Damnation Rising - Character Creation Thread

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    Alright, first off, gotta point out that anyone is welcome to join this RP at any time. Just PM me, and I'll work you into the story as soon as possible. Hell, even you guest viewers are welcome to register and join this shit. You know who you are, all ye' unregistered lurkers.

    K, seriously modified character sheet, so if you have any questions, ask away.
    Also, please keep all discussion out of this thread, keep it in the OOC thread.

    A reminder.
    Creativity is completely encouraged.
    Just make sure your character is a demon, and fights for hell. Those are seriously the only two limitations I'm going to place on character creation (aside from the specifics outlined in the sections).

    So, if you want a demon that looks nothing like a demon, you can do it.
    Want a demon that looks like a classic red horned demon, you can do it.
    If you want a demon that looks like Mel Gibson, you can do it.
    If you want a demon that creates Zucchini with his mind, you can do it.

    Creativity is absolutely key, and I wish to give you guys the most open ended character creation we've had on this forum.

    Feel free to post a picture of what your character looks like.

    Height: (between 3 and 9 feet, to stay somewhat reasonable. This way, you can be a smallish sneaky/spellcrafting imp, or you can be a hulking monstrosity. Or, anywhere in between)
    Weight: (between 100 and 800 pounds, for the same reasons as above)
    Eye Colour: (Know the other RP’s where it’s weird to have a freaky eye colour? Well, in this one it’s pretty much necessary to have a weird eye colour, you’re a fucking demon)
    Desciption: (The physical description of your character. Keep in mind, that your character does NOT have to be a pre-existing breed of demon. Feel entirely free to create your own, personalized demon. I say this, because in this RP, we’ll be playing the roles of a “black ops” contingent of demons, thus it would make sense that each was bred for a specific purpose, and made different than the rank and file troops)

    Associated Evil (This is where the background of your demon starts to come into play, you must pick a defining evil that your demon is associated with. For example, lies, murder, treachery, sin, terror, darkness, hatred, basically anything that you consider evil, and want to build your character around. Also, this is where you would explain your characters personality, their strengths, and their weaknesses, since all would be affected by your chosen evil. And btw, your character isn't the "lord" of whatever evil you pick, you're simply choosing an evil from which your character was spawned.)

    Bio: (Here, is a bio of what your character has done in his/her life. Keep in mind, that your character is a demon, so it won’t be the usual shit that people do. HOWEVER, your character cannot be an actual lord of any parts of hell, or be in a significant position of power. We're not rulers, we're just demons. But, your character can have a history of rulership, they just cannot actually control anything upon the start of the RP.)

    --==Demonic Gifts==-- (Pick a maximum of 6)
    (This, is where you choose your demons powers, armor, and weapons. Basically, it’s what makes your character a demon. 6 is the maximum so that we don’t get ridiculously overpowered characters, but so that you also have room to play around with your characters. Don't feel you need to fill all of the slots, if you feel your character is finished, don't overdo it by filling the other slots with shit that doesn't make sense with your character. Specifics can be found under each heading)

    -Weaponry: (Each weapon would fill one “gift slot”. So, for example, if you chose a bow and a sword, you’d be down two slots, and have 4 left for the rest of your character)

    -Armor: (I really don’t give a shit how you fill this portion, count it as one no matter what you choose to include. So, if you want a full set of plate armor, as well as spikes for a tail, and a shield, it counts as one. However, this freedom is limited by the fact that items MUST be defensive. So, you can’t loophole around the limit of 6 by adding a built in bow to your chestplate)

    -Powers: (This governs any powers your demon has. If you wish to use magic, then a single school of magic would fill one gift slot. So, If you want ice magic, that’s a gift slot. Fire magic, there’s another. However, magic is not the only thing that would go in here. If you want your demon to be able to fly, this would be where you put it, or if you want it to be really fast, strong, durable, or smart, then this would be the place to put it. Basically, special traits would fill this category, each taking up a slot.)

    Text Colour: (We all need a text colour for our speech, so, claim one while you can.)

    This will be mine.
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    Wait I don't get it. What is this for?
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    .... Really?
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    "I... son ov perdition, from sheer nothingness transgressed, unto the highest self to utmost freedom to explore the starry nature of my rage..."

