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    On a cool crisp night, a village sits alone in the middle of a dense forest. It is a typical village with a church on one end and a tavern on the other. Houses and shops litter the middle of the town. A faint glow raises over the church. Thick black smoke begins billowing from the church. A fire burst out of the front doors of the church, the flame, bright enough to light up the entire town. Deep cries and screams fills the night air. Growls and moans overshadow the cries, reaching deep down into the citizens spines. A thirteen year old boy sits in his house alone, unaware of the whereabouts of his parents. The screams grow louder and louder creeping ever closer to the child's home. The boy sits in the corner of his house terrified from the glow of the fire and the growls of whatever is infesting his town. The child jumps when he hears a scratching at the front door of his house.

    Should the child:
    A. Run towards the door and lower the bar across the door.
    B. Hide underneath his bed.
    C. Open the door.
    D. Grab the poker next to the fire pit and prepare himself for what is on the other side of the door.

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    i vote D

    and dont forget to yell "LEEEEEEEEEROY JEEEEEEEEENKINS!" as u fight the mobs
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    Definitely D.
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    D ! sound soooo epic !
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    This reminds me of my "evolution" game...
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    The young boy breaks his fear long enough to see the hot poker sitting in the fire pit. He runs over and grabs the poker and runs back towards the door. As the boy stands near the door his knees begin to shake. The scratching at the door becomes louder and more consistent until finally the door violently swings open. The boy's mother falls through the doorway. His mother crawls into the house as the boy gets a sudden sense of relief and comfort seeing his mom.

    "They are everywhere." The boy's Mom screams hysterically.

    The boy's relief goes away just as quickly as he gained it when he sees a grotesque red monster running towards them. The monster's skin the same color as its flesh, giant horns reached forward from his skull. The monsters leaps towards the boy and his mother. Right as the monster is about to land on top of the boy's mother, the boy swings the hot poker that is in his hand and smacks the monster. The snarling monster flies into the wall of the house. Just as the monster is about to get back up on to its feet the boy runs over and drives the poker deep into the monster's chest. The poker goes straight through the monster and gets stuck into the wall behind it. The monster lies there screeching as its body thrashes about trying to get loose. The monster's fight ends as the life slowly drains from it. The boy returns to his Mother's side.

    "What's going on?" the boys questions his Mom.

    "I don't know. In the middle of the night your father and I heard some noise outside. Your Father went outside to see what it was. He never came back inside so I went to go see where he was. I peeked my head outside and saw the church in flames. I ran over there to see what was going on and a group of those monsters jumped out of the woods and started chasing me. I ran back..."

    The Mother suddenly stops in the middle of her story when right outside their front door the see three more hideous monsters drooling from their mouths. The boy and his mother just stood there in fear, knowing their fate that stood in front of them. The boy and his mom closed their eyes admitting defeat. With their eyes shut they hear a swinging sound soon followed by the sound of flesh hitting the ground. They opened their eyes to see all three of the monsters cut in half, lifeless on the ground.

    A giant man steps through the doorway, barley big enough to fit through. In one hand is a five foot long blade glistening with blood and in the other is his war torn shield. The boy and the mother stare at him in awe. The man holsters his sword and reaches out his hand to offer help. The Mother reluctantly grabs his hand as he lifts her straight up and on to her feet. The man then turns to the young boy.

    "What's your name son?"

    Should the boy reply:
    A. Kealan
    C. William

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    Definitely F
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    C! Thats my name :thumbsup:
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    A . It sound cool!
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    A. i like it. this is very interesting :)
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    C por favor.
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    The boys stood there scared and confused by the events that have unfolded in front of him.

    "BOY, I said, What is your name?"

    Should the boy respond:

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    C, because William's an awesome name
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    "W...W...William" the boy muttered out.

    "Well William" the huge man replied as he scans the house he had just entered. He spots a dead fallen skewered against the wall of the house.

    "Is that your work" he says as he points to the dead imp.

    "Y...Yes" William answers.

    "It was attacking my mom so I hit him with that poker. Then I stabbed him"

    "Good work William." said the man as he walked over to the fallen. He inspected it just for a second to make sure it was dead. He then pulled the poker out from the wall and the imp.

    "Here take this" he said as he handed the poker back to William.

    "You are going to need a weapon."

    He then walks over to their table and with one hit with his fist he cracks the table right in half.

    "Use this as a shield for now." he says as he brings a piece of the table to William.

    The man walks over to the doorway.

    "You guys ready?" the man asks them wihiut any hesitation.

    "What? You want us to go out there?" William answered back.

    "You're not going to stay here are you?" the man asks puzzled by Williams hesitance.

    "There are more of those things out there" William says with fear in his voice.

    "Fine, stay if you want but I am leaving now" the man replies with anger in his voice.

    Should William and his mother:
    A. Stay in their house.
    B. Go with the man.

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    B) go with the man :]

    This is turning out pretty well.
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    The boy must fulfill his uncertain destiny!
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    B. Go with the man

    there's nothing better than fight for helpless civilians ^_^.

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    "Alright, we'll go." William yelled back.

    William looked over at his mom who was still shaking from her previous encounter.

    "I can't go back out there" cried William's mother.

    "Mom, we have to. What about Dad? This guys is our only chance of fighting these things." William pleaded.

    "You're right William" she admitted.

    They both looked back towards the brutish man.

    "Okay, we're ready." said William with a tone of confidence in his voice."

    The man turns towards the door and runs out of the house without any caution. William and his mother reactly slowly at first, still scared and unsured.

    "Hurry up." the man yells.

    William and his mother do their best to catch up with him. They run out of the house to see their city in despair. Cries still fill the air and black smoke rises from the burning buildings coating the moon's light. The stranger, they have now put their faith in to save their lives, is charging from house to house looking for more survivors.

    He approaches one house and kicks the door in. William sees him draw his sword and shield. The man makes a quick thrust with his sword and draws it back with a fallen still attached to it. He swings his sword in the air to loosen his sword's grip on the monster. The monster's body goes flying through the air and then hits the dirt just feet away from William.

    "Everyone is dead" the man shouts to William.

    The man leaves the house and heads back towards William and his mother.

    "William! Behind you" shouts the man.

    William turns around just in time to block the monsters attack with his make-shift shield. The monster quickly gets back on to it's feet and darts towards William's mother. A strange sense of courage hits William as he swings his poker at the monster stabbing it right in the monster's eye. William instinctively retracts the poker and swings it again, this time striking the monster's skull. The monsterfalls to the floor as William continues to bash it over and over again without any restraint.

    "William" his mothercries as she grabs his arm. "It's dead."

    William finally ends his assualt and looks up at his mother with a look of confusion on his face.

    "I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me." William pleaded.

    The man walks back to William and his mother.

    "Good kill, son" the man announces.

    The man takes a quick survey of their surroundings.

    "Do you think we should we go north towards the church or should we go south towards that tavern?" the man asked William.

    "The church over there seems quiet and safe but there are still screams coming from the tavern. There might be people we can help" the man added.

    Should William respond:
    A. North, towards the church.
    B. South, towards the tavern.

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    A. North, toward the church
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    nono B. South, towards the tavern! =D
    churches are small right?
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