The Furious Conflict (Titles listed)

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    Furious Conflict1:The Awakening. (The names and story is based upon 2 clans. The names are there screen names)

    Along the edges of heaven in a region known as Arinoch is where the group of angels who call themselves Imperial Angels reside. Inside there temple dedicated to the angel of Azrael in the Hall of arms Ash was training the enlisted members. Along the wall lined the four. The one in the middle stood out the most for anyone could sense his great power. Ash was fighting against four other enlisted members. She was lamley defending herself against them. As one of them tried to sneak behind her she spun around and kicked him back while turning back around to block a blade that would have cut her back open. Ash grew tired of training unskilled enlisted members. She kicked one down triped one and shoved the other down and then she knocked the other one down.
    "You are not a vary good trainer Ash." Dark said.
    "I grow tired of this." Ash replied turning tword the wall where Dark Eklipz Mani and x1 sat in chairs along the wall.
    "I am sorry would you like to fight someone of higher ranking that is not so boring?" Dark asked.
    "Bring it on!" Ash replied outloud confidently.
    "Vary well." Dark got up pulled out his sword and faced Ash.
    Ash was surprised. "I thought you meant a rank like a officer or General. Not you."
    "Scared?" Dark replied mockingly.
    "You..." Ash lunged forward swinging her sword. Dark lamley brought it up and blocked it. Ash spun around to Darks back and swung. Dark appeared facing her and lamley blocked it. Ash backed up and threw her sword at Dark. Dark caught it by the tip and droped it.
    "You see this is how you treat them. You are dismissed."
    The four leaders disapeared out of the room.
    "Arrogant sun of a-" Ash mumbled to herself.

    The four leaders of IA sat in ther chairs in the main hall. The high command members sitting below.
    "What do you propose we do now?" Mani said.
    "We go out and collect the Spear." Siege replied.
    "I belive there is one more thing we need to do first before we all leave." Eklipz said. "The threat of the Angel Knights is something we cannot ignore."
    "The Angel Knights are not our problem." Mani said. "We are not looking for war."
    "We should be!" Eklipz declared "They betrayed us! Ninja betrayed us! We should kill them before any of our people decide to go join them."
    "When we get the spear we dont have to worry about them." Mani said "Our main concern is the Spear of Serenity. We must recover it before the Angel Knights decide to act. More importantly we must act before the Angels do so."
    "But if we sent out a group to attack them we could easily k-"
    "ENOUGH!" Mani yelled. Which startled everyone "Eklipz we will go for the Spear first. Would anyone else like to disagree with me?"
    No one ansered.
    "Good. Eklipz will do his speech to the enlisted as planed."
    "Thank you Ma-"
    "You are dismissed." Mani said interupting Eklipz.
    Stnading outside the hall of meetings Dark and Mani stood discussing and wondering what Eklipz was talking to the enlisted about.
    "I didnt know that he would strengthen it to keep us all out." Mani said angerly. "I should bust down these walls and walk in and demand he say whats going on! This is rediculous keeping secrets."
    "I have confidence that he is preparing them for the road ahead. The deaths that we will most likley encounter along the way."
    "I highly doubt it." Mani said shaking his head.
    "What is happening to you Mani." Dark said. "Ever sience the split you have been vary upset and the thought of disagreing with you is a scary one."
    "There is nothing wrong." Mani replied. "I get irritated easily now thats all."
    "I hope thats it. To cut out a leader like yourself is vary..well not right."
    "War directly against the Angel Knights is not what we must do. Shure Eklipz may not like them over there but to just go over there and slaughter them is not right."
    "I agree with you." x1 said.
    Dark and Mani turned there head tword him.
    "We should get the Spear of Serenity second."
    "You are with him on this war?" Mani replied.
    "You know vary damned well that the split changed us both. They have become something more powerful than we are. Shure we could still slaughter them sience they are outnumbered but Ninja and Spunk have transformed into something deadly. Even to us."
    "But we can make peace with them." Dark said.
    "Our members reaction tword this will not be a good one." x1 replied. "They will still treat them with utter shame."
    "We can give it a chance!" Mani said.
    "How will ninja react when our members spit him in the face when he comes to our temple." x1 asked.
    "If any of them do they will be severly punished." Mani replied.
    "Would you really do that?" x1 said. "Severly punish our high command our members?"
    "Yes. War is not an option."
    "You would protect your members from death but yet you can punish them so severly they would rather be dead. This is your problem." x1 said. "You could yell at someone that is the same rank as you but can you punish them?"
    "I think this is enough talking about this." Dark said.
    "I can punish them." Mani replied coldly.
    Dark looked at Mani.
    "This is what we must work on. Your anger. Try to control it." x1 said.
    "I can control my anger!" Mani declared. "I dont punish somone unless they-"
    "Do something that you dont like?" x1 replied cutting him off.
    "Would you not punish someone if they did something you didnt like?" Mani said
    "I may not like it but if they are not breaking the rules I wont say anything against it." x1 replied. "I want to test something Mani. Could you control your anger if I broke a rule?"
    "I could." Mani replied
    "Dont take this as an offense but I would like to see how you react." x1 said
    "Whatever you think it is that could get me angry do it! I will show you-"
    Mani raised his hand to block spit that would have hit him square in the face. "What in the hell!"
    "See!" x1 said "Your angry at me now."
    "You would spit in my face like that?" Mani said confused.
    "I told you it was a test. Think about it." x1 turned and walked away.
    "Hes right." Dark said. "I belive you should work on it more." Dark walked away also.
    "Whatever." Mani mumbled to himself. "I can control my anger."
    In the hall of leaders Eklipz stood before his fellow leaders.
    "Your secret order is what puzzles us. But you say that we must not know it in order for it to work." Dark said.
    "If you knew what it was you could accidently alter it and mess it up. It is a vary delicate plan." Eklipz replied.
    "Sience you are a leader we give you are utmost trust and understand your secrecy as you would understand ours if we ever needed to do so." Dark said to Eklipz.
    "Thank you for your understanding." Eklipz said
    "So it be done!" Mani declared. "If you think the enlisted can do this special task."
    "I know the enlisted can do this task. It is the easiest thing they can do." Eklipz said with a smile.
    Along a vary far edge of heaven A dark rift appeared. A tall skinny demon with claws instead of hands and black wings came out and walked forward, followed by three others. They walked out far enough and stoped. Thats when more demons started comming threw the portal.
    "Do you smell that?" The skinny demon said.
    "Yes Pithius I do." Another fater demon said.
    "Angels. Paimum angels are around. We should defend ourselves before they attack!"
    "Settle down Ukobach." Pithius said.
    "Ukobach is right! We should defend ourselves now!" A tall skinny demon said.
    "Fine Vapula get back and warn the others." Pithius replied.

    High in the sky far off in the distance a group of angels were hovering in the air watching the demons come out.
    "We must slaughter them in his name!" The leading angel said. "To arms! Michael would want us to fight for him!" The angels flew tword the dark portal and the demons.

    "Defend yourselves the Angels are on us!" Pithius yelled.
    The Angels collided with the demons creating a shockwave that was all to familure with both sides.
    "The fools attack in short numbers!" Ukobach declared as he stabed his sword strait threw an angel.
    "Fall up!" The angel commander said.
    The angels flew up high and went down again and created another shockwave which took people on both sides.
    "Hold them down!" Pithius yelled.
    "Sir the vine demons have not gotten threw yet. Were to close to the portal" A demon yelled.
    "Damn! Get away from the portal!" Pithius screamed.
    "Get them while there moving away." The angel commander said. "Fly up and back down!"
    The angels flew up then flew back down again only to see vines shooting out of the portal and grabing them and pulling them in. The lead angel was pinned to the ground.
    "You fool!" Pithius said to the angel. "If I were you I would have came down and surrendered. But thats just me"
    "You monstrosaties will perish! My bretheren will slaughter you!" The angel replied.
    "Really?" Pithius laughed. "You see we are the only ones that know the exact location of the Spear of Serenity and it shall be ours!"
    "Never!" The angel said and spat at Pithius.
    "You damned angel! You will never learn to just surrender and die!" Pithius pointed his claw at the angel and one of the claws shot out and hit him in the head. The claw grew back quickly.
    "Get the magi in here fast!" Pithius yelled. "Its time we summon the platform and have it lead us directly there!"
    "Pithius!" Ukobach said. "If we do that the angels can just follow us."
    "If we dont do that we lose the portal which will keep replenishing our ranks." Pithius replied. "The portal will slowly move to the center as the platform expands. When it does we can bring out as many demons as we like and send them at the angels."
    "A wise plan indeed." Vapula said. "Let us start working on it right away before more angels come around."