    Age: For as long as fear is present
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5' 11"
    Weight: In his physical form, 168lbs
    Eye Colour: Deep red with silver in the pupils

    Azriel has festered in Hell for all eternity, feeding off the fear of mortals plagued by disease and warfare. He haunts the dreams of children, posesses the minds of religious leaders, and in his efforts keeps humanity looking to religion for well-being. He does not feel remorse in his actions. He is but a specter, free-flowing and malevolent in his nature. In his physical form, he is a human who appears without life but with full movement, a puppet in it's own right. The human has many demonic qualities, including stigmata all down it's arms and torso.

    Associated Evil:

    Azriel is the manifestation of hatred, but within hatred, fear.

    "Fear is merely the hatred of your own demise."


    Azriel lives in the City of the Damned and tortures the minds of those who have committed evil. He disfigures, twists, and invokes true fear in those who ultimately deserve it.

    --==Demonic Gifts==--

    -Weaponry: He has no weapon.

    He has no armor. He uses a host body as a shell and the only way to kill him is to kill the host.

    -Powers: Azriel can twist the minds to invoke terror without reason. He can whisper false prophecies into involuntary ears and can possess the minds of wise men to spread terror through mass communities. He can also set bodies ablaze within their blood, causing them to tear their bodies apart to stop the burning but to no avail.


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    Whatever. You all suck. :(

    Here is mine lol.

    Name: MorteDor
    Age: I was there since the beginning
    Gender: Male
    Height: 9 feet
    Weight: 550
    Eye Colour: Red (They are made of fire)
    Desciption: A large demon that stands 8 feet. His eyes are made of fire and his horns are slightly scratched. He is naturally battle worn but always ready for more fights. He has 2 mighty arms that are naturally shielded with tough demon skin. His legs look like a dinosaur's (also like Diablo from D2). He is red and black and prefers to live in the shadows.

    Associated Evil: MorteDor is the Lord of Darkness, and he is the silent leader. He prefers the shadows and feeds upon despair and depression. MorteDor, while able to gain powers from Darkness, is affected greatly upon powers of Light, and flees before them.

    Bio: MorteDor was once a great Hellish leader that commanded thousands against the forces of Heaven. His ablilities of leading Darkness to his enemies was why he was one of the few to get so far in the Great War. Yet during one of his epic battles, he was greatly injured and almost destroyed. Fleeing back into the Hells that spanwned him, he remained there in the Darkness, where he eventually regained physical form and is now plotting slowly to regain power.

    --==Demonic Gifts==-- (Pick a maximum of 6)
    (This, is where you choose your demons powers, armor, and weapons. Basically, it’s what makes your character a demon. 6 is the maximum so that we don’t get ridiculously overpowered characters, but so that you also have room to play around with your characters. Specifics can be found under each heading)


    -Giant One Handed Sword-

    -Giant One Handed Sword-

    He wears a ruined cape, but that's just decoration.

    -Spiked War Helm-

    Kind of like what the Lich King wears. It shields his most vulnerable area: his head. His eyes of fire glow within the helm.


    -Dark Magic-

    MorteDor's Dark Magic is different than many demons. He does not like to use his full power, but to slowly destroy his opponent and invade his mind. Yet when faced with a worthy challenge, he will use his 2 swords and use his Dark powers to destroy his enemy at his full potential.


    MorteDor's strength is how many people used to recognize him in his earlier days. He was able to tear down walls like they were tooth picks and rip apart armor that was bonded magically.


    Since he was a military leader, he had to be intelligent and make logical choices on the spot. He thinks his decisions through slowly, and makes sure that no one knows about his ideas.
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    Adulphozael (ay-dull-fozail)
    Age: 864
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'5''
    Weight: 256 lbs (Leather underlay and full armor, without these he weighs a mere 10 lbs.)
    Eye Colour: None
    Description: In truth, without his suit of armor, Adulphozael appears to be nothing but an orb. That orb contains Adulphozael's life and soul, and is the only true means of killing him. He has full control over the armor, which plays as his body. The glowing red portion on the abdomen area of the armor indicates his life force which,basically, acts as a health bar, if it fades to black he is 'dead' until being revived by his armor. If the orb is not shattered, the armor gradually absorbs life energy from anything nearby to revive it's master. He is very determined, seeing how he searched for his banish-er for over 800 years.

