Monk E-Mayhem

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    Monk E-Mayhem
    Episode 1.

    "Ever since I was two, I have always wanted to be one of the prestigious Monks of 1,001 Gods. My father was a Monk, his father's father was a Monk, his father's father's father was a Monk, his father's father's father's father was a Monk and his father's father's father's father's father was a Monk. So as you can see, it runs in the family and now that I am sixteen, it is time that I follow in my family's footsteps. There is just one problem, I don't even live in the monastery yet."

    Tai made his way to the mysterious and forbidden steps that led to the monastery of the Monks of 1,001 Gods. He looked up to see the 100,001 steps. "Whoo, this might take awhile." He took his first step in becoming a Monk, the first step that would lead him to the path that he has always dreamt of walking. His first step to becoming a man.

    "Oh man, this is a lot of steps" Tai said to himself out of breath. He looked back to see the progress he had made. "What?!" he exclaimed seeing only seven steps behind him. "I don't think I'm going to make this."

    Day and night passed as Tai slowly made his way up the stairs, stopping every ten steps or so to rest. "Oh man, I'm starving" he said grabbing his belly as it grumbled loud enough for the Monks atop the stairs to hear. He sat down and pulled off his pack, which slammed hard into the steps. Reaching inside his pack, he grabbed a fully prepared ham. He took it out and set it down on a plate he also retrieved from his bag. He reached back in and pulled out a five gallon cask of ale. "This should hit the spot." After completing his snack, Tai looked at his pack which housed many more treats for his journey. "Perhaps I should continue without this" Tai said as he kicked the bag. "Thing must way at least two hundred pounds." As soon as Tai abandoned his pack, the rest of his journey became quick work. "What was I thinking?" Tai asked himself now two hundred pounds lighter.

    Tai had done it, he had made his way to the front door of the illustrious monastery. Just as he was about to knock on the door, it slowly slid open. A man stood in the opening. His orange and yellow garb hung from his shoulders, his head bald enough to reflect light. "We have been waiting for you" the Monk said, "for the last ten days" he continued under his breath.

    Tai eagerly walked up to the man and violently shook the man. "Glad to be here." Tai walked into the monastery before even being invited. The Monk watched as Tai walked around as if it were his own house. Going into closed rooms and checking every cabinet. "Where's my room?" Tai asked the Monk.

    "This is where you may rest" the Monk responded as he watched Tai kick off his shoes and jump onto his bed.

    "This beds a bit lumpy, you got anything softer?" Tai looked around the room to see only a simple dresser. "Where's the rest of the stuff?"

    The Monk walked out of the room and began sliding the door shut. "Lesson number one, a Monk must get rid of all of his possessions" he said as he slowly slid the door shut and left Tai alone in his bare room.

    "Get rid of all of my possessions" Tai thought to himself. "Already left my bag of food on the steps. What else can I get rid of?" After a few minutes Tai left his room. He walked down the hallway as every Monk in the monastery stared at him. The monk that him at the door quickly ran up to him.

    "What are you doing?" the Monk asked puzzled by Tai.

    "You said to get rid of all of my possessions didn't you?"

    "I did not mean you clothes" the Monk replied as he tried not to look at Tai standing in front of everyone completely naked. He did his best to conceal Tai's body, especially from the female students. He quickly ushered him off back to his room and slid the door behind him.

    "I am not sure this place is for you. I must ask you to leave" the Monk somewhat relieved to get rid of this burden.

    "But.. How was I...?" Tai said but the blank expression on the Monk's face expressed the finality of his decision. Tai put his clothes back on his as slowly walked through the monastery back to the front door. "Are sure there is nothing..."

    "Please leave" the Monk said before Tai could even finish begging to stay.

    Tai looked down at the stairs not even able to see the bottom. "I hope my food is still there" Tai said to himself as he began his trip back down the 100,001 steps.

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    Episode 2.

    After suffering the humiliation of being kicked out of the monastery, Tai felt defeated. He wandered the streets, penny-less and now without any close.

    "I am so hungry" he thought as he continued to walk the streets naked.

    A man finally approached Tai as the rest of the people avoided him like the black plague.

    "Boy, Why are you naked?" The man asked concerned for the well-being of Tai.

    "Oh yeah, that. The Monks told me to get rid of all of my belongings and that is what I did and then they kicked me out for it."

    "The Monks of 1,001 Gods. You are a Monk." The man said as he backed away from Tai, hearing stories of their abilities.

    "I wish" Tai said, "I didn't even last a day". Tai slumped back down to the ground.

    "Well, can't you try again?" The man asked.

    Tai raised his head, "I am not sure. I don't think anyone has been kicked out before. You're right old man. I am going to walk back up those 100,001 stairs and try to become a Monk once again. I will not let go of my dreams so easily."

    "Old man, I am only 28 you ungrateful..." The man replied but could not even finish before Tai had began running back towards the monastery.

    "You're still not waring any clothes" The man shouted out as he watched Tai's bare butt staring back at him.

    Tai stood at the bottom of the stairs after stopping by a store and getting some clothes which was given to him since his daughter was in the store.

    "Here we go again" Tai said to himself as he took his first step back to towards the monastery.

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    Leave a position, to wait and see
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    2nd chapter 2nd line- I think you meant 'clothes'.

    Oh that was nice Scyber. Will you write more of this?
    Tai the naked monk, eh? Well it's good he managed to get some clothes.
    This could be a really interesting setting to develop some cool adventures.
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