    In another region along heaven lies the grand temple of Mikelus, the home of the Angel Knights. Inside the hall of Mikelus the high command members were talking furiously on what they should do.
    "I dont know. It seems that the artifacts we have seem worthless. The power of the split copied the pedestial and now the Imperial Angels have one as well. We should try and collect the items we need." Stonedbunny said
    "And if the artifacts we have will work?" Lordofwar said. "What if they work and all we need is what they have."
    "Im shure we can work something out with them." Kethol said. "I would gladly give what we need to give them for what they must give us."
    "What are the artifacts now?" Stereo asked.
    "A good question." Spunknott said. "The artifacts are a Demons brain, an Angels wing, a Imperial angels claw and they need a Imperial eye."
    "We can get one of those artifacts easily!" Toa said.
    "How do you propose we get the artifacts?" Ninja said.
    "I propose that we send out a group to get the artifacts." Toa said.
    "Who would this group consist of?" Spunknott asked.
    "A few enlisted some Warrant Officers." Toa replied.
    "I dont think these people would be up to the task. I sugjust we add Officers in the mix as well." Lordofwar replied.
    "Lets find out how many people are up to the task then." Ninja said.
    "I will make an announcement about it soon." Kethol said. "Then we can bring them in and tell them there duties. If we can catch an angel alone or perhaps a wandering demon alone it should be vary easy. It is a fact that one of us can easily kill a demon and an angel alone."
    "The same fact goes for the Imperial Angels." Ninja declared.
    "Thats why the group must find a wandering Imperial Angel." Toa said.
    "I dont think we should kill them." Kethol said. "We should leave them alone."
    "Then how do we get all the artifacts? If we just let them attack us then they will have all of them!" Toa yelled.
    "Thats why we must all find a way for the last artifact." Spunknott said.
    "I thought you named them all?" Stereo asked.
    "I was going to name the last but everyone decided to speak at once after. The last artifact and the most important is The Spear of Serenity."
    "We have no idea where the location of that artifact is. Toa replied.
    "Im shure the Angels know." Kethol said. "We can get it out of them."
    "The same group can get it ouf of an angel before they take the Wing off his back." Lordofwar said.
    "Let us see who will be part of this group." Ninja said. "Kethol go find out and bring them here. We will be waiting."

    In the temple where the Imperial Angels reside in the hall of Azrael. The high command members were talking furiously. The absence of Eklipz was noted.
    "I do not agree with Eklipz and his idea of war" D1Abl0z said.
    "I agree. We should just get the Spear of Serenity and then we can go about undisturbed and invincible."
    "I like the idea of War." Game said.
    "Why?" Magnum asked.
    "Why not?" Game replied. "We outnumber them."
    "We may outnumber them." Mani declared. "But they have mutated into something a little stronger than we are."
    "I belive we can slaughter them if we all just fly in there and attack!" Game said.
    "So its a discussion about who wants war and who dosent." Mani said softly. "I think a vote needs to be decided!"
    "All in favor of the war raise there right wing." Dark said.
    Three right wings rose from Argo, Game, and Ares.
    "All in nay decision raise there left wing.
    The left wings of Magnum, Fanklok, Darklurker, and D1Abl0z went up.
    "So it is decided that no war will take place unless the Angel Knights act first." Dark said.
    "I cant belive this!" Game yelled. "You want them to slaughter us first!"
    "Game. I do not belive that they will harm us unless we harm them. We are not going to do anything to them so they will not to us." Mani said.
    "How do you konw!?" Game yelled.
    "I just do." Mani said.
    "How do you-"
    "I just do!" Mani yelled cutting Game off. "Dont question me any further!"
    "Mani stop this! Now." x1 said.
    Mani looked at x1.
    "The floor is open to you x1." Mani said.
    "Thank you Mani." x1 said. "I want to orginize a scout party to observe the Angels and the Imperial Angels. This party will not attack unless attacked first. I belive the people I name will be perfect for the job."
    "Who are these people?" Dark said.
    "I will name them to you, Altair, Dyn0m0nkey, Alexman, Manbird, Wafflez, Teddy, Kitaman, Zyeriis, and Headshot. I think these people they are higher in ranks and they should get the job done effectivley and easily. They are strong tough and reliable at all times. If anyone dosent agree with these people speak now."
    Silence followed after.
    "Good. I will wait for Mani to declar this meeting closed and I will assemble these people."
    "The meeting is closed!" Mani said after x1 spoke.

    A grand city the last of its kind lies in the middle of heaven. A city that goes somewhat underground. Althought if the almighty was still around he would most definetly frown upon such secrecy.
    "Michael are you shure what you felt is reality?" A angel in white robes who follows the old code said.
    "I have been fighting demons and Satan for over a hundred mileniums." Michael said. "I am familure with there stench and I smell them on the outskirts of heaven. They are after the Spear."
    "Then lets stop them!" Another angel is golden robes said.
    "Easy there Abriel." Michael said. "We must take into consideration on how the two new factions of angels act. If we just fly in there they could come in behind us. Then it would be a horrible mess. We are hoping they are at war with each other but it is not likley."
    "The split of the AngelKillers should not concern us!" The man in white robes said.
    "Ah but Ardum. They post a threat. They could attack us and kill most of us." Michael said. "Please we must take all threats into consideration. I know that you as a follower of the old code says that demons must be eradicated but we must consider all threats not just one.
    "I understand. I am sorry Michael. I understand your status as you have known Satan as the magnificant Lucifer so long ago." Ardum said
    "Yes. Such a long time ago. I was one of the almightys favorite. Such a shame how he is not here to protect us but I assure you that we will get threw!"
    "Yes I belive so as well." Ardum replied.
    "Vary well. We will meet up soon. We must get the army ready. We must head out soon!"

    Kethol walked into the hall of Mikelus with a small group behind him. "These are the people that have volentered to take this journey."
    "I want you to name them." Ninja said.
    "Vary well. We have Amanda, Trooper, Da_sorce, Saturn, Juggalo, Swatarian, Seanownz, and Higor."
    "Anyone against these people scouting ahead and finding info for us please speak now." Spunknott declared.
    Silence followed
    "So it is decided that these brave people will go out and find us information about the Imperial Angels and other events that might be going on without us knowing." Ninja declared.

    The group was waiting outside. Amanda and Higor stood talking furiously while the other group members were messing around.
    "I should be the leader of this group! Im better at navigating and I can fly farther out fastest and people will listen to me better!" Amanda said
    "But I am a higher rank than you!" Higor argued.
    "Ha!" Amanda yelled "I am just one small rank behind you big deal. My skills outrank yours anyday!"
    "Lets put that to the test then amanda!" Higor yelled.
    "Fine!" Amanda said steping back as da_sorce flew in between them.
    "Da_sorce stop this now!" Higor yelled.
    "Lets do something then!" Da_sorce replied back. "Im tired of this!"
    "The person who can get him to stop is the person who leads." Amanda told higor.
    "You got a deal!" Higor said shaking Amandas hand.
    "Da_sorce as higher rank than you I command you to stop this foolishness!" Higor yelled.
    "Lets get moving then?" Da_sorce said flying between them again.
    "My turn." Amanda whispered mockingly. "Da_sorce get down here and stop right now! Or so help me I will come up there and and bring you down myself and if I have to do that you will wish you never came on this damned journey!"
    Da_sorce flew down to the ground next to Sean.
    "Shes vary demanding isent she." Sean whispered to Da_sorce.
    "Yea. What did I do to deserve this?" Da_sorce whispered back.
    "Alright guys lets go!" Amanda yelled and they took off.