    Associated Evil: Murder and Treachery. (See bio)

    Bio: In his past life, he was an expert assassin. Renowned in the underground world of criminals for senseless murders and sinful treacheries. He would often seduce women into his home and kill them in their sleep. He would never stop until one fateful night, at 12:00 A.M. on his 33rd birthday, his soul was eternally banished into the abyss. His mind went with it, and he materialized into this mysterious suit of armor. A few centuries in hell later he found out a demon of an unknown name had been observing his actions in Sanctuary and, therefore, gave the order to banish him. Since then, Adulphozael has made it his ultimatum to hunt down and destroy this one demon, so he may be at peace. But, after over 800 years of unsuccessful searching, he has begun to give up hope, and begins to think his soul will never be at rest.

    --==Demonic Gifts==--
    1. Zweihander in right hand
    2. Secondary parrying sword in left hand.

    There are no sheaths, they are bound to their wielder and can disappear, and reappear, with nothing but a thought. Both blades are eternally bonded with Adulphozael, if either are lost, they reanimate in his hands unless they are broken at a certain place.

    . Suit of armor, 1/2 an inch thick at the chest to protect his soul. Attached cloaking cape.

    4. Speed(very dexterous)
    5. Invisibility
    6. Forging hands (instant repairs of metal weapons and armor by conjuring a blaze of about 1500 degrees Celsius)

    Adulphozael's cape gives him the power of invisibility. It is not without limitations, of course. The cape only affects himself and his armor. His materialized swords are still visible when he cloaks. The duration of the power is affected by adrenaline and anger, the lower the adrenaline and calmer he is, the longer he may stay cloaked.

    Text: Dark Red
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    Name: Angriel
    Age: 134
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’7”
    Weight: 176lbs (wings about 50 or so lbs.)
    Eye Colour: Glowing orange eyes

    Description: Pale skinned with demonic runes tattooed onto her exposed areas. Large orange dragon-like wings that can be used for minimal flight and levitation. Angriel’s hair is replaced with fire that burns bigger when she’s exerting more power and small when she’s resting or idle.

    Associated Evil: Angriel mainly uses her ability to seduce her victims to kill people. While under seduction, she can force people to fulfill any request that she demands. However, she can only seduce one victim at one time and if her concentration is broken with that victim, they’ll resume their own natural thoughts.

    Bio: Spawned from a pure succubus and a pure incubus, Angriel has always had her rightful place among the other succubi and incubi. She quickly moved into the ranks of the other succubi and incubi, being allowed to pillage simple towns and villages that the lords of Hell ordered to death. Recently, she almost made the 1st Lieutenant rank among the hordes of Hell, but another, less deserving, incubus was granted the rank and not her. This infuriated her and she has decided to push herself further to show the lords of Hell what she is truly capable of.

    --==Demonic Gifts==-- (Pick a maximum of 6)
    Fire-tipped Whip
    Darksteel Sabre, with demonic hilt

    Demonsteel Boots, Leg Guards, Gloves, Bracers, Pauldrons, and various Lingerie.

    Fire Enchanting
    Flight (minimal)

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    Name: De'Kamoth
    Age: 613
    Gender: Male
    Height: 8'6''
    Weight: Weightless (he is a shadow)
    Eye Colour: Shining Crimson
    Desciption: See picture, excatly like that.

    Associated Evil: Murder, Vengance and Sin

    Bio: De'Kamoth spawned from the darkest layer of all Hell. From the point of his "birth" he was used to murder countless High ranking demons of hell. At one point De'Kamoth was so notorious he could not even leave his own realm. He soon perfected the art of his assissinations almost to the point where he could commit the crime without even Death hiself seeing the murders come. As the demon grew he began to constantly surround himself with succubi and whores. Constantly fornicating and contantly killing. He is arugably one of the most famous, yet unknown people in Hell. His prescence is described as "Great, and non existstant at the same time"
    --==Demonic Gifts==-- (Pick a maximum of 6)

    -Weaponry: His claws which can rip through the very thread of your soul, and also rip you in half :P

    -Armor: N/A

    -Powers: The ablilty to become part of the shadows at any point, , extreme quickness, the ablity to evade blows by simply having them move through him, mental control (almost like a puppeteer)

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    Name: Screwtape
    Age: Forgotten
    Gender: Male
    Height: 7 feet
    Weight: 240 lbs
    Eye Colour: Eyeless, gaping holes where ancient eyes used to occupy them, he lost the use for them for he smells, hears, feels and tastes fear.

    A very tall being that looks relatively human. He appears to loom over any around him. His skin is extremely pale. And his veins are black with the evil forces that pulse through his body. He usually wears his hood up on his cloak. He laughs often for he finds everything very amusing and it has been described as cinder blocks grinding together.

