Choose Your Own Adventure - Part 2

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    This guy needs a lesson in manners.
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    is this story dead? i sure hope noT!
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    William stood up and faced the guards. His hand held on the hilt of his Father's sword that hung from his hip.

    "You've made a big mistake" William whispered into the bearded man's ear.

    Within half of a second, William withdrew his sword and shoved the hilt into the guard's nose. The man fell quickly to the floor as his armor banged against the wooden floor beneath him. His face covered in blood from the attack.

    "Dammit" was all the man said as he wiped the blood from under his nose. He rose back up and withdrew the axe the was holstered on his back. The man charged at William screaming with his axe held high in the air.

    William showed no signs of emotion as he stood there motionless. The man continued his charge running at full speed. Once he was in range of William's body, he slammed his axe downward. William held out his other arm in the way he would had a shield rested upon it. While no physical object rested there, the guards axe slid off of its target as if there were.

    the man took a step back confused by why his axe did not split William in two. After only a brief pause, the guard stepped back towards William and swung his axe back and forth aiming for William's torso. William widened his stance and braced for each hit. His arm still held out casting the ethereal shield that protected him form the attacks.

    Winded, the guard stopped his assault only to look back at his friend. "What are you waiting for? Help me dammit"

    The other guard held the handle of his sword ready to attack but only for a second. William looked over at the guard preparing for a fight. The guard quickly withdrew his hand as he backed up slowly, eventually turning around and running out of the tavern.

    "Enough" William bellowed out in a voice that did not sound human. He thrusted his ethereal shield forward into the bearded guards body. A bright golden glow eminated from the impact as the guards body flew through the tavern, hitting the wall and continuing its path through it.

    Everyone else at the Tavern stared at William both in awe and frightened of this strange man in their city. William lowered his arm and re-sheathed his sword. He flipped two gold coins at the barkeep and walked out of the tavern.

    Should William:
    A. Return to his room.
    B. Go to Kaelan's room.

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    B - He was on his way to see him anyway.
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    B - let's get this story going.
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    Quote from Ivaron

    B - let's get this story going.

    oops didnt mean to reply but w/e


    its finnally back. woot
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    B - Lets get going!
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    William walked back through the city as the stragglers on the street pointed and whispered secrets and rumors about him. He had finally made his way back to the Inn. He walked in the front door as the inn keeper quickly turned away from him. He went up the stairs and passed his own room making his way towards Kaelan's.

    *Knock Knock*

    "Kaelan, it's me, William. Can I come in?" William asked with a tone of sadness in his voice.

    Kaelan answered the door and welcomed William into his room. "What's wrong?" he asked knowing that not everything was right with William, at least not as right given the situation they were in.

    "We need to leave this city. We have over stayed our welcome and it is only a matter of time until the people here force us out. I know Tyreal told us to wait but we need to leave." William explained to Kaelan.

    "William, you know that I am behind you no matter what your decision is. If you say we need to leave then that is what we will do." Kaelan said confidently, hoping to at least raise William's spirit slightly.

    "I will gather the others and tell them that we leave in the morning but where should I tell them we are headed?"

    Should William respond:
    A. To Tristram.
    B. Back to my home town in the Sharval Wilds.

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    A. To Tristram!
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    A. Tristram needs to be dominated!
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    "Tell them that we are headed towards Tristram. It is time we find the source of this evil" William left without saying another word. He made his way into his room and slammed his body down onto his bed. His arm and leg hung off as the bed was barely large enough for a small woman to lie on. He held his other hand over his head, trying to block out both his room and his thoughts. He shut his eyes as complete darkness filled his mind.

    As William began to drift off, a bright light soon overtook his sight. He felt as if he suddenly was thrown across his room, anticipating a crash that never occurred. His body began to feel as if up right despite him never changing his position. William began walking around in the blankness, not sure as to what he may find.

    "Where am I?" William shouted out not caring for the answer as much as hoping to hear someone's voice. Again and again William shouted but with no success of finding anyone. William continued to wander for what felt like days despite no actual time progressing. Just as William was giving up hope, a bright flash among the brightly lit surroundings caught his eye. William began running for the light, desperate to find anyone or anything.

    As he arrived upon the light, a figure began to emerge. William recognized the silhouette immediately. "Tyreal" William yelled out, eager to finally see the Angel again. William slowed his pace as he soon noticed chains that wrapped around Tyreal's body. The chains seemed ordinary enough except for a slight red-ish glow. Without hesitation, William ran up and attempted to remove the chains.

    "No" Tyreal beckoned out. Before William could react to his warning, his hands held tight against the chains. A jolt of electricity soon left the chains and entered William's body. The energy flowed through his body for seconds until William was shot off of the chains. His body flying backwards as he landed on the non-existent ground. He laid there as his body smoked from the burns he suffered.

    "William" Tyreal cried out, unsure of just how much damage was done.

    William slowly began moving his legs and then his arms, showing signs that he was at least not dead. Slowly he managed to get himself back onto his feet.

    "The boy is even stronger than I thought" Tyreal spoke to himself, amazed at how quickly William recovered from the shock.

    William slowly walked towards Tyreal again keeping a close eye on the chains that bound the Angel.

    "What has happened to you?" William asked Tyreal fearful of the answer. He thought that anyone who was strong enough to do this to Tyreal was surely too powerful for him to face.