    In the temple dedicated to Azrael the nine imperial angel scouts flew off as fast and as silent as the night. They flew with such speed that if they saw the angel floating overhead they would have took him out with such force that he probably would not have seen his death comming.
    On the edge of heaven the demons were preparing to take off on there platform that would lead them directly to the Spear of Serenity.
    "Lord Pithius!" A fat demon made of several bodies said to him. "The scouts captured this angel who strayed to close."
    "Bring him forward!" Pithius said.
    Behind the fat demon four succubi demons with red wings draged forth an angel who was horrible torn. His wings were torn off.
    "Here is one of his wings." The fat demon said handing it over ot Pithius.
    "Excelent!" Pithius said. "I wasent expecting us to get this for a while. I had to feed the other angels to the demons who are keeping the portals open to seal the deal."
    "Sir." The fat demon said. "What other artifacts do we require?"
    "We need a Demons brain." Pithius said smiling.
    "What do you mean?" The fat demon said scared.
    "I will show you." Pithius pointed his claw at the demon and shot one at him. It hit him in the stomich. After a moment the demons stomich exploded and he fell to the ground. Pithius walked over and riped his head open and took out his brain and placed it on the pedistal next to the wing.
    "So what are the other artifacts we need. Dont we just need one more?" Paimum asked.
    "Two actually." Pithius said. "The AngelKillers split. So two more we need. We need an Impeerial claw and a Knights eye. Two artifacts that we will have vary vary soon." Pithius said with a smile. for all your Trans Siberian Orchestra listening pleasure
    If you want to arrange it
    This world you can change it
    If we could somehow make this
    Christmas thing last

    By helping a neighbor
    Or even a stranger
    And to know who needs help
    You need only just ask

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    The Furious Conflict2:Secrets of the Damned

    As the scouts neared the edge of heaven they saw an angel. Amanda quickly went to this angel and grabed him and wrestled him. After a few moments the other scouts finally caught up and immediatly went in to help. The angel was pinned down.
    "Wha-What do you want from me?" The angel asked acting scared.
    "We want information on the Spear of Serenity." Amanda replied.
    "I dont know anything on that subject." The angel responded
    "Dont play dumb. You angels are the only people that know where it is! Tell us and we can let you go."
    "Even if I did know." The angel said. "I would never tell you."
    "So be it!" Amanda said. "Higor if you would please."
    "If I would what?" Higor asked.
    "You know what!" Amanda said.
    "No I dont." Higor said. "What do you want me to do?"
    "Higor! Why dont you..Da_sorce you know what has to be done right?" Amanda asked.
    "Um we gatta..scout and find information!" he replied joyfully.
    "NO!" Amanda yelled
    Da_sorce frowned.
    "Dosent anyone know what has to be done!?" Amanda screamed.
    "Im sorry A-"
    "She wants you to torture me." The Angel said cutting Higor off.
    "Idiots." Amanda mumbled to herself.
    "I will make you a deal." The angel said. "If I tell you where to go to find out how to get to the spear will you let me go?"
    "Yes!" Amanda said.
    "Then I will reveal to you what we have classified as one of the secrets. Secrets of the damned. If you go to the outer end of heaven you will find a magnificant platform. Follow it and it will lead you to the Spear."
    "Thank you." Amanda said letting the Angel go.
    The angel flew off as fast as it could.
    "Time to investigate!" Amanda declared.
    "Whats on the outer edges of heaven?" Da_sorce asked.
    "Well idiot lets go there and find out!" Amanda replied.
    They flew off.

    The Imperial Angel scouts were flying fast and deadly. They were nearing the outer edges of heaven when off in the distance they saw an Angel. They immediatly veered tword it intending to capture it and get information. If not he would be in immense torture. They quickly got to the angel. As they did Alex grabed him and easily pinned him down.
    "Tell us where the location of the Spear of Serenity is angel!" Altair demanded.
    "That information I cannot tell you!" The angel replied.
    "Wafflez cut off his arm." Headshot demanded.
    "With pleasure." Wafflez said with a smile as he pulled out his sword.
    "If I were you I would speak angel!" Altair said.
    Wafflez brought his blade down and cut off his arm. The angel screamed.
    "Tell us or the other arm will go as well. Then we will move to your legs." Altair said wickedly.
    "You damned wicked fiends will never get the Spear!" The angel spat blood at Altair.
    "Cut off the other arm." Headshot told Wafflez.
    "With pleasure." Wafflez replied. He cut off the other arm.
    The angel screamed again.
    "So angel would you like to tell us anything important? Like where the Spear is?" Teddy asked.
    "Burn in hell!" The angel spat.
    "Cut off his leg." Headshot said.
    "This angels a fool." Wafflez declared as he cut off the right leg.
    The angel screamed in agony as alot of his blood fell right out of his leg down to the ground.
    "Next we will take his wing back to the Pedestial." Headshot said.
    "Alright alright!" The angel yelled. "I will tell you this. Go to the outer edges of heaven and you will find a grand platform. The platform is moving tword the Spear of Serenity! Follow it and find it yourself."
    "Thank you." Altair said. "Now was that so hard?"
    "Burn in hell!" The angel said again. He brought his wings around him
    "Get away!" Kitaman yelled.
    The other angels flew back and watched as the angel exploded.
    "Should we go back and relay the info?" Zyeriis sugjusted.
    "No we gatta see if the angel was telling the truth first. Lets go" Headshot replied.
    The scouts who call themselves the Midnight Crusaders flew on tword the outer edge of heaven.

    "Look!" Amanda gasped.
    "Holy shit!" Da_sorce yelled.
    Down below them was a magnificant giant red hovering platform that floated a few inches ubove the ground. The platform was expanding every second. Purple and yellow and blue feminine demons were floating high in the sky around it observering far out. The platform was slowly moving but gaining speed as it expanded.
    "This is what the angel ment. The demons are heading strait for the spear." Amanda said.
    "It looks like they dont want to be stoped." Da_sorce said outloud.
    "No shit sherlock!" Seanownz said to Da_sorce.
    "Not to interupt." Saturn said. "But I think we should get the hell out of here."
    "Great idea!" Amanda said. "Last one there dies!" Amanda yelled laughing and they flew off

    Down below Pithius was getting ready to take off
    "I need all demons within a radius of fourty yards to shadow form and attach to me now!" Pithius yelled.
    All the demons around came to him and turned into shadow figures which seemed to disapear inside his black wings.
    "These Angel Knights will not stand a chance!" Pithius roared. He flew off with a black streak behind him.
    "Back to work you snobs!" Paimum yelled. "He will bring Fresh Angel Knight back for us to feed on."
    The demons roared happily as they awaited for there new meal.

    "Damn!" Altair said as they were watching the demons below.
    "We need to get back fast!" Headshot said. "Back to the temple as fast as you can."
    The group flew off as fast as they could go.