    Screwtape does not particularly remember a beginning of his time but he has been the personal hit man of Baal for countless ages and countless years. When he isn't taking out key figures (whether it be human, angelic or demon) he preys on the lonely and weak as a source of pleasure. He is the head of secret order of unique humans, fallen angels, and demons, called 'The Shroud'. He is a master of infiltration and subterfuge. He is a cold ruthless killer. Everyone fears and respects him. He goes into battle with a single blade.

    "With little use for eyes, he could paint a vivid picture in his head, as if every detail and every thing was finely drawn in fire. His hollow sockets bored a hole in his world, for he himself had seen too much that the eyes could not withstand."

    -Words from 'Tales Of Venality', written by So'kar. Era 776, 12th Age.

    Associated Evil
    Lies, deceit, and corruption

    Weaknesses: Yet to be discovered

    --==Demonic Gifts==--

    -Weaponry: Light's Bane. A long curved dagger poisoned with a dark power.

    -Armor: The Cloak of Abyss

    -He has several rings of power. Wormwood and The Stone of Silence. A third nameless ring he also wears that links all of his brethren (The Shroud) as a means of communication. All of the members wear this band for identification as well.

    Soul devouring. Victim's spirit is vacuumed down to the pits of hell, leaving the mind active in a lifeless body. He has his way with them, as they helplessly watch. Eg. If he does not destroy the mind and the body is not cremated at burial, the victim is essentially buried alive until the mind dies.

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    Name: Lucrecius.
    Age: Unknown. Had experienced numerous re-incarnations.
    Gender: Male
    Height: 1.78 m
    Weight: 62 kilos
    Eye Colour: The colour of madness. White grayish with red.
    Description: Lucrecius has a dry skin with carved symbols all over his body. He wears a dark scattered robe to cover his markings and let him to blend in crowds where he would execute them at once.
    Associated Evil: Murder, occultism and madness.

    Bio: Lucrecius was born in small town priest family. He always were haunted by his relenthless urge to kill when growing up. He would go arround town and kill animals with a small dagger. the dagger wasn't sharp at all... Lucrecius tortured helpless animals stabbing them hundreds of time till they died. Later on he began to stalk townfolks in the nights. Once he lost his mind and started to attack people at the daytime. No one would come close to him, even the guards were afraid of his madness that flowed through his eyes. He ran away from town. Lucrecius wandered arround the lands killing and robbing people in every town he was passing through. Once entering another town after killing a man he was captured by red-hooded monks who took him under ground where there was a cultist temple. Lucrecius was quite fascinated about the sacrificing rituals made by cultists. Lucrecius soon became one of them. Lucrecius was wielding extra ordinary powers in Occultism. Other cultists were sacrificing themselves on the altar to re-incarnate Lucrecius after his death. After slaying and torturing thousands of people he was finally heard by the Lord of terror himself, Diablo. Lucrecius gladly excepted Diablo's offering to become a demon and join the sanctuary.

    --==Demonic Gifts==--

    -Weaponry: Ritualistic dagger. (Mainly used in rituals...)
    -Armor: N/A

    Dark magic
    Occultism (Ritualism)

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    Name: Xanthor
    Age: ~ 200 Sanctuarian years
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'7" ~ 2 metres
    Weight: 145 lbs ~ 65,8 kg
    Eye Colour: A deep and dark blue
    Description: More a skeleton than a demon, Xanthor has little to no skin left. To make up for his loss of skin he has adorned himself with trinkets of all kinds. Since being only bone makes the body weaker, he has infused his bones with metal.

    The spikes he has growing out of his back have grown to a full width of 4 feet ~ 1.22 metres. When he wants to express authority he spreads them, yet most of the time he keeps them at his back.

    Associated Evil: Abuse of power, delusions of grandeur

    Bio: Xanthor was born and raised during the fall of the Horadrim. Their powers had made them delusional, hungry for more. Through this he learned their ways of the arcane arts.

    As their fellowship began to dissipate, his skin started to rot. With each passing day his prowd black leather crumbled into ash. With his bones naked and exposed, he started to decorate them. Trinkets he remembered from his Horadrim history were forged and gold ornaments were created.

