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    B keep the sword

    What would his father think?
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    B) Keep the sword.
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    William looks down at his Father's sword that is weighing him down. He thinks but for a second, watching his Father prepare for battle. Dawning his robust chain mail armor. His sword sheathed on his back. He remembers watching his Father put on his helmet.

    "There comes a time in your life when you must stand up for what is right. No matter the cost" William's Father recites to him.

    William's grip tightens around the hilt of the sword. He hears the monsters approaching, creeping closer and closer to him. He looks ahead only one more time in hopes of seeing the strange man and his Mother. Without any trace of them, William turns around. He closes his eyes and pictures his Father. Lying in front of the church, his body mangled by these beasts. William opens his eyes and sees the faint red skin of the monsters through the trees. William widens his stance and raises his Father's sword. The monsters get closer and closer to William.

    They now stand only a few feet in front of him. They are stand-offish at first. Staring at William's body up and down. William stares back at them. He can see drool dripping from the fangs that hang out of their mouths. William gathers all of his strength remaining and swings the sword is a swooping arc in front of him. The monsters jump out of the way as William misses both of them. William staggers a bit trying to recollect himself. HE widens his stance again and raises the sword. He violently swings the sword again. This time he cuts off the head of one of the imps. The other imp looks at the head now lying on the floor without a body. The monster's head turns back towards William only for a second before the monster turns around and runs away scared.

    William lowers the sword to the ground and takes a minute to breathe and collect himself. Proud of his victory, his confidence quickly fades as he realizes that he is still all alone. William turns back around and stares at the trees blocking his view. He turns his head to the right as he sees a faint glow in the distance. William squints his eyes to try and get a better look.

    "That looks like a small camp fire" William says to himself.

    Just then Williams heads to the left as he hears the faint screams of a person. He can't make out the screams or who they belong to.

    Should William:
    A. Stay where he is and hope the man and his mother return.
    B. Heads towards the camp fire.
    C. Investigate the screams.

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    He must investigate!
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    C. Investigate the screams.

    There might be his mother and the man.
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    C he should investigate the screams
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    Investigate the screams. C)
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    C) Investigate screams
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    William decides that he can't ignore these cries. He heads left through the thick forest. The cries get louder and louder the further he moves. He eventually makes his ways through the trees to see a young women being attacked by three men. William stays cautious as he observes the three men for a second. William is puzzled by the men's actions. There skin is a pale grey and only slight moans are spoken. William steps through the trees into the clearing.

    "Hey" William says in his toughest voice.

    The three men stop assualtimg the woman and turns towards William. They slowly start stumbling towards William. William raises his sword in the air in an attempt to scare the men.

    "Stop right there" William commands with a slight shake in his voice.

    The three men don't even hesitate as they continue stumbling towards William. Willi raises his sword as high as he can in the air.

    "I mean it" William says trying to mimic some authority in his voice.

    The men still give no attention to Williams commands. William looks into the eyes of one of them and sees no pupils. He looks over at another man and sees him drooling from the mouth. He looks at the last man and notices his bottom jaw has been completely removed. The three men finally get within Willaims reach as he takes a giant swing with his sword. He cuts one man right in half at the torso. William swings his sword again another man's head off. The third man continue his approach, unmoved by his partners deaths. William raises his sword and thrusts it right into the last man's chest. William pulls his sword out of the body that has fallen to the ground.

    William runs over to the woman on the ground.

    "Thank you so much" the woman says to William.

    "Let me help you up" William replies as he grabs her arm to help her up off of the ground.

    "Thank you aga.."the woman begins until she stow talking in the middle of her sentence.

    The woman looks behind William and points to the ground. William turns around to see the top half of the man he cut in two crawling his way over to them. William grabs his swords and strikes it down, piercing the man through his skull.

    "What is going on?" William asks himself.

    William turns back around to the woman.

    "You seem a bit young to be out here by yourself" the woman states.

    "I was with my mom and another man but I got seperated. I need to find them" William answers.