    Amanda and her squad that she calls the Winged Vengance landed in front of the temple.
    "Quick!" Amanda yelled. "We gatta warn them!"
    They opened the temple dorrs and walked to the hall of Mikelus where the doors opened in front of them.
    "Back so soon?" Ninja asked. "I wasent expecting you back so early. The other members are in the Hall of Arms where I was just about to join them."
    "I belive we have found out something you need to know." Amanda said.
    "Well tell me then what did you find out?"
    "The only way we can get to the Spear is to follow the demons."
    "What do you mean follow the demons?" Ninja asked.
    "The demons have somehow casted a strange hovering platform that keeps expanding and it is slowly moving. I belive it is moving directly to the Spear of Serenity.
    "Then we must get ready!" Ninja declared. "We must get ready to move out and follow this platform."
    "Should we not do a high command meeting first?" Amanda asked.
    "No. We will prepare to move out. I will have Kethol get Evilseed prepared."
    "Yes sir" Amanda said.

    Mani walked by the Hall of Mystics where a portal that leads to a room. The room has two sides. One that leads to the Angel Knights hall of Mystics and to the Imperial Angels side. When the split happened everyone appeared in this room and they had to choose where they would go. After you enter the portal you are transformed into either an Imperial Angel or an Angel Knight. Mani sensed that someone was in there. Someone that already chose the Imperial Angel side. Mani walked in to see Ash getting ready to step threw. Ash already made her presence known to who ever was watching on the other side.
    Ash got ready and jumped but fell to the ground and was being dragged the other way. Ash quickly turned around and saw who it was. "Damn you Mani let me go!" She yelled.
    "Im afraid you already chose our side Ash. You cannot leave."
    "No!" Ash yelled. "Mani let me go!"
    "Im sorry." Mani replied.
    "You sun of a bitch let me go right now! I will choose where I will go not you or anyone else."
    "You already chose to be one of us. You cannot go back." Mani said.
    "Watch me!" Ash snarled.
    "I dont understand you chose to be here why go back there." Mani asked.
    "Let me go and I will tell you!" Ash yelled.
    "Fine." Mani said.
    "You see." Ash said. "If you look to your left."
    Mani looked to his left.
    "Now concentrate hard on what you are looking at."
    "I dont see anything." Mani declared.
    "Just focus." Ash said. "Let your mind go away on what you are seeing. Look at it without any noises without anyone. Just imagine I am not here. You will see what I have seen." Ash replied.
    Mani focused on the wall for a few minits toning out anything or anyone around him. After a while Mani gave up he turned around and Ash was gone.
    "God damn her!" Mani yelled.

    Somewhere inbetween both temples Ash was floating there looking out the other side. She could see Evilseed awaiting for her to enter. Ash tried to move forward but was stuck. Suddenly a sharp pain entered her. She felt her skin moving around and changing. She screamed in agony as her body transformed.

    Evilseed watched as Ash fell threw the portal. Evil walked and helped her up.
    "Thank you." Ash said.
    "Lets get you to the others." Evil said. "They will be interested to know you joined us."
    Evil and Ash walked outside to the grand hall to see a surprised Kethol.
    "I was just about to come and get you." Kethol said.
    "Well lets get her to the others. Ninja can help heal." Evil replied.
    "Ash?" Kethol asked surprised.
    "Yea its me." Ash replied.
    "Its good to have you with us." Kethol said. "Lets go."
    Around the corner a Angel Knight walked into the hall before the doors shut behind him. He unknowingly made himself visable to the other side. Suddenly he started flying tword the portal and went in. Blake screamed as horrific pain shot threw him. He screamed as his skin started moving and changing shape. He screamed in agony as his body transformed.

    Mani and Dark watched as he fell down on the other side. Suddenly Blake flew at Mani and Mani grabed him and raised him in the air.
    "Tell me why Ash left us!" Mani yelled.
    "I dont know." Blake replied.
    "Liar!" Mani yelled.
    "Mani stop!" Dark yelled.
    "He knows why Ash left and he wont tell us!" Mani yelled.
    "He dosent know anything!" Dark cried. "Let him go you are only hurting him."
    "Fine." Mani said dropping Blake to the floor.
    "Are you ok?" Dark said to Blake.
    "I am fine." Blake replied.
    "Good lets make the others aware of your presence." Dark said.

    Ash, Evilseed, and Kethol walked into the Hall of Arms. Surprised faces appeared over all.
    "Ash!" Ninja said booming. "Its good to have you with us!"
    "Its good to be here." Ash said.
    "Ash I wove you!" Stereo yelled.
    "You to Stereo." Ash replied with a chuckle.
    "You feel any better?" Ninja asked.
    "Im fine thanks Ninja." Ash replied.
    Dark and Blake Walked into the Hall of hours where everyone awaited.
    "We have assembled you here today." x1 declared. "To welcome a member of the Angel Knigths! Welcome Blake to Imperial Angels!"
    Everyone cheered.
    "Let us enjoy and have a great time in the Hall of Arms!" Mani yelled.
    Everyone quickly flew out.
    "Will we not join them?" Eklipz said.
    "We must wait for our scouts to return." x1 replied. "They have been gone for a vary long time."
    "I belive they are fine. They must be gathering lots of information!" Eklipz said.
    "I dont think so." Dark said. "There back."
    The doors opened.
    "What the hell happened to you guys?" Mani asked shocked.
    "A long story." Altair mumbled as they all walked in totally covered in Blood. He sat down in a chair not caring that it is now totally ruined. x1 flinched at this action.
    "Explain to us what happened." Mani said. "Is that Angel blood?"
    "It is." Dark ansered him.
    "Let us start from the beggining." Headshot said.
    "Make the beggining quick." Alex mumbled. "I want to know how exactly a bunch of angels kicked our ass."
    "You see." Headshot said. "We ran into a lone angel who we tortured to get information out of. He later told us to go to the edge of heaven to find out anser. There we found a huge platform that is constantly expanding and gaining speed. We belive it is heading strait tword the Spear of Serenity."
    "You see Eklipz." Mani said. "We got a bigger problem than the Angel Knights."
    Eklipz mumbled cursed himself and continued listening.
    "We quickly decided to leave hastily after some demons turned into shadows and went after the pathetic excuse of a scouting group for the Imperial Angels.
    Eklipz laughed when he heard this.
    "Go on." x1 said. "How did you meet the angels."
    "We were nearing the temple when some Angels were around it. We decided to show them to never tresspass here. We attacked. We were easily killing them untill we knew we needed help. I yelled at Altair to go down and get reinforcements. He tried to go but was soon blocked by a group of Angels. We cleared a way out and quickly retreated to the temple."
    "The angels are still out there!" Mani yelled.
    "Probably." Magnum said.
    "Idiots why didnt you come in here screamign we were under attack or something!" Mani yelled.
    "They didnt follow us in so we assumed they were going to leave us alone." Altair said.
    "Angels are massing on our vary doorstep and you assume they will not attack?" Mani yelled.
    "They are going to attack probably but just not now." Altair said. "You see we said they didnt follow us in so we assumed they wont be comming in for a while."
    "How long did you like to wait before you were going to tell us?" Mani said annoyed.
    "Well I didnt want to come in get cleaned off and then get covered in Angel blood again." Wafflez said.
    "Arrogant fools!" Mani screamed and flew out.
    Dark looked at the scouting squad and shaked his head. "I cant belive you would play around like that." Dark said.