    --==Demonic Gifts==--
    Weaponry: None

    Armor: None

    Necromancy (Numerous Horadrim Magi were resurrected when they were entombed)
    Elemental magic (Known by numerous Horadrim Magi) (fills 4 remaining points)

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    Name: Aurael Kirahon
    Age: --
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5'6" - 1,70 meters
    Weight: 187 lbs
    Eye Colour: Grey fluctuating into red.
    Skin Colour: As in the picture Grey and black (and at the start of the wings they are red..)
    Desciption: his tense grey muscular flesh and black wings highly set off against his shining dual blades. Veins with demonblood within are clearly visible on the surface of his skin. a born on Ritual Tatoo of an Ankh dipped in blood is on his chest to impress his "victims" or "friends" is in place and a heaven shaped jaw and high cheekbones give this demon a good look, but appearance deceives. For his raven shaped like feet beneath the rags of his rag give him a truly scaring look.

    Associated Evil : Treachery, Sin and lies,

    "there is no mere Good nor Evil there are only Sins and lies in the world and worlds between"

    Bio: A prophecy existed in The Halls of Shadow a world between:
    "When the worlds collide at their Darkest hour,
    Darkness will shadow the shadows and The enlightend will give birth to a child who is Evil nor Good. It will exist out of own will to be, and will serve for a greater destiny"
    Angels found this prophecy decades ago, and it had great effect on those. Angel were scared as they thought to be enlightend, but there arrogance costed them a blood price. The child was Evil nor Good was involved.
    In the Sin War many died and were taken hostage. between them was a Women Aphriah. she was beautiful and Demons thought she could have been of good use in the abyss. She was sent there but as rebellious as she was she fought and fought. she lasted three day but was then taken by the death of an angelic arrow. It was not aimed for her but the angel as the angel was aiming he was attacked by Demons. The arrow ment Aphriah's instant death. in the womens Womb was as small baby found. Aurael, he lived and grew in the abyss but at a certain time angel wings started to grow and the Demons got supiscious. He was brought to one of the most fearing demons of all, Okahiel the Molester. the brute took him under his "wing" but before he could join the army of the abyss he had to under go certain "transformations". The carnizanté was born, the creature was held within a cage of mithril bones and lava, but nothing could stop it. To maintain the creatures powers but gaining control of it, Aurael was granted a new body made from phoenix dust and a rended Angel. A soulstone was kept within to contain the carnizanté. But feelings might unleash the gates to it. Aura was then sent to the sanctuary to see if he was still truly loyal to Evil.

    --==Demonic Gifts==--

    Dual bladed sabres of sin (this takes two point it and is frightingly awesome, below)

    -Armor: almost none like in the picture he wears some rags but that could cost no points at all.

    Flight: my character has wings right , OMG... (another point)
    Manipulative Intelligence : So he has certain wisdom but is good at using it to Manipulate/control and decieve the "enemy".
    Blood Magic/Blood Warmancing: this part of the dark arts is controlled by blood and anger, it is only works by using the controllers Blood. It are certain parts of Necromancy and Conjuration and Illusion.. So in this case for example: Rage, Summon Blood golem ;) and Demonlimb (like the WarhammerOnline: Age Of Reckoning Marauder or the Counsil of Travincal)
    Shape Shifting: (This character has only limited amounts of shaping.. it can turn into a night raven, a black Jaguar , and a Mystical Demon called Carnizanté)

    six points in total.

    Text Colour

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    Image removed due to its file extension: http://diablofans.com/forums/picture.php?albumid=112&pictureid=1277

    Name: Tyreous
    Age: 32
    Gender: Male
    Height: 3ft 2 in
    Weight: 23 lbs
    Eye Color: No eyes
    Description: Scorpius is nothing but bones. He has talons on the ends of his feet and and hands. He also has a tail. More importantly, Tyreus is known for his wicked sense of humor and pleasure he gets from the suffering of his victims. Known as a jokester amongst the other demons of Hell, Tyreus is often hated for the tricks he will even pull on other demons.

    Associated Evil: Tyreus is associated with the Mistress of Pain. Torture is his pleasure.

    Bio: Born from Andariel's own bone, Tyreus has served by her side helping to inflict pain and suffering all of those who oppose her.

    --==Demonic Gifts==--

    -Weaponry: Scorpius uses no actual weapons, however, he does have razor sharp talons at the end of his feet and hands.

    -Armor: Bones that can withstand much more abuse than normal bones.


    • Poison - can inflict disease upon the living and is himself a walking plague
    • Teleportation - Tyreus can travel short distances in a blink of an eye

    Text Colour: Olive

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    Zethrael - Prince of Dread
    Age: 400yrs, approximately
    Gender: Male
    Height: 8'6" tall
    Wingspan: 18' wide
    Weight: 700lbs (when in his physical form)
    Eye Colour: Zethrael's eyes are pure fire, and as his mood changes, so does the temperature of his fire. Because of this, his eye color ranges from pure seering white, to intense blue, to cool yellow.