    "I have been captured but there is no time to dwell on it. You must go, go and find the source of this evil. By finding this force, you can help set me free." Tyreal whispered to William.

    Before William could even answer Tyreal, he was thrown backwards flying through the air. Fighting this pull, William struggled flailing about, yelling and screaming Tyreal's name. William felt a crash and hard floor beneath him. He opened his eyes to find himself on the floor of his room. Without any hesitation, William ran out of his room and bolted down the stairs. At the entrance of the inn he found his four friends, ready and willing to aid William on his journey. The Sorcerer, Assassin, Witch Doctor, and Warrior, stood arms in hand eager to depart.

    "Everybody, Tyreal is in trouble. We must hurry to Tristram. This is where we will find our answers." William said to his friends, motivating them even further on this journey. The five adventures headed out of the city as every citizen seemed to watch their departure. In joy of their leaving or fear of the absence, William did not know.

    "One last choice young one" Kifu said to William, his grown up body still being much younger than Kifu himself. "Through the mountains or around them?"

    Should William respond:
    A. Through the mountains, we have no time to waste.
    B. We will go around them, it will be much safer.

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    A, lets go through the mountains and fight some shizz
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    A. -Of course, I want some action, and it will get them through faster. I'm pretty sure that William can handle whatever they face in the mountains
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    "You're right Kifu. We shall go through the mountains, we have no time to waste." William informed the group of their plans.

    Kifu, Kaelan, Gaheed, and Sara all gathered their belongings to once again venture out into Sanctuary. The group had followed William thus far and would not dare to change their decision to do so. They all had their own reasons for going with this blind quest. The mad Witch Doctor Kifu was eager to ever expand his life experience to fully understand the world he lived in. Gaheed, the greedy Sorcerer was hoping for some prize hidden amongst this adventure. Sara, the lost Assassin was indentured to William for not only saving her but giving her the motivation to keep living. And Kaelan, the brave Barbarian who has been with William since the beginning when he saved the young boy's life.

    None had talked to or even seen this Angel that William was talking about yet there was something about William's presence that made them feel not an ounce of doubt. William exuded this aura around him. Despite his adult demeanor, he was still a young boy at heart. His whole world had been turned upside and inside-out in the last few months.A young boy who was playing in his room just a year ago now had the weight of the world on his shoulders. Despite this, he held is quest with great strength. He showed no concern for himself; his self-less drive drove the others to follow him.

    William picked up his Father's sword and his shield which shined with a golden-glow. "Let's go" he commanded with a heart-filled authority. The group followed closely as they left their temporary home and made their way towards the mountains. A three days journey that would be filled with treacherous terrain and unknown adversaries.

    Two days had passes and not a single obstacle stood in their way. It was almost as if someone was paving the way for them. No monstrous rivers to pass, no crevasses to avoid, and not a single demon has passed by them. Many felt weary of this safety. Their adventure had not been this safe yet and should only be worse now.

    "There is something weird in the air, I think" Kifu reported to the others.

    "I agree. Something is not right here. Days have passed and not a single demon has needed to be slain" Kaelan expressed his axe eager to shed some blood.

    The group continued walking their path, Gaheed in front lighting the dark night with the fire atop his staff. Branches could be heard cracking but the noise did not disturb the adventurers as a sense of safety washed over them. The wind stood still as the group got closer and closer to the foothills of the mountain.

    As the group reached the treacherous mountains, they heard a loud crack. Loose rocks began to fall off of the cliff face as the mountain itself began to shake. Directly in front of the group, the mountain began to split open. First with a crack, the mountain began to split into two. The base of the mountain rumbled as it scratched across the earth beneath it.

    The group stood motionless as the mountain soon opened up, a path straight into the mountain became accessible to them.

    "Perhaps this is the work of Tyreal" Sara wondered, unsure of the Angels power.

    "Possibly" William replied, unsure to know just what was the cause of this.

    "I'm not sure William. Something about this does not sit right. This whole time, something has been a miss." Kaelan inspected the opening, daring not to venture too far into the gap.

    "He is right William" Gaheed shared "Perhaps we should still go over the mountain"

    Kifu remained silent, trying to meditate on the recent change. "I can't seem to sense anything in the unformed land" Kifu explained to William.

    Should William:
    A. Go through the mountain
    B. Go over the mountain

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    A) Go through the mountain. I can't imagine the Fellowship not going through Moria, and so I think a similar mindset should be applied here :hammy: I'd like to see why this mountain split open, and I think curiosity is a good motivator.
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    Quote from ScyberDragon

    Despite this, he held is quest with great strength. He showed no concern for himself; his self-less drive drove the others to follow him.

    Typo I think. is- This, his perhaps?

    BTW, A- Through the mountain.
    Something amiss for sure. I wanna know what, and I still haven't got any action :P
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    I wanted to get into some action but since the amount of time since doing this story and the fact that it is the second book, I tried to do a very quick recap of what was going on in the story. I promise there will be action soon.

    I would still like 3 votes to continue but If I don't get enough votes soon enough, I will continue with two votes being the deciding factor.

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    All good things come to those who wait. Besides, you can't rush quality :)
    Eagerly awaiting next portion.
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    Then you should vote A so it can continue ;)
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