    Spunk and Ninja sat in the Hall of Mikelus discussing alone on how they should act next.
    "I belive bringing out everyone will just make the temple open for anyone to come in and settle." Spunk said.
    "Let them come in!" Ninja declared. "When we have the Spear anyone who was dumb enough to take refuge here will probably be slain or leave."
    "Yea but I dont like the idea of people desecrating the temple while we are away." Spunk said.
    "Spunk." Ninja said. "We can easily fix anything anyone destroys!"
    "Excuse me." A voice said. "But the army is assembled outside the temple and ready when you are."
    "Thank you Carfreak." Ninja said.
    "You had the army assembled already!?" Spunk yelled.
    "I am sorry Spunk but we need everyone. Any loss in number and we could loose a major battle." Ninja replied.
    "I sapose your right." Spunk said.
    A loud noise could be heard heading there way.
    "Who the hell is that?" Spunk said standing up.
    The doors were forcefully opened and a swarm of Imperial Angels flew at Spunk, Ninja, and Carfreak.
    "Damn." Spunk yelled pulling out his sword defending him.
    "Carfreak behind us!" Ninja yelled.
    Carfreak quickly got behind them. The wave collided with Spunk and ninja. Even though it was thirty against two Ninja and Spunk were holding out easily. There red breastplates indicated they were Enlisted. Carfreak saw one guy standing outside. One of them acting getting to the side of Ninja. The assasin pulled out one of the two daggers attached to the side of his leg. He threw it at Ninja. Carfreak quickly grabed the dagger and threw it back at him which hit him in the chest. Suddenly a searing pain went threw Carfreaks body. He looked down to realize he threw the other knife as well. He tried to curse but instead blood driped out of his mouth. He fell and rolled down the steps next to the two chairs ignored by the Imperial Angels, Carfreak closed his eyes.

    Kethol was wondering why it took so long for Spunk and Ninja to get back. When they did they were confused why they were covered in blood.
    "What the hell happened." Kethol asked.
    "We were attacked by Imperial Angels." Ninja replied.
    "In the temple!" Kethol gasped.
    "There dead now." Ninja replied. "Leave them we will take care of there bodies when we get back."
    "Should we do something about this?" LordofWar asked.
    "Leave it be. We go follow the demons as planned." Ninja replied.
    "Lets go!" Spunk yelled.
    They flew off at a slow pace tword the outer edges of heaven.
    Carfreak opened his eyes. He looked around him to see all the bodies of the Enlisted. He was puzzled on how he was alive still. He looked down to see the dagger that pierces his heart gone. The wound was healed! He sat up and looked around. Something puzzled him. Why was there no blood from all the bodies? He put his hand on the ground to find it sticky and wet. He saw movement out of the corner of his eye.
    "Whos there!" Carfreak yelled. "Show yourself!"
    A deep laughter came from the shadows.
    "Why my sweet Angel Knight." The voice hissed. "You are one of the few who happily wanted to face his death."
    "I will kill you!" Carfreak yelled while he was looking for his sword.
    "You will find your sword gone. Along with all the other Imperial Angels weapons as well." The voice replied. "They will be shipped to hell to make Demonic weapons for our army."
    "You bastards will have to kill me before I tell you anything!" Carfreak yelled.
    "But we dont want to kill you." The voice hissed mockingly. "In fact its the oposite. We want to keep you alive!"
    "Why." Carfreak asked confused.
    "So we can play with you of course." The voice replied then laughed. Other demonic laughteres joined. A dark demon steped out of the Shadows along with a horde of other demons that lines up against the wall.
    "You...You will have to kill me I will not go so easily!" Carfreaked screamed and spat in the demons face.
    "Thats not a proper wait to introduce yourself." The demon replied stepping into the light revealing his Pitch black wings which seemed to fascinate Carfrreak. "I am Pithius." He said as he grabed on to Carfreak. Suddenly everything turned purple. "Also welcome to the Shadow realm Carfreak. I belive you will find it an easier means of transportation. To anyone outside of this realm we would appear as moving shadows."
    "Damn you!" Carfreak said struggeling.
    "You see I control anything in this realm right now. That includes you not being able to move. Now lets head back to the platform. The other demons are hungry!" Pithius laughed. He started walking tword the exit of the temple. Suddenly Carfreak fell to the ground and was being dragged behind him. He looked up to see a chain that went inside him linking him to the back of his wing. He noticed the other demons were in the same state as he was. They were looking at him hungerly. The demons laughed at him as they flew off tword the only hellish region of a perfect place.
    Ash came forward to Ninja not feeling right.
    "What is wrong?" Ninja said as they flew along tword there destination.
    "I dont feel right." Ash replied. "I feel as if Im meant to do something alone and I dont no what. I seem to be weakening with every passing moment. Theres also this feeling I must do something alone."
    "Perhaps soon we will figure out what tha-"
    Ash screamed as a invisible force dragged her away at high speed.
    "Ash!" Ninja yelled.
    "Dont." Spunk said. "I belive her feelings are right. Either we will find her or she will find us."
    "I sapose your right." Ninja said with a sigh. "Lets keep going."

    Ash flew at a incredibly face rate. Suddenly she came to a complete stop.
    "You!" A voice said. "I understand now why our powers weaken."
    "Blake?" Ash said confused.
    "One of us must bleed to death." Blake said. "And I belive that person is you!" Blake swung his sword down at Ash. Ash blocked it.
    "What happened to you blake? You are not the same. I belive it is you who should die for I am still the same."
    "I will cut your limbs off!" Blake screamed and swung again.
    Ash ducked out of the way and swung her sword which cut blakes arm.
    "Damn you!" Blake roared as he kicked Ash in the stomich.
    Ash recovered and dodged yet another failed swing. She swung only to receive the top of Blakes sword. Blake charged and swung wildly at Ash. Ash blocked a few and cut the side of Blakes stomich open. He screamed as he brought his sword down and cut Ashes arm clean off. Blood squirted out from the wound into blakes face momentarily blinding him. Ash took the opertunity to bite Blakes neck. Blake screamed as Ash brought her wings around Blakes head and squeezed.
    "Damn you!" Blake yelled again. "Why wont you die!"
    "Im afraid I will not let you live without scaring you first!" Ash yelled.
    "Not so confident anymore are we?" Blake said mockingly.
    "I am sorry you turned out this way Blake." Ash said softly. "I hope you see sense someday." Ash let go and Blake swung and cut Ashs stomich clean open. Ash flatened out her wings so she would float slowly down to the ground.
    "Pitiful." Blake said. "Now I am covered in your pathedic blood." He spat down at her and flew away.
    As the Angel Knights reached the outer edges of heaven disapointment met there eyes.
    "Amanda!" Ninja yelled.
    "Yes sir?" Amanda asked.
    "I thought you told me the platform would be here."
    "It was here." Amanda said. "It must have moved farther in."
    "Ok I want you to take your scout party and explore around here. Make shure there are no demons left behind to attack us."
    "Yes sir!" Amanda said. "Winged Vengance with me!" Amanda yelled.
    Trooper, Da_sorce, Saturn, Juggalo, Swatarian, Seanownz, and Higor flew out with Amanda. They flew to the ground where they explored for any demon remains.
    "Look over here!" Da_sorce yelled after five minits of searching.
    "Holy cow!" Amanda yelled. "Why did you go all the way over there!"
    "I dont know!" Da_sorce yelled back. "But I think I found something interesting!"
    Amanda singaled for the ones around her to come with her.
    "What is this?" Amanda said landing next to him a few second later.
    "I belive its dirt." Saturn said. "I read the ancient tablets. This is what the human planet was made out of."
    "Fascinating." Trooper said. "But what is it doing here in heaven?"
    "There was a theory on how the human plane died. A huge black portal that eats everything around it was created by Satan, ruler of hell. It is said that earth then colided with heaven eradicating seventy-five percent of it and huge chunks of the earth world were scattered in the Unknown zone. A zone that no one has maped or explored. Most who tried never came back.
    "Look a hole!" Da_sorce said. "It leads down."
    "You really are an idiot Da_sorce." Seanownz said.
    "Well sorry!" Da_sorce said.
    "Lets explore it!" Amanda yelled happily.
    They wandered down in the hole.
    "So this must be a patch where earth and heaven fused. Obiously this is a secret part of heaven. They wandered down into a great hall. There was a chair meant for royalty sitting in dust and a pit below was filled with spikes. A statue of an angel was noted to the right after they entered.
    "Welcome Angel Knights to a secret part of heaven!" A dark voice said to them.
    The scouts quickly pulled out there swords.
    "Show yourself Demon!" Amanda yelled.
    "I am no normal demon young Angel Knight but I will show myself as you asked."
    A dark figure in pitch black robes appeared before them.
    "Who or what are you?" Amanda asked.
    "Why I am a strong demon. I entered the portal to heaven when it was first opened. I helped us easily slaughtered the band of angels that attacked us when we arrived. I then snuck off easily and unnoticed by the others."
    "Why dont you help your fellow demons claim the spear?" Amanda asked.
    "Becouse my dear I dont want my creations to rule over all. They would make a horrible mess. Espeshally with that fool Pithius running things."
    "Creations!" Saturn gasped.
    "Why yess little one the demons were created by me. I took the first wicked soul and created life from it! I was a god in my own world. Cast out of heaven for making the almighty jelous! Now look what happened to him. The all powerful can die."
    "I cant belive this. I thought you were dead!" Saturn yelled.
    "I am not dead. But you are." The cloaked figure waved a hand and Saturn exploded.
    "Come to me my precious Angel Knights! Come face your death."
    "I will kill you!" Amanda roared. Amanda, TRooper, Swatarian, Juggalo, and Seanownz charged at the Dark figure.
    "Pathetic!" He said. He waved his hand and Trooper, Swatarian, Juggalo, and Seanownz exploded.
    "How!?" Amanda said confused as she bumbped into Da_sorce. "Where were you when we attacked!" Amanda whispered to Da_sorce.
    "I am afraid I paralized him." The dark figure said.
    "I am going to slay you!" Amanda yelled.
    "No I belive you are going to slay yourself." The dark figure replied. He waved his hand and her sword went flying in the air.
    "Damn you!" Amanda screamed. "Damn you, you Bast-" The sword went threw her heart and she fell over.
    Da_sorce started to shake.
    "Dont worry im not going to kill you yet." The dark figure said. "I want to have a clean fight with you. I am going to lower my powers down to your level and we will have a battle."
    "Why dont you just kill me now!" Da_sorce asked.
    "Becouse I want a lasting fight. And I belive you will take it becouse you have a chance to kill me while I lessen my powers."
    Da_sorce stoped shaking and looked at him confidently.
    "Thats a good Angel Knight." He said laughing.
    "I belive I will kill you to avenge my friends death!" Da_sorce said proudly.
    "Lets test that theory." The dark figure suddenly appeared in his face grabbing on to his shoulders. "Lets see how sharp the spikes are." He said. Even under the hood Da_sorce could sense that he was smiling. for all your Trans Siberian Orchestra listening pleasure
    If you want to arrange it
    This world you can change it
    If we could somehow make this
    Christmas thing last