    Desciption: Zethrael is nearly an intangible creature. He was created out of shadow and fire by the Lord of Terror, Diablo, in his image, approximately 400 years ago. When Zethrael isn't angry, his flame dies down to just a smolder contained within the shadow of his being. No longer consealed by fire, Zethrael's thick, black, reptylian body becomes visible. He is a massive hulking creature that stands on two legs with a tail nearly as long as he is tall. The horns adorning his face slightly resemble his master and creator, Diablo.

    Associated Evil: 400 years ago, Diablo become aware of a great plot to overthrow him and his brothers. Diablo knew that he would need to maintain some semblance of order within the lesser minions. And because of this, Diablo went to the darkest corners of the Burning Hells and, in secret, created a new demon. In order for this young demon to be able to command Diablo's minions in his stead, he would need to inspire terror and fear into the minions, much the same as Lord Diablo does. And from this need, Zethrael, the Prince of Dread, was born from the shadows and fire in the darkest corner of Hell. And there he would wait until called upon by The Lord of Terror, Diablo.

    Biography: The Dark Exile plot was hatched by the two Lesser Evils, Belial and Azmodon. The Prime Evils were cast out of Hell, just as Diablo had come to expect but was unable to prevent. Zethrael's time to rule had begun. He rose up from the shadows and entered the world of Sanctuary in search of Diablo. But before rejoining his Lord on Sanctuary, Diablo was hunted down and imprisoned by the Horadrim led by Jered Cain. Furious at what had happened to his master, Zethrael sought revenge on those who cast Diablo from the Burning Hells. During his first century on Sanctuary, Zethrael took up his mantle and gathered what was remaining of Diablo's minions in an effort to mount a counter attack against the Lesser Evils, Belial and Azmodon. Zethrael lead the minions of Hell into battle. The demons charged head on into the core of Azmodon's army. The war raged on for years, and finally Zethrael, drunk with vengeance, engaged the Lord of Sin, Azmodon, in combat. Zethrael fought as savagely and ferociously as he knew how, but in the end, Zethrael simply did not have the power to defeat Azmodon.

    Zethrael saw the battle as a loss, for he and Diablo's minions were defeated. But in reality, the assault was ultimately successful. It created a fissure, splitting the already wavering truce between the two Lesser Evils. Belial took advantage of Azmodon's current weakness and claimed leadership over the forces of Hell, sending the two previously allied Evils into a civil war that would last for ages.

    Severly wounded, Zethrael retreated to Sanctuary. Fearful of what Lord Diablo would do to him at the news of his failure, Zethrael went into hiding. He bid his time, waiting in the shadows for just the right moment to reveal himself once again.

    Demonic Gifts -
    Weaponry: Zethrael's physical weapon is his tail which he can use like a whip, and when it's covered in flame it becomes a ... flaming whip. (I am assuming fists don't count as a slot)

    Armor: His body is it's own natural armor. Being made from shadow and fire, Zethrael usually takes the form of smoke and flame, but he can also solidify his body for battle.

    Powers: Flight - He can fly although rarely does, and uses his wings mainly to strike fear into his enemies and lesser minions.
    Fire - He can control the very essence of flame and as such can conjure up fire from thin air.
    Shadow - He can control the essence of shadow, and as such can manipulate shadows as he sees fit.
    Strength - Immensely strong, as every demon should be.

    (I'm also assuming that every demon can, over time, possess any mortal)

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    Name: Death
    Age: Unknown
    Height: 8'
    Weight: 30 lbs
    Eye colour: Non Existent

    Description: Death was once an angel who was banished stripped of his wings, skin, muscle, and blood. Do to the anger which this caused, they were unable to strip him of his bone's, soul, soul's, or powers. which has left him in his wicked form for all eternity.

    Associated Evil: The mercenary of hell. Death was originally created to usher souls to the Abyss, but became engulfed in greed and banished to the Burning Hells where he was greeted by none other than the LORD OF HATRED.......

