the babies again, who cares about the babies, ok they are cute, but for the love of god blizzard let some of the others through

    i did put a banner with a pic of my dog, others were fruit and arty pics, diablo and blizzard themed

    Trombone on this very website put blonde big breasted woman on a shark, jumping over a mountain with an epic sunset in the backdrop!!! where is that awesome pic?

    as ive said before, i dont care about the glory of my banner on display, i just want the sigils, but i do care about the people who are actually putting constructive and imaginative banners up and they are not going up

    how is a baby sleeping diablo related? is that baby the spawn of diablo?.....i think not

    blizzard please stop putting baby pics through and let some diablo themed ones in

    for the people who are putting baby pics on the banner, you have a great imagination and have no clue what the site is asking for

    i know you are proud of your child and love him/her so much, thats ok, but please stop

    if you are putting baby photos up and its not your child, if you googled " cute baby", then shame on you

    i actually love the website, i think its a great idea :Thumbs Up: , but i think it needs to be regulated

    seems to me that lisa and susie from reception are in charge of the banners going through

    this is not a troll post, if it was i would be swearing, not one curse word#

    if the mods wanna lock, could you please contact me first :) as im sure im not the only one

    blizz will never read this, i dont care, i just care about the hundreds of people who are missing out on prizes

    sort it out or by the time you get to the witch doctor half the people will not be bothered with it

    again im not trolling, im just kinda angry at the amount of baby pics when good abnners ahve gone through, my missus made an awesome demon hunter pizza!!!

    we ate it soon after

    ok rant over, this was meant to be just a paragraph thread sorry
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    Who cares what people put up as banners, its there own choice
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    I have a hard time believing these tiny tiny humans can save us from the forces of Diablo. No matter how well trained they might be in the arts of Demon Huntery or Barbarianism.
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    Any idea no matter how simple, complex, beneficial, or stupid has the potential to become viral almost minutes after being posted / seen on the internet.

    Babies appearing on the Diablo banner site is no surprise to me. That has a viral potential of 8.5/10 on the Serpenth scale.
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    Quote from Gealic

    Who cares what people put up as banners, its there own choice

    i said i dont care what people put up

    my point was that the sheer volume of baby pics getting through the back log of banners on the website

    i dont care whats on them, but when 40% of the pics are babies it makes you wonder what the hell is going on

    if there was no back log on banners, i wouldnt careless about the baby pics

    and i love babies, i love their smell after a bath ( yes i sniff babies)
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    I submitted a good picture too and it isn't even there...
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    be patient thats all i can say

    but i wish blizz would come out and list what they are looking for

    if they say violent pictures (guns, tanks, grenades, hookers, C4) will NOT be uploaded, then i have to laugh. look at the game you are making...ok ill keep taht subject for another thread

    Edit, i said non violent opps
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    You're wasting your time. The prize is mine! And I didn't even post a baby..
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    looks like the irish op is looking to fight again
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    You don't care, but you posted a rant anyway? I'm pretty sure it's just luck which ones go through instantly. I submitted one that went through instantly and another that is backed up. I assumed, at first that only self-portrait (non default) pictures would make the cut, so maybe others did as well and didn't want their faces/bodies on the site, but their babies who will not be recognized?
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    Babies playing D3 creeps me out so I moved this thread.
    I just want a little bit of tenderness :(

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    For the barb one I though about using a picture of my puppy ( west highland tarrier ) in his chainmail that I made him but I though no one would want to see it .

    End Of Line
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    They arent approving things that are art or otherwise so they dont have to risk copyright infringement. I'd imagine only those they can verify the source of the original content and approval from them before posting those - which is enough of hassle they probably wont do it for many. That's why its just pictures of people, babies, and pets.

    This isn't really surprising and if you are butthurt your random googled image isn't showing up there then XFD
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    Really though, for a mouse pad? Meh. Already have it .

    Ha. Bagstone.

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    Are we talking about literal babies here? This thread creeps me out a bit...
    "I want to say something but I'll keep it to myself I guess and leave this useless post behind to make you aware that there WAS something... "

    "We're like the downtown of the Diablo related internet lol"
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    Yeah.... about the babies!

    I'm with you on this one Freddy!

    And another thing....
    If I see another red & black banner I will kick my monitor off the desk.
    Those are soooo bad... I might even consider babies instead of'em. Or maybe not!

    *You think you know me?*
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