    By helping a neighbor
    Or even a stranger
    And to know who needs help
    You need only just ask

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    The Furious Conflict3:Fall of the Damned

    Dark sliced an angel in half easily moving on to the next. The angels were being massacured by the Imperial Angels. Dark was nearing the angel who lead the attack. He would pay for his deeds dearly. Dark didnt care one bit that he was covered in silver angelic blood. All that mattered to him was killing the damned angel who was leading the attack. He sliced threw a few more angels killing them instantly. He saw the lead angel raise his sword. Suddenly all the angel flew up high but he stayed.
    "We are the angels of old. We will cleanse any abominational thing in this region, in our home!"
    "Its our home just as much as it is yours damned fool!" Dark snarled.
    "You are vicious. You must be cleansed." The angel replied.
    "You attacked us first you fool!" Dark said. "If you didnt come here we wouldent have to fight back. Im shure if we attacked you, you would assume the same as us."
    "If you attacked us first we would deem you unnecisary and need of cleansing." The angel replied.
    "You really are a bastard." Dark said. "You wont win here. This is your last chance to retreat."
    "I am sorry to disapoint." He replied bringing his sword down.
    The angels flew down and attacked once more.
    "Sun of a bitch!" Dark yelled. He flew up to the lead angel and swung his sword at him.
    "You cannot take me so easily." The angel said bringing up his sword blocking it.
    "Watch me." Dark said. He swung his sword even harder at his sword. When it connected it broke off and went flying, a dangerous projectile. Dark turned his head and quicikly saw that he made a huge mistake. "Mani duck!" Dark screamed.
    Mani quickly moved his head forward and angelic blood hit his face as the broken sword piece went behind him and threw another angel.
    "Bastard!" Mani screamed.
    "You will die!" Dark said to the angel.
    "My body may die yes, but my spirit will live forever." He replied.
    "Good bye." Dark smiled. He sliced the angels stomich open.
    "May your spirit live forever as well when it is cleansed." He said with his last breath. He expanded his wings to slow gracefully down.
    "I dont think so." Dark laughed. He tore off his right wing. "This is ours." Dark laughed. The angel fell down quickly and hard into the ground.
    "Get to him quick!" x1 yelled.
    Dark turned around confused to see all the angels now heading tword him not caring if they get stabed in the back.
    "Oh shit." Dark mumbled to himself. Then he smiled. "Bring it on you corrupted bastards!" He screamed as he charged tword them sword glistering. He swung into the angels and took out three of them at once. Dark roared with victorious attitude. He then noticed some angels trying to flee. As he cut an angels stomich open he realized fear in his eyes, he also noticed it was not from him. Dark turned around to find golden angels batteling demons. The shortness of numbers surprised him. There were only about five red skinned demons fighting a legion of golden angels.
    "What is that." Dark mumbled.
    "Those demons are the original demons. They are the vary first walking demons created by Satan himself. The only way they can be here is if there master is here as well. Satan finally walks heaven again sience his banishment many mileniums ago." An angel replied.
    "It seems like those demons are going to kick our ass." Dark admitted.
    "We will help you kill those demons." The angel said. "We will leave in peace and not harm one of you again."
    "So now you talk about peace!?" Dark said turning to the angel.
    "Please we want to kill those demons!" The angel pleaded.
    "What is your name and status with the Angels." Dark said. "I killed your leader."
    "He was a decoy. I am the leader of these angels. I am Ardum. I am one of the last leading angels dedicated to the old code."
    "Well lets kick some demon ass my friend." Dark said smiling.
    "With pleasre." Ardum replied. "Angels Attack!" The angels swarmed forward onto the demons.
    "Should we backstab them?" Mani said to Dark.
    "Not unless they do it to us. I belive they got this. Im shure now we can get them to leave us alone as long as we do the same." Dark replied.
    "We need to find out how the demons are moving and follow them. Then we sneak around grab the spear and everything will be ours." Mani said.
    "Good idea." Dark said. "Lets hope it works."
    The angels were massing around the demons. After about five minits of massacure one of the demons fell. The other four quickly flew off far to fast for them to be caught.
    "Good job." Dark said to Ardum as he came down.
    "Can we leave in peace?" Ardum asked.
    "Go ahead. If you dont bother us we wont bother you." Dark replied.
    "Thank you." Ardum said. "May luck be with you." Ardum and the angels flew away.
    "So this is how we act now?" Eklipz said. "They attack us say there sorry and we let them leave just like that?"
    "Lets just leave them be." Dark said. "Just forget this ever happened."
    "Oh yea. As I spend the next our trying to clean off the most stickiest blood in the plain!" Eklipz yelled.
    "Stop complaning." Dark said. "Lets just get cleaned up and move out."

    As Ninja and the Angel Knights flew on Ninja stoped. He suddenly felt that a barrier blocking his senses was removed. Thats when it struck him. "Ash is dieing." He whispered to Spunk. "Also our scouting squad has been destroyed."
    "What!" Spunk said out loud.
    "Quiet down." Ninja said.
    "Stoned." Spunk called.
    "Yes sir?" He replied.
    "Keep the others here for a little while me and Ninja have to speak alone."
    "Alright." Stoned replied.
    Ninja and Spunk flew far from hearing distance.
    "Somethings not right." Ninja said. "Just hold on..."

