This poor forum section.

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    Just about sums it up </3.

    Just a friendly nostalgia thread for all who participated in the assorted nonsense in here.
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    "One in every 10 million people can potentially have a headache from this pill." God forbid she is the 0.000000001% of having a headache.
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    *rests arm around Zhar's shoulder
    "It'll be alright buddy..."
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    Never been in this parts much, but the assorted nonsense has declined everywhere here :(

    Thanks ScyberDragon!!! you're awesome!!:D:D
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    I blame Zero for that.

    Ha. Bagstone.

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    Wow...Zhar is back?
    "I want to say something but I'll keep it to myself I guess and leave this useless post behind to make you aware that there WAS something... "

    "We're like the downtown of the Diablo related internet lol"
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    Holy Crap! Zhar!? *Shits out several Cinder Blocks.*
    Just as the Scorpion hunts...
    Silently Lurking...

    "Nothing is True. Everything is Permitted." ~ Ezio Auditore de Firenze
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