    Biography: Death was created for one purpose to usher the souls of those valued to the Abyss . But greed infiltrated Death's mind, telling him to keep them for himself.
    When the angels learned of his treachery they imprisoned Death. Much deliberation went into the way in which they would punish him. It felt to Death as if an endless amount of time had passed before they had reached there decision. Death had already begun to hate the Angelic Being's. But when death learned of the fate which was before him, the animosity grew ever more apparent. Death was punished beyond mortal recognition, and at the brink of death cast from the High Heaven's.....

    Due to the amount of hatred Death harbored he was welcomed by the lord of hatred as a valued allie. Death was tasked with recruiting souls that would prove beneficial to the demon army of hell. As time went on Death grew weary Of the Lord Of Lies. Over time through the use of his powers, Death uncovered a plot, (now known as dark exile) Which he informed Mephisto of immediately. Mephisto believed that the Prime Evils could change the said events to come......

    When the dark exile did indeed come to pass, Death who was a frequent of sanctuary searched out the eldest of the three. when he found him, Mephisto had a plan. But when Death returned from the task he had been set upon, it was to find that Mephisto was gone.....

    Long and hard Death searched until he reached a place known as Kurast. Here he taunted many with death in search of answers which he recieved!. When Death entered the would be tomb, His entitiy burned with malice, he had not felt a presence such as that since he was cast from the High Heavens, Tyrael. Staring across the bridge he found himself unable to help his master, who was bound by magic far stronger than his own. But Vowed by the hatred he held, he would find a way....

    Years he waited for his chance, until there was whisper of a warrior in tristram. A warrior that had defeated a great demon. Death rushed there as fast as he could. when he saw the warrior, Death knew what he had done. Then he did the only thing he could do. Death whispered in his demonic tone, HEAD EAST, the Death dissapeared to wait.......

    Demonic Gifts:

    The sickle of death : Shaper than anything a mortal can comprehend
    The time turner of death:Used as a tool to stop time for short periods.

    Deaths cloak: Made of angelic fabrics, tainted by Mephisto's Hatred. It is said to burn the soul of anything that touches it.
    The sash of ten thousand mortals hair: A valuable gift, from the Lord Of Lies(A failed attempt to gain the trust of Death). Allowing him to float

    Touch of death: can kill any normal mortal by touching them.
    Bone magic: the same type as a necromancer.
    Time magic: the control's of time for short periods.

    this will be mine

    p.s if you like my Bio lmk:rolleyes:
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    Name: Zaynell.
    Age: 754 years.
    Gender: Male.
    Height: 3.4.
    Weight: 113 pounds.
    Eye Colour: Faint red.
    Desciption: See the damn picture.

    Associated Evil: Murder and hate.

    Bio: Soon to come, or is it?

    --==Demonic Gifts==--

    -Weaponry: None.

    -Armor: A few orange cloth rags around the wrists, ancles and waist.

    - Telekinesis.
    - Mind control.
    - Telekinetic flight.
    - Extremely intelligent.
    - A humongous creativity.

    Text Colour: Colour.
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    Name: Errtu

    Age: unknown

    Gender: male

    Height: although his true height is unknown, rumor has it that he is anywhere between 6'8" to 12 feet tall.

    Weight: unknown

    Eye color: blue glow

    Description: no one knows what Errtu truly looks like. Some say he has wings, yet others will say that he is more of a ghostly mist. Others describe him as their deepest darkest fear.

    Associated evil: all of them.

    Bio: Errtu is believed to have been around since the fall of mankind in the Garden. He has spent his time going between all of the rings of Hell making everything is going the way it should be. Errtu reported directly to the Evil one until Errtu's own lust for power consumed him leading him to venture away from the rings of Hell to pursue his own control of the evil souls of the world creating his own army of Shadow Demons that he calls out when in need.

    --==Demonic Gifts==--
    Can call upon the Shadow Demons to fight. He is able to use a person's greatest fears to aid him and destroy those he wishes to conquer. If a person is close enough to death, Errtu can "soul harvest" that person.

    Weaponry: Errtu only uses the powers to call upon Shadow Demons, "soul harvest", cause insanity by using a persons greatest fears against them.

    Armor: Errtu utilizes his ability to blend into the shadows and dark places around him.

    Powers: Has the ability to "flow" like a mist or fog. Pull demons from a person if need be. Utilizes what humans consider "dark magic".

    Text color: this.

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    Image removed due to its file extension: http://diablofans.com/forums/picture.php?albumid=105&pictureid=1297

    (Picture isn't complete, I'll get around to it someday... the basics are there, though.)