    Ninja suddenly appeared in a blue hall.
    "Would you like to know about your comrades deaths." A voice said. "I can reveal it to you."
    "Who are you?" Ninja called. His voice echoed. Ninja was curious about this new place.
    "I am not of importance but I think you would like to know how they died. Here, let me show you."
    In the floor below he saw the image of a dark demon killing off the scouts easily. He then appeared in front of Da_sorce and they had a vary long battle. It ended when the Dark figure pinned him down to a wall by a statue of an Angel. He then heard the voices of both.
    "I see you reach tword the Angel statue. You sense that it is alive but cursed." The dark demon said. "I will tell you the story of the Arch angel Gabriel. A vary fascinating angel indeed. The second angel to commit a sin. You see shortly after I was banished for trying to 'become' like the almighty Gabriel witnessed two humans making love for diffrent means that reproducing. Gabriel became curious and took a human male and seduced him. She found it was vary entertaining to make the human male pleased. She did not take in this fact however that she is an Angel and if a human makes love to an angel the human shortly dies after. Well Gabriel was so fascinated that this became a habbit. She could not control herself and became more like a Succubus than an Arch Angel. God found out and punished her severly. She put her underground and turned her into stone where she would stand still for all eternity while her hunger for the humans would devour her forever. Did you like my story?"
    "No." Da_sorce spat.
    "Aw it was such a lovley one. I have such facination over Gabriel. I could release her you know but she would become annoying over time and I dont like that."
    "Burn in hell!" Da_sorce yelled trying to escape.
    "Im afraid I already have." He replied laughing. "Well Da_sorce it was fun playing with you. But im afraid its time to go."
    "Damn you!" He yelled.
    "Good bye." He said as he threw Da_sorce into the pit of spikes.

    The image disapeared.
    "Who are you?" Ninja asked. "Show yourself."
    "Funny." The voice said. "Thats exactly what Amanda told me to do before I killed her."
    "Reveal yourself to me Satan!" Ninja yelled.
    "As you wish." Satan replied. Satan appeared in front of him. "Would you like to see how Ash died?" He asked.
    "No take me back to the others." Ninja demanded.
    "As you wish." Satan replied.
    "What happened?" Spunk asked. "You seemed to be cold and vary still."
    "I belive the situation has gotten alot bigger than just trying to collect the Spear." Ninja replied.
    "What do you mean?" Spunk asked.
    "Satan walks the heavenly plain." Ninja replied coldly.
    "What?!" Spunk said. "He should be dead."
    "Well he survived and hes killing us off one by one." Ninja replied. "He killed all of our scouting squad and Ash is out there somewhere."
    "Lets find her!" Spunk declared. "She was last seen heading in that direction we should make all haste in reaching her."
    "Alright. I'll tell the others you get a head start." Ninja flew over to Stonedbunny.
    "Why is Spunk leaving without us and so fast?" He asked.
    "We are going to follow." Ninja said. "Everyone lets go!"
    They flew off as fast as they could.

    After a few minutes they saw Spunk land. They followed.
    "Ash?" Ninja yelled horrified as he flew down next to her.
    "Shes still alive!" Spunk said.
    "Ash can you hear me? Who did this to you."
    "Bl-" She tried to say but spat up blood.
    "Hold on Ash." Ninja said trying to heal her. "Can you speak now?"
    "Blake...did me." Ash gasped.
    "Blake!?" Spunk yelled. "How?"
    "He is an Imperial angel." Ash replied.
    "What?" Ninja said shocked.
    "I must tell him." Ash said. "Please."
    "Tell who what?" Spunk asked confused.
    "I will get him over here." Ninja said. Ninja stood up and turned tword the army. "Stereo come here!"
    "Comming!" Stereo replied. "Yes? Holy crap Ash!?"
    "Stereo." She said gasping.
    "Yes?" Stereo said. "Take your time you dont need to waste your last breath on me."
    "Blakes an Imperial Angel." She spat.
    "What!?" Stereo yelled.
    "I must speak with you Stereo." Ninja said taking him aside. "This is vary important I was going to wait untill later becouse I thought this would slow you down."
    "What is it?" Stereo asked confused.
    "The other will find out later but..Carfreak is dead."
    "How!?" Stereo gasped.
    "He sacrificed himself to save me." Ninja replied.
    "At least he died honorably." Stereo whispered.
    "Theres another thing." Ninja said. "Da_sorce has fallen as well along with our scouting squad."
    "Who killed him?" Stereo asked.
    "Dont tell him to much." Spunk said.
    "He has every right to know." Ninja replied. "Stereo the stories of Satan are true. But to the question weather he is dead or alive has been ansered. He is alive. He did not die with the almighty."
    "Were under attack!" Stonedbunny yelled.
    "What!?" Ninja said turning around he saw four huge demons. The mark on there chests indicated they were the vary first humanoid demons.
    "Attack!" Spunk yelled flying over to combat them.
    Stereo walked over to Ash Stereo put his hand on her forehead and started mumbiling.
    "Stereo?" Ninja turned around confused. "Damn! Stop!" Ninja was torn between stoping Stereo and charging into battle. Ninja looked at the battle and back at Stereo. Ninja made up his mind and flew off tword the fight.
    "Thank you." Ash mumbled.
    "Your welcome." Stereo said. "You will live on forever in our hearts."
    "I will be happy to know that fact." Ash replied.
    "Goodbye Ash. I wove you."
    "You to Stereo." Ash closed her eyes and peacefully died.
    Suddenly something slammed into Stereo and picked him up off the ground and they flew high in the air.
    "You were sapost to let her bleed to death you bastard!" A recognizable voice said.
    "You were sapost to stay with me." Stereo replied. "You were sapost to stay with us and help us out you were an excelent member now look at you. The transformation has changed you and you dont even notice it. How you can kill your own friend in cold blood."
    "She had to bleed to death for me to attain great power." Blake replied.
    "You would trade your soul for power?" Stero said blocking his blade.
    "I would do anything for power. Sorry but the only way to attain that lost power is to kill the one who took me under his wing, the one who got me where I was. Im also afraid that person is you."
    "I will not kill you." Stereo said.
    "Then this is where you fall. Along side Ash. Goodbye Stereo." Blake swung his sword. Stereo blocked it with his.
    "You are truly insane!" Stereo yelled. "See some sense. Stop this foolishnes."
    "Hah!" Blake said as he spat at Stereo. "I belive it is you who should see sense. You wont kill me. Why?"
    "Becouse I belive th-"
    "You can save me?" Blake interupted. "Hah! No one can save me from my insanity. Not even you. The only way to feel better is to slaughter you!"
    "If you kill me you will become even more insane and you will be shuned!" Stereo yelled.
    "I dont really care." Blake replied. "As long as you are dead. I am fine." Blake laughed.
    Stereo ducked out of the way of a wild swing.
    "So be it." Stereo said.
    "Ah so there is a fight stiring inside you." Blake smilied. "Bring it on out and prove that the student has not yet surpased the master!"
    Stereo kicked Blake down and swiped at his face which created a deep scar in his forehead.
    "Interesting." Blake replied. "Ive never seen you do this."
    "Youve never seen me try to beat someoen down and keep them alive before." Stereo replied.
    "Your pathetic." Blake mocked.
    "You will see in the end my situation will be better than yours." Stereo replied. Stereo snuck behind Blakes back and hit the middle of his back with the back of his sword.
    "What the." Blake said as he started falling down to the ground.
    Stereo flew down and caught him and slowly put him down. "You are paralized." Stereo said. "You wont be able to move for a small amount of time."
    Blake laughed. "So you would leave me to the demons instead of killing me?"
    "Yes, they will teach you a lesson and you may see sense with them more than with me." Stereo replied. "Goodbye Blake." Stereo flew off to find his comrades and help them defeat the hellish demons that they battle.
    Pithius bound Carfreak in chains.
    "Damn you." Carfreak yelled.
    "I belive you will like it here with us." Pithius said.
    "This place is a shithole!" Carfreak yelled.
    "You shouldent say such things." Pithius said. "We demons take that as a serious offense."
    "I dont give a damn!" Carfreak yelled. "You cant torture me. I am intorturable."
    "Really?" Pithius asked.
    "Yes try and torture me you bastards!" Carfreak yelled.
    "Well first things first." Pithius said. "Paimum would you do the honors of showing him how we torture? We also need his eye."
    "With pleasure." Paimum said laughing. "Im shure he will love the tale I have to tell."
    "You disgust me you fat demon!" Carfreak snarled.
    "You insult me!?" Paimum said. "I will show you to insult me." Paimum dug his hand into Carfreaks eye and riped it out.
    Carfreak screamed in pain.
    "Cant be tortured huh?" Paimum mocked. "You havent seen demon torture before."
    "Bastards!" Carfreak yelled.
    "Lets just put your eye on the pedestial for now." Paimum smiled. As he put it on the Pedestial glowed a bright red. "Just two more artifacts."
    "Its feeding time!" Ukobach yelled. "Take the wreches arm!"
    "As you wish." Paimum said. He grabed Carfreaks arm and tore it off.
    Carfreak screamed and watched as blood poored out. He looked down to see miniature demons drinking the blood at an alarming rate.
    Paimum got in Carfreaks face and licked his lips. "Im going to tell you my lifes tale." Paimum said.
    "Spare me!" Carfreak spat.
    "You will find it interesting." Paimum said. "You see I was a human once. It was the most amazing thing to be. Most demons envy me for this for I told them what being a human is like. It is the most funnest thing. The way the human women scream is music to my ears. Espeshally the little girls as they called them. What I do is I find one walking foolishly alone then I take what they called a garbage bag and a crowbar and I knocked them out. I put them in the garbage bag poked holes in it so she can breath. Then I take her back to my living place and I tear her cloths off of her and smother her as I please myself. It was the greatest feeling ever as I could hear there smothered screams and the ratteling of the chains I used to tie them up. I espeshally loved to do that to the littler ones whos scream is louder and more piercing."
    "You sick bastard!" Carfreak yelled.
    "I am not done." Paimum continued. "I did this so many times I became a master at it. It eventually got the the point where I did it four times a night. I took the bodies out to a deserted area and burned them. I went to a new place all the time becouse the enforcers of the law keeper of the peace as you might call it were all over the place. If you were human you would understand how the screams sounded like sweet music to my ears. I also loved visiting the hospitals to listen to the newborns cry. How there sweet melody moved me. I did this untill I reached what the humans called the age of ninty-three. For seventy eight ears I did my job and did it well. I was awarded a Medal by Satan when I entered Hell.
    "You are a sick bastard!" Carfreak screamed.
    "It was abasalutly beautiful." Paimum replied.
    Carfreak spit in Paimums eye. Paimum fell back screaming.
    "The bastard!" Paimum howled. "My eye is sensative damn you!"
    "Thats for your pathetic life as a human." Carfreak yelled.
    "Thats it!" Paimum yelled. "Im done light torturing you! Im going to rip off your limbs and just keep the wings on you." Paimum walked behind Carfreak and riped off his left leg walked in front of him and drank the blood in front of him before tossing it to the other demons.
    "Your blood is tasty." Paimum complimented.
    "This isent torture." Carfreak pointed out. "I will eventually bleed to death."
    "You dont know demon torture vary well." Vapula said. "I keep your blood inside you and your body regrows blood faster which occasinally will leak out of you feeding our little ones below you."
    Carfreak looked down to see the small minature demons bathing in his blood.
    "This really is hell." Carfreak mumbled to himself sadly.
    "No its not." Ukobach said. "This is just a small amount of hell. If you really want to see hell we can take you threw the portal there."
    "No you will not." Pithius said.
    "Why not?" Ukobach replied. "He thinks this is hell he hasent even been in hell yet."
    Carfreak took the time he got from the argument to free himself a little. Carfreak regained some strenght and took off the chains broke and he flew off as fast as he could.
    "Stop him!" Pithius roared.
    From the red portal a red Succubus appeared and flew after him at top speed.
    "Bring him back alive!" Pithius shouted.
    "How the hell did he escape." Ukobach said.
    "If you would have stilled your toungue I would have noticed his regain in strength." Pithius yelled.
    "Sorry." Ukobach replied and went back to work.

