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    In the past days there have been a lot of activity in the network sites after the countdown teaser. A few forum threads keep continuous debate between Diablo fans of what this announcement will be. I have given a few responses of what it is not, to make sure fans won't be thinking the wrong thing. We have made no claims and expect fans to not get caught up with the wave of speculations and rumors in the forums and the web to the point to believe them.

    With that said, I will mention some of those I have ruled out since it seems fans haven't thoroughfully read all the forum posts in said thread.

    Things the May 1 Announcement are not:
    1. It is not an official announcement of Diablo 3
    2. It is not about an upcoming Diablo novel
    3. It is not a Network merge

    Only Blizzard Entertainment may make an official announcement of games, unless we had a leak. However, we have no leaks. We know as much as you do whether or not there will or not be an announcement at the Blizzard Worldwide Invitationals. We do have our own set of theories such as the Blizzard Worldwide Invitationals ending the same day Diablo II was released (June 29 2000) and Diablo II: Lord of Destruction expansion being released (June 29, 2001). We will all have to wait and see what happens.

    I have been open commenting there will be new Diablo novels. Richard A. Knaak commented on the video interview other writers might be writing new Diablo novels at some point. However, no new novels could justify a two weeks countdown teaser unless it was something that might be considered as a decent announcement.

    As for rumors that this is all about a Network merger, I have to say no. As far as Umaro has told me, each site is independent. For example, this community is mostly Diablo news, content and upcoming interviews. StarcraftTwo will get at some point a face lift with a new layout and CMS to cover only Starcraft news, content and such. Blizzplanet will continue to do what it has always done: all games news, interviews, Blizzard product coverage and promo.

    What the flip is the May 1st Announcement then?
    Well, the answer will be unleashed that day. Not earlier.

    Does Blizzard know?
    I would say yes.

    Is it about the Diablo II Patch?
    Blizzard officially hinted of a Diablo II patch in an interview from China when the Zerg race was unveiled. I have stalked four Blizzard folks, and haven't gotten any updates at this time. I might be given a follow up, hopefully.

    Is it about BlizzCast Episode 3
    BlizzCast Episode 3 was recorded many days ago. It is probably been edited and distributed to the localization team. For that matter, there can't be an ETA. It will be out when it is ready. Once episode 3 is translated to all the Blizzard supported languages, the web designers will prepare the webpage code for a simultaneous release. I was told the questions I gathered from the community won't show up in Episode 3 and probably nor in episode 4. By the time I had submited these questions there had been months prior to that of hundreds of questions submited by the World of Warcraft and Starcraft 2 communities. It will also depend on whether the Diablo II Team Developers are available at the time a BlizzCast is produced. Sounds like they are busy folks nowadays. Fret not, our questions are on queue. They will get answered on BlizzCast format at some point. The most I can say here is: BlizzCast 3 is coming out soon. And no, the May 1 countdown teaser isn't to announce BlizzCast 3.

    Is the Countdown Teaser about an Interview?
    A Diablo II Team interview request was answered as follow: "It's is a possibility". I will update you in upcoming months.

    How good is the countdown anyways? Why should I bother coming around on May 1?
    Would I come up clean and spare you 10 days of agony, if I didn't know there is still some good behind the May 1 announcement? [grins]

    There is some merit to the announcement. Sadly it is not what we are all awaiting and craving for years. But it is a step forward in its own rightful positive kind of way to what fans are craving for. Hope this quick FAQ may help some people. I am a fan too, and I really don't want people getting way too excited than they should by following forum rumor mill threads.

    Elfen_Lied posted a digg if you want to support this countdown.

    A roundup of countdown teaser banner text:

    13. The Church of the Triune
    12. The Cathedral of Light
    11. Seram will be shaken in 11 days
    10. Kehjan will be shaken in 10 days
    9. Kurast will be shaken in 9 Days
    8. Westmarch will be shaken in 8 Days
    7. Lut Gholein will be shaken in 7 Days
    6. Khanduras will be shaken in 6 Days
    5. Tristam will be shaken in 5 Days
    4. The Arreat Summit will be shaken in 4 Days
    3. The Worldstone will be shaken in 3 Days
    2. The World of Sanctuary will be shaken in 2 Days
    1. The World Wide Web will be shaken in 1 Day
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    Fan fucking tastic
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    Damn, I've almost belived that's diablo3 ...
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    How about this question MD. Has anyone come close to a good prediction of what will be announced? Or maybe a really accurate prediction...don't have to say who or anything just yes or no :)
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    mmm since you haven't completely ruled out a patch that is a possibility...