    Should William:
    A. Leave the woman, now safe, and try to find his mom.
    B. Offer the woman to join him as he looks for his mom.
    C. Ask the woman if he can follow her.

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    B. Let her tag along.
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    B. Let her to join. (maybe she's a sorcerrer *winks*)
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    We can use her as a bait
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    "Do you mind if I stay with you, at least through this forest?" the ladie asks.

    "Of course not" Answers William.

    "I can't thank you enough for saving me" says the lady.

    The lady reaches around her neck and unlatches the necklace hanging around her neck. She pulls it off and hands it to William.

    "Here, this is a necklace my father gave me when I was about your age" the woman tells him.

    William places out his hand and graciously accepts her necklace. William reaches around his neck and and struggles to put it on.

    "Here, let me help" the woman says as she walks behind William and secures the necklace around his neck.

    "My Father told me that this necklace would always protect me and now that I have you to protect me, I am giving it to you" the woman tells William.

    William looks down upon the necklace hanging around his neck. It is a simple necklace, a silver chain with a small square red pendant haning from it. As he looks down he thinks of his own Father.

    "Thank you, this means a lot to me" William tells her as he feels a tear building up in his eye. He rubs his eye removing the tear as to not show this woman any weakness.

    "Well, I guess we should start moving" William announces.

    Just before they get out of the clearing, they hear rustling in the trees. They both take a step back as William lifts his sword. They stand there preparing for anything to jump out from the forest. William readies himself for an attack as the man and his mother come walking into the clearing.

    "MOM!!" William screams as he lowers his sword and runs to hug his mom.

    "I thought I lost you too" his mother cries hugging him back.

    They hug each other tightly, both equally relieved to see each other alive.

    The man looks at both of them, pleased wih himself for saving their lives.

    "We came over here when we heard some screaming" the man says as his attention changes to the woman standing with them.

    The woman walks up to William's mother.

    "Hi, my name is Sara. Your son here saved my life." she explains as she shakes William's mother's hand.

    "Hi. Nice to met you. My name is Abbey." she replies as she looks down at her son proudly.

    "You killed these zombies?" the man asks William.

    "Yes sir" he responds trying to look as tough as he can.

    "I'm sorry. My name is Kaelan" he announces to the group as he notices everyone staring at him.

    "Well, it's been a long day" Kaelan says looking at the fatigue in the others faces.

    "Why don't we set camp here for the night" Kaelan suggests to the others. He begins to walk around the area and picks up the random body parts of the zombies William has killed. He picks up piece by piece throwing it into the woods.

    "That sounds like a great idea" Sara says as she lays down beside a tree.

    Kaelan finishes cleaning up and sits down next to a rock. William and his moyer both lay down on the grass next to each other. William, so exhausted from the nights adventure, shuts his eyes and immediately falls asleep.

    William opens his eyes to see the sun shining through the forest leaves. He looks around to see his mother's eyes opening. He looks over at Sara strething over by the tree she slept next to. He then turns to see Kaelan walking around the clearing.

    "It's time we head out" Kaelan tells the group.

    "Where are we going?" William asks.

    Should Kaelan respond:
    A. Back to your home.
    B. To my home city.
    C. Towards a city called Tristram.

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    B. To my home city.
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    B. To my home city.
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    his city, hmmm, why when u can go to where the evil and ecitment is? TRISTRIM!!!!
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    B) To your home city.
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    "We are headed towards my home city of Ensteig" Kaelan tells everyone.

    The four rag tag members each get up and prepare for their next journey.

    "How far away is it?" William asked Kaelan.

    "About a two days walk from here." He responded.

    The four travelers walked through the dense forest. Sunlight beamed through the foliage striking its brightness into their eyes. This light gave each of them a false sense of security, thinking that evil only comes out at night. Kaelan lead the pack, hacking and slashing his sword through the forests to make a path for the others. William followed him, he walked with his Father's sword in his hand. William's mind constantly wondered of past memories of his Father; great times he had with him and words of wisdom he imparted upon him. His mother, Abbey, trailed him, walking slowly with a stagger to each of her steps. She still felt the pain of loosing her husband and was finding it hard to keep going. At the the end of group was Sara. Something seemed a bit off with her. William would constantly look back towards her. For someone whose life he saved last night, she walked with confidence. A normal woman would have tried to stay right in the middle of the group for safety but Sara offered to stay in the back. William knew there was more to her than met the eye.

