WWI Teaser - Day 4

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    The Day 4 splash teaser has shown the ice almost completely melted down, and now a shadowy figure awaits with a evil stare.

    The new hidden image in the master.CSS file has revealed the new word: Cold.

    Accounted for are now: Tundra, Glacier, Icy and Cold.

    As for the runes on the icy image the previous were: the World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King's Frostmourne rune, followed by the Hel Rune from Diablo II, and the Protoss Alkilae tribe symbol from Starcraft II. Today's rune seems like a solar system. This is not a symbol you see often in a Blizzard game. The only thing that it resembles is an Arcane Sanctum from Warcraft III.

    Otherwise it can be interpreted as three franchises and a new franchise at the center (4 orbs). Or Starcraft Galaxy? Those staring eyes in the splash page look a lot like a Dark Archon -- and if you have been reading Starcraft: The Dark Templar pocket book you will know that Ulrezaj the Dark Archon has returned to Aiur. In fact, I was at the New York Comic Con and met the folks from Pocket Books -- there was a cool front cover of the upcoming Starcraft: The Dark Templar, book three: Twilight featuring ... Ulrezaj's face.

    That face can also be Diablo, Lilith, Inarius or a corrupted Tyrael. Or the Lich King Arthas wearing the helmet. Even Blackthorne. One thing is for sure. We aren't gonna be able to guess who it is today.

    The purple creature image is named 16.jpg (in the alphabet it stands for P) --- yup, now it makes everyone hit the head on the keyboard.

    Update: Explorer suggests the sequence of the hidden image's numbers in the file names start resembling the LOST experience numbers from the Valenzetti Equation:

    4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42

    Coincidentially, the purple images have been named 04.jpg, 08.jpg, 15.jpg, 16.jpg and 23.jpg so far.


    Even more curious is that the Valenzetti Equation page says the following:

    "Rachel Blake also learned that the Hanso Foundation was forcing savants at the Vik Institute in Iceland to run the equation over and over."

    Maybe LOST VIKings?

    As I said on day one, Blizzard is master at one thing ... misdirection. Each day fans tinker it is one game. The next day, another, and as the days get closer to a game announcement people ends up ... LOST.

    Update: Lyquid reports the solar system rune resembles quite a lot to one of the games that Blizzard canceled a few years ago: Pax Imperia. Another game studios published the game. The question to ponder ... did Blizzard acquire the rights of Pax Imperia the way they acquired Lost Vikings, Blackthorne and Rock'n Roll Racing from Interplay? Check out MobyGames for the game covers:

    Update: I am heading to the airport in a few minutes, so I don't have time to decipher what someone who wishes to be anonymous sent me. I don't wish you either to go through the trouble -- especially if this was intended as a scam.

    In short ... the combination of the LOST numbers with the words: icy, tundra, etc. Says TYRAEL IS LOST. Take that with a grain of salt.

    Using the image numbers as separate digits, and applying them to their corresponding css class names to get the letters, using 0 as (learn to crop images anonymous) you can get 2 letters per day.

    Tundra - 04: T, R
    Glacier - 15: L, E
    Icy - 23: Y, I
    Cold - 16: O, L

    Knowing that there will be 4 more letters, you can create TYR_EL I_ LO_ _ With the Valenzetti Equation from Lost being 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 which so far fits the numbers we have, the final result can probably be guessed to be TYRAEL IS LOST.

    So then, 08 will be Artic, giving us A from 0, and T from 8. Leaving us with 42 something like _ _ S _ S

    NOTE: Sighs. See ya in Paris guys. Sleep well, don't numb your minds with all these nonsense.
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    Our faith and support lies in you MEDIEVALDRAGON
    Rubs nipples in preparation for Diablo 3
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    u can see some eyes in the middle of the picture
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    Does anyone realize that the new rune, has 3 circles surrounding the one in the middle. Just like the 3 ancients.
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    Im Goin Crazy!!!! I See Teh Eyes Of Diablo!
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    Well if it's a solar system then 2 of the planets are on the same rotation.
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    I'm so on edge, glad I am not the only one to see eyes.

    Cant wait to see what comes next.
    I feel pretty.
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    First page!! :P

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    heres the negative
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    Yes there are eyes :P And solar system with three planets, probably it symblize three IP's StarCraft Warcraft and Diablo. I have the strange feeling that the last simbol will be snake with three heads - Hydra.
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    Wootsauce! Took so long to post it's probably not second post anymore, but w/e
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    i could swear ive sen they symbol of the new mark before.crap it was eiter wow bc or something else
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    Well also atleast we know now that we are looking at the side of a wall and not up or down of something.
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    My first thought was the 2 "eyes" and the ice theme, looked somewhat like the lich king, but it doesnt make sense, why making hype about a game you already announced?

    Rubbing my nipples for good luck, and hoping for D3..
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    Re: the original post - the second word was 'cavern', not 'glacier'. Today's number is 16 - that's a P, so pretty much all theories about the letters are null and void. But that is, of course, yet another one of the Lost numbers.
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    Well the runes are most surely building up a pentagram.......and i think i can just see a faint rune where the last one is...might be just the ice though....... (Mindfuck ARGHHHHH)
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    Omg Omg Omg!!! Eyes!!! Its ..eyes!! Omfg!!!
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    yea it looks like the lich kings eyes
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    Quote from "mgcemir" »
    i could swear ive sen they symbol of the new mark before.crap it was eiter wow bc or something else

    I agree.. I've seen it before.. cant place it for my life though :S
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    Back off from your screen a bit and check out shape of the crack.
    Imo you can see a figure looking at you, and its standing vertically. There are this diablo style back horns aswell
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