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    definitely, maybe
    Romantic, Comedic, Drama and family.Nice film.I'll give him 8.5/10
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    Quote from Irrational

    The Illusionist


    Didn't explain the main trick, liked the ending, music was horrible, great plot though.

    I loved the Illusionist when I seen it. I've watched it a few times since and it's so neat to know what's going on according to the ending during the rest of the movie.
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    Cargo (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0381940/ )


    A well done Indie-SciFi movie from Switzerland with decent effects for such a low budget. The story develops well along with some interesting turns and even if the characters appeared a bit pale to me, the dark and gloomy athmosphere was well fitting and made the whole movie enjoyable.

    If you have the chance to watch it, and you like indie-productions or tricky mega-corp/sci-fi thrillers located in Space (slightly comparable to eXistenZ, Pandorum or maybe Event Horizon) you should give it a try!
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    I do love those kinds of sci-fi movies. I've never heard of it so I'll definitely check it out. And honestly, I don't know why everyone hated Event Horizon so bad. I thought it was great!
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    Brave. 7/10 it was cute, but it wasn't great. Not on the over the hedge, finding nemo, monsters inc level of cartoon movies.
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    The Dark Knight Rises - 7.5/10

    I could give it a little more but some parts of the movie just suck :(

    Quote from Siaynoq

    And honestly, I don't know why everyone hated Event Horizon so bad. I thought it was great!

    Event Horizon is a really good movie indeed.

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    Total Recall.


    Went in it expecting brainless action and I got just what I wanted, plus some other fun things that added to my enjoyment :)
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    The Dark Knight Rises: 2/10

    I don't normally give out scores this low just because I didn't like a movie, I really really think this movie deserves this score. Absolutely everything in it is wrong. I could go on for pages so I'll try to keep it brief (spoiler alert):

    1) Complete lack of any kind of coherence in the plot. People know things they couldn't possibly know, appear conveniently in places with no logical reason and it is just impossible to care about what is going on because the movie just tramples over your suspension of disbelief. Almost every scene has this problem but here is probably the most shocking example: how the hell does Bruce Wayne get back to Gotham after leaving the pit? How could you possibly expect the audience to just accept this?

    2) Everyone in this movie knows Batman is Bruce Wayne. A character introduced for the first time in this movie just walks up to him right at the start and says he knows who he is just because he can sense it. What. The. Hell.

    3) Nothing freaking happens for most of the movie. What kind of movie introduces a bomb and then has us wait months for it to go off?

    4) Bane's plan makes NO SENSE from start to finish. Why does he need to stage an armed hold up of the stock exchange to hack a database? How can anyone on the planet fall for the phony transactions that ruin Wayne Enterprises when he stormed the place in the middle of the day and it was worldwide news? What the hell is with the bomb, does he want to stage a crazy social experiment to prove a point or does he want to blow up the city? It can't be both! Why does the League even want to blow up Gotham anymore? They spent the whole first half of the movie going on about how it's all cleaned up now!

    5) The terrible dialogue, the crappy exposition where everything is told instead of shown. The whole take-over of the city is a bunch of disjointed scenes which fail to establish what effect Bane's plan is having on the city which is surely the whole point of it?

    Argghhh, I'm going to stop before I spend hours writing down all the things that are wrong with it. It's not just a disappointing follow up to Dark Knight, it's a B movie. The only thing I remotely liked was Tom Hardy's Bane, which would've been a good villain if the plot hadn't been completely retarded. What the hell happened???

    P.S. Event Horizon started out okay but then the reveal happened and it was RAAARRR DEMONS IN SPACE!!! Horrible movie.
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    Hunger Games http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1392170/


    Sigh, what a waste of time over some hyped chick flick.

    Plothole galore, american kliche ripoff.

    Go see Battle Royale if you want a movie that touches you, see hunger games if you want to waste 2 hours on another crappy Twillight wave.
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    Abe Lincon, Vampire hunter. 7.5/10

    Nice action movie, needs to be seen with some popcorn and brains deactivated.

    Nothing exceptional, just a nice movie.
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    did a resident evil marathon and the 4th film afterlife. is possibly the sum of all the bad and horrible scenes from the first 3 horrible movies.

    so i would probably give it a 3/10 and i give the first movie a 6/10 mainly cos of bad acting´.
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    The Dark Knight Rises 5/10

    Borefest for the most part, I gave it 5 just because I didnt see the twist coming which rarely happens these days.
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    Total Recall, 8.5/10.
    Jurassic World – 2015
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    Dark Knight Rises: 8/10

    A good movie, but its hard to beat the previous movie, Tom Hardy did a good job (as always) as Bane, there was more focus on batman him self this time around, the villain didn't steal the show like in The Dark knight, all in all... its a good movie worth seeing but performance and story wise i enjoyed TDK more.

    Goon: 7/10

    I was actually surprised by this movie, a very enjoyable sports comedy, one of the better ones in the genre.
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    Total Recall: 7/10

    I saw the original in theaters back when I was a teenager. The new one definitely has better action sequences and fight scenes...and has Kate Beckinsale. But I wasn't quite as impressed as I had hoped. Perhaps it was just missing all those cheesy one-liners from Arnold.
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    Going way back here. Willow! It's a little ridiculuos, but in an endearing way. 8 out of 10. LOL
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    I just rewatched all my LotR extended editions.

    Naturally, I adore these movies. The extended editions are worth watching. I'm not going to give a numerical rating, just some advice; if you loved the movies before, it would be worth picking up the extended editions if you haven't already seen them. If you don't like them, I wouldn't want you to waste your time.

    Listening to the cast commentary is loads of fun though. Billy Boyd's commentary is hilarious and Andy Serkis chimes in with *perfect* Gollum / Smeagol voices from time to time. It's really great stuff.

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    New "Total Rekall" , eh a 7 at best, didn't like the ending, it was very predictable.
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    The Cabin in the Woods: 8/10

    Much better then i expected, very funny as well, finally a horror movie with some originality. the best horror movie i have seen since Tucker & Dale vs Evil.
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    Donnie Darko (2001) 10/10

    I finished watching this earlier today and truly enjoyed this movie. Jake Gyllenhaal does such a great job portraying a "crazy person." The whole movie had me interested to see what Donnie would do next. If you haven't seen this I'd recommend it. It's up there with One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest and Shutter Island as far as these types of movies.
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