April Fools

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    Fake expansion announcement for Diablo 3. Heart of the Swarm scratched for SC2 along with crazy balance changes that will piss everyone off. Thinking of one for WoW is the hardest ... maybe new dungeon mode that includes everyone's favorite dungeons like The Oculus. >.>
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    It will most prob be WoW related so something on the lines of

    "after a long process of discussions we have decided that we are swapping factions cities, horde in stormwind, Ironforge, darnassus Etc, the alliance in origrammar, undercity, silvermoon etc,"

    "reason we are doing this is we felt that it will be too far a journey for alliance players to get to the new Heroics (scarlet monastary,scolomance) when MoP goes live, cos we know ally players wait for summons in the cities, now they wont have too"
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    Their April Fools joke will be that the release date of May 15th was a lie all along and D3 is really vaporware. Mark my words.
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    For WoW it'll be a new zone of Pandaria and a new class, like a 'Bamboo Eater' or something, plus pets....

    SC2 it'll be new units in the expansion.

    D3 will be the announcement of the 1st expansion and a new playable class. Oh and the beta servers will run ok and they'll release a vid of 'Inferno' difficulty which looks easier than normal....

    Honestly I think they spend more time on April 1st than the rest of the year....
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