    Name: Damarus
    Age: 519
    Gender: Male
    Height: 7' 9
    Weight: 683 pounds
    Eye Colour: Swirling blue and purple.
    Desciption: His body made of a dense rock-like substance, Damarus has very craggy skin, and numerous jagged spires on his body. He stands well above the height of a human, and uses this to hisd advantage, both with strength and intimidation. His eyes constantly swirl and shift, as if they were made of precious gemstones, reflecting different tones as the light hits them.

    Associated Evil: A being of wrath and deception, Damarus has quickly found that they are a deadly combination when used correctly. He is impossibly cunning, despite what his outward appearance would suggest. However, Damarus often uses this to his advantage, blindsiding enemies who think him dim witted and slow. He possesses an odd level headedness when in battle, a trait uncommon among beasts of wrath.

    Bio: Damarus does not know why he came into being, very few demons do. All he knows, is that he was spawned in the Abyss, and thus his life began. He spent decades within the void of the abyss, searching for any conduit to Hell, even the mortal world. His chance eventually came, when a rather foolish cultist attempted to summon a servant imp. Damarus quickly contacted the cultist, introducing himself as a demon lord wishing to offer him power, in exchange for a mortal vessal. The cultist, in his lust for power, offered up his own son if he was to be repaid for the deed. Damarus agreed, and after preparations were made, was summoned into Sanctuary, by way of sacrifice of the child. He burst from the child's chest, and promptly introduced himself to the cultist, before beheading him out of disgust for the foolish mage. With Sanctuary at his fingertips, Damarus began to amass a cult of followers, many of which were culled from the cult of the man he was summoned by. They revered him as their teacher and leader, and Damarus was quick to reward those who pleased him.

    This did not go unnoticed by other demons, however. Damarus was betrayed by one of his own disciples, who had secretly summoned an even more powerful demon to take his place. In his wrath, he leveled the cavern his disciples lived in. Thinking his rival defeated, Damarus did not notice the demon standing outside of the entrance. He was picked up by the head, and knowing he was to die, spat in the face of his adversary, before vowing to return and claim revenge. His neck was snapped, and he awoke not in the abyss, but in Hell. Damarus made ready for his return trip to Sanctuary, watching, waiting, and biding his time until another mortal called into his world.

    --==Demonic Gifts==--

    Damarus possesses no manufactured weapons, instead, he moulds his arms to suit whatever task is at hand. Both arms can warp independently.

    Damarus is composed of a dense rock-like substance which shields him from most physical attacks. This layer is weak in some places, however, where his grey skin shows through. He also has two bronze bracers on his arms, and a purple loincloth, with the skull of his first mortal victim keeping it tied around his waist.

    Strength: Possessing strength well above that of normal demons, Damarus can jump longer, throw farther, and hit harder than most opponents.
    Maneuverability: Damarus is uncharacteristically agile, and is able to climb up vertical inclines, as well as ceilings.
    Durability: Due to his skin, Damarus is able to shrug off blows that would have killed a more unequipped demon.
    Earth Manipulation: Able to bend rock and earth to his will.

    Text Colour: This purple
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    Name: Desmond





    Eye color left:Red Right: Shinny yellowish (Glows bright when in delight, Twinkels in thought, Dims when dissapointed)
    Description: He is smart cunning and has long claws. His yellow eye shimmers mysteriously in the light. Although he seems not as deadly as other demons but he is smart and cunning and can react easily in any situation.

    Association of Evil:He loves chaos. No matter where when or how he will try to cause chaos. Even if it betrays the mighty demons he would endure there wrath as long as he got satisfaction of chaos.

    Bio: A vary low and shunned upon in the ranks of hell. He will torment small demons just as much as small children. He loves to smell there fear and create chaos. He has ruined countless demon operations. Demons seem to be the easiest to turn into chaos. His cunning and wits are what keeps him alive. He deals with demons for his life more and more. Rescently he left Hell to cause chaos in the realm of man. He loves to torrment small children and delight at their screams. He is vary smart and trys to take every situation and twist it so it has chaos in its loop. He also has bred with humans and animals to try and create the perfect creation of chaos.

    --==Demonic Gifts==--
    He can cause a spell of chaos he loves to do this on cities and watch as people run around being afraid of imaginary demons.

    His claws are razorsharp and when scratching them together or scratching stone it creates a noise annoying to high ranking demons and unbarable to humans and lesser demons.

    He can instantly hide in the shadows and while he is in the shadows can move vary fast.
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    Hey so when is the actual role playing going to start? Or did I miss it? :o
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