    However! I'm going to have to wait to see if my prediction comes true :P
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    I'm still going with either becoming an official Blizzard fansite, or Blizzard is aquiring (or the patch, can't tell if it is ruled out or not).
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    Does Blizzard know?
    I would say yes.

    This makes me think, and twists my brain, to where I don't know anything..
    Which thing, that could proof, or bring us a step closer to Diablo III, could not be seen by Blizzard. (Even if they know, there's a possibility they don't, if I rightly interpret his post Oo)
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    Well at least thats cleared up most of it! but you can't blame us all for getting excited. You havent stated thats it is not a patch tho medi!

    Bring on May 1st!
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    could it be a possibility - a news about d2 expansion? :)
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    Quote from "serb1420" »
    How about this question MD. Has anyone come close to a good prediction of what will be announced? Or maybe a really accurate prediction...don't have to say who or anything just yes or no :)

    maybe :):):)

    Quote from "MasterNeo" »
    Well at least thats cleared up most of it! but you can't blame us all for getting excited. You havent stated thats it is not a patch tho medi!

    Bring on May 1st!

    Read again. I ruled out the patch. lol
    The reason I posted this mini-FAQ is because as a fan myself I can't withstand other fans getting their hearts broken believing something that we didn't claim, and that is born from fan-made rumor and speculation.

    I had already answered the questions shown in the FAQ a few days ago at one of the forum threads, but people kept pushing it was Diablo 3 announcement (ignoring that I had ruled that out already). I made the FAQ for those who missed my post days ago.
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    Quote from "Medievaldragon" »
    maybe :):):)

    Grr, I need news ^^
    Don''t get me wrong, im sitting like a cat in front of my Pc, and pick every news I get :D
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    Quote from "Aussensaiter" »
    Grr, I need news ^^
    Don''t get me wrong, im sitting like a cat in front of my Pc, and pick every news I get :D

    imagine in 10 days how will we all look. like cartman playing wow.
    Live to win, till u die ftw !
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    OK, just a thought here. What if they're simply going to announce, that there will be a game announcement at the WWI. I may be wrong, but Blizzard didn't claim something like that, did they?
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    I'm not sure if this was ruled out.. but from what another fan said.. I'm willing to believe blizzard aquires this website, switches it to their area, and the only page that shows when you type is.. a new picture of Cain that says.. "Stay awhile, and listen!"

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    Okay so it's not a diablo3/blizzard merger , so it's not an official statement (i didn't believe this any way) nor a diablo 2 patch ...This better be a gigantic step towards diablo 2 , or the " half the internet will be linking to " is just building up the hype.
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    "Half the web linking to" is figurative statement (exaggerating a bit) but they do mean alot of people will be linking to
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    Yeah i know it was a figurative statement. Why do you think i said " is just building up the hype" ????

    Any way after the 2006/2007 hype I'm getting increasingly septic towards this countdown.
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    Am I the only one thinking it's info about the Diablo movie? Why else would have the web link here? Or, it could be a diablo spin-off, IE a mobile game, or console port.
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    i got a few questions for u Medivaldragon dude,

    1.) are u happy with the amount of hype generated over this countdown timer?
    2.) do u wish it was more or less then atm (hype), and did u expect more or less (hype) than it is at this time?
    3.) what do u think , how many ppl who come here on may 1. will be thrilled and how many "not so thrilled" with the news (answer in % if can :) )

    am joking with the last question, i know u cant answer that.
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    Quote from "Medievaldragon" »
    Sounds like they are busy folks nowadays.

    I like the way this sounds. I also like the way an "announcement of an announcement" sounds, but I believe that they let that news drop about three and a half weeks before the tournament last year and it wasn't necessarily a publicity thing, rather a matter-of-fact press release.
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