    After ten hours of walking the group was starting to show fatigue. All of the were getting tired and hungry.

    "When can we get something to eat?" William asked.

    "I believe there is an outpost about an hour from here" Kaelan answered.

    The group showed signs of improving with the promise of food soon. The sun began to set as a warm amber sky lit the forest. AS they continued their approach a gray column of smoke rose up in front of them. William pointed out the smoke to Kaelan.

    "I see it. That smoke is coming from the outpost." Kaelan replied.

    The idea that there long awaited meal was probably not going to happen didn't even cross their mind. As they approached closer to the outpost, flames became apparent and sound of glass crushing and wood being broken could be heard. The group began running towards the outpost to see what was going on.

    When they made it to the front gate, the saw buildings burning, blood littered on the streets. Windows were broken out and doors were forced open.

    "Dammit" was all Kaelan said. He readied his sword and shield for battle.

    "Here we go again" He muttered as he charged into the outpost.

    William, wanting to be of help raised his Father's sword and charged in with him. Abbey and Sara stayed near the entrance to the outpost unsure of what to do.

    Kaelan and William made their way into the middle of the outpost, they stood back to back ready for what evil awaits them this time. Much to William's surprise, he never expected what he saw. The bones of humans walking around, wielding weapons and attack the people they used to be.

    "How are those skeletons able to move?" William inquired.

    "Don't you get it boy, evil itself has no constraints on our mortal world. They may do anything they please and right now they want to attack this outpost."

    Kaelan broke away from William and began his assault on the skeletons. He swung his sword upwards shattering the bones of one, he smashed his shield into another knocking it to the ground. With a heavy stomp, Kaelan smashed the skull of the skeleton. William followed suit and began swing his sword without precision towards the skeletons. Legs and arms were removed with his attacks. Bones scattered the floor as more skeletons approached.

    "How many of these things are there?" William asked himself.

    Kaelan continued plowing through them. Skulls popped off and the dust of shattered bone floated in the air. William, showing much improved confidence, continued his assault on the skeletons.

    Back at the entrance of the outpost, Abbey and Sara stood there unsure of what was going on. Abbey could only hope that her son was safe with Kaelan. As they stood their scared and confused, a skeleton marched his way towards them.

    "Wh...Wh..What is that?" Abbey screamed.

    Sara looked at where she was pointing and saw the skeleton slowly making his way towards them. Sara looked over and saw Abbey frozen in fear. Sara looked around looking for anyone else. With nobody else around them Sara ran towards the skeleton. She jumped up in the air and spun around kicking the skull of the skeleton right off. As she landed on the ground she spun her leg again causing the rest of the skeleton to fall to the floor.

    "Hurry. We must make it to Kaelan and your son." Sara explained.

    She grabbed Abbey's hand and pulled her towards the center of the outpost where Kaelan and William went. They arrived to see them standing there, William bent over from exhaustion. A massive pile of bones lay beneath their feet.

    "I think that is all of them" Kaelan said looking down at William. Kaelan then looked over at Sara and Abbey.

    "What happened to you guys?" Kaelan asked.

    "Nothing" Sara quickly responded.

    "We just came here to find you guys."

    "Well lets look for survivors." Kaelan ordered.

    Staying within sight of each other, they each went to one building after another looking for people. Only dead bodies of the murdered were found.

    "Not a single survivor over hear." William yelled.

    "None here either." Kaelan called back.

    The four of them regrouped back in the center of the outpost.

    Should William suggest:
    A. Leaving and heading back towards Ensteig.
    B. Rummage through the town for supplies.

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    B) Rummage through the town for supplies.
    Could find something useful.
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