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    The Dark Knight Rises

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    The dark knight rises, 8/10.

    Just beacuse It's... kinda to predictable. Like the last Transformers. (Sorry for comparing a crappy movie with batman.)

    But other then that It's a awsome movie.
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    The Girl who played with Fire.


    The swedish "original", with the undeniably best character actors I can imagine - not this smooth, sissy, superfluous Hollywood-remake with Mr. Craig.
    Anyway I don't see any sense in this lastest fashion of rehashing successful, well-made predecessors like Spiderman, Hulk, or in this case the Millenium-Trilogy... it's just a waste of money.

    But... it's a matter of (mainstream) taste.
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    Grave of the Fireflies. 4/10

    I don't know... every time someone talked about it they always said how sad it was. I didn't really connect with either of the main characters, and I pretty much guessed what would happen from what the movie was trying to sucker you into. The little girl got on my nerves a lot too.. really bad English dub. :S To be fair though, it is pretty old. So I gave it some points for that alone.
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    The Dark Knight Rises - 9.5/10

    Points deducted due to
    Bane's poorly-done death scene (A.L.A Deckard Cain), forced kissing between Batman and Selina Kyle (WTF...only 1 minute left before the detonation and you're kissing out of nowhere?) and slightly cheesy one-liners by the latter.
    "God? What's that?"
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    Tried to avoid the spoilers above. >_> I still need to go see it. -_-

    Princess Mononoke (10/10)

    Really enjoyed watching this. I can see why it is a lot of people's favorite out of Miyazaki films now. I love the little forest spirits and their weird little rattling heads. The scenery wasn't the most gorgeous out of Miyazaki's films, but it is an older film.
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    Princess Mononoke is definitely good, but I enjoy the first half of it a lot more than the second half.
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    I agree.. I really liked him running around on his own. When the Iron Island came into play the story was kind of meh after that. But I still enjoyed it.
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    Yeah that's exactly when I stop watching it now is when he gets to Iron Town. Like I can rewatch that movie cause it's so good but I usually just stop it around then. It's cool when he's going around meeting people and getting into little skirmishes. The second half just starts getting really preachy and you feel the weight of the forest and it feels like it's slowing everything down. I'm sure part of that was intentional. I wish that Miyazaki guy would've done one more action film before retiring. I think most anime is garbage, but I've always liked his stuff.
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    Disturbing, scary, beautifull

    Couldnt believe I hadn't heard of it untill now
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    Batman, 6/10. Great ending! few redundant characters

    Bane 5/10
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    Yeah I've enjoyed every Miyazaki film I've watched. I'm still working on collecting all the films he did. I think I'm going to get Ponyo next.
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    Naausica is the other good one that's more action oriented. I like its older production values too. Feels kind of retro in a good way.
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    Nausicaa is pretty old. :P Like.. 1984 or something. That and Ponyo are pretty much the only films I'm missing of his.
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    Friends i am a big fan of hollywood cinema.I watch many movies in a day.Recently i watched a great action movie THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.This is a too good movie.I always waiting to watch this movie.I saw this movie 4 times in theaters.
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    dark knight rises 8/10
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    in order:

    One Day, 9/10 Beautiful movie, a great drama and very well executed, the story is a bit predictable though, that's why not a 10


    Coco Before Chanel 8/10 Very good, but a bit slow in some parts, Audrey Tautou is awesome

    Thanks ScyberDragon!!! you're awesome!!:D:D
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    The Dark Knight Rises: 9/10. I might raise the score with a second viewing. I was pretty tired when I saw it.
    Jurassic World – 2015
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    I appreciate more anyone who's not recently seen the new Batman movie. Yes, it averages out to be a 9/10. We get it.
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    The Illusionist


    Didn't explain the main trick, liked the ending, music was horrible, great plot though.
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