    Carfreak looked over to see the demon gaining speed fast. Carfreak new he couldent outurn it so he turned around and prepared to wrap his wings around to sacrifice himself to kill this demon. The demon quickly got to him grabed a hold of his wing and riped it off and let it fall. Carfreak screamed as he fell. The demon grabed a hold of him.
    "Naughty little boy." It hissed.
    "Damn you!" Carfreak moaned.
    "You are truly naughty. Your mouth is dirty. Shall we cut out your toungue."
    "I would like to keep my toungue to insult you!" Carfreak spat.
    "I sapose infults mean more torture." The demon hissed. "I'll gladly keep it in for you but you must return. They will not be happy that you tried to escape."
    "I wish you would drop me and kill me now." Carfreak mumbled.
    "Ah you would like that wouldent you. So in despair so unwanted in the world. You pray for death already. You are weak but will feed us so you are good." The demon brought him down on the platform where Pithius took hold of him.
    "I see you lost your will already." Pithius said. "I was hoping you would live up to your word. I guess not but thats ok. You will still last as entertainment your screams will act as a sweet melody.
    "Sir." A Succubus came down and said. "Imperial angel lieing paralized dead ahead."
    "Ah perfect." Pithius replied. "Another angel to torture. And a claw to receive. I will go and collect him." Pithius flew up high and spotted the Imperial Angel. He flew down and picked him up and brought him back to the platform.
    "I belive you two know each other." Pithius said. "Welcome Blake to what Carfreak calls the Hell in Heaven."
    "You think you can torture me?" Blake said growling. "You will find me a horrible and annoying subject."
    "Funny." Pithius mused. "Carfreak said he was 'intorturable' we proved that wrong in just a short while."
    "He is weak but I am strong." Blake replied.
    "We will most likley break your will just like his. In a short time."
    "His will has always been weak." Blake said. "My will is inbreakable my heart is pure. You shall not inflect pain of torture on me but only pain of death."
    "You seem to be stubborn." Pithius said smiling. "That is something vary interesting."
    "You will see." Blake said he then started mumbeling.
    "You are a true ass hole." Carfreak mumbled spitting into Blakes face.
    Blake ignored it and kept on mumbeling.
    "What is this fool mumbeling about." Ukobach yelled.
    "I dont know." Pithius said. "But this is your torture subject Ukobach."
    "What!?" Paimum yelled.
    "I am sorry Paimum." Pithius replied. "Your story was good just once thank you."
    "You are just jelous that you werent as good a human as I was." Paimum mocked.
    "Now that is enough!" Pithius yelled. "I was never a human. I was one of the demons that whispered in your ear. I helped creat the position you stand today, dont you dare judge me or I will take that spot away just as easily."
    Paimum said nothing and continued on.
    Blake stoped mumbeling. "You thought I was still paralized didnt you." Blake mocked. "I'll show you, you bastards!" Blake took out his sword which was glowing bright white and struck it to the ground. Suddenly the whole platform was eveloped in a bright white light.
    When the light cleared many demons were dead. Pithius stood to the right unscathed.
    "You little." He said angerly. "You will pay dearly."
    "Not if I get away first." Blake mocked.
    Pithius then realized Blake was just as white as the light that devoured the camp.
    "Farewell you damned demons!" Blake yelled triumphantly and flew off at an amazing speed.
    Pithius let out a deep roar and fully black demons came out of the portal.
    Blake turned around to see Pithius gaining speed fast with a Black streak behind his wings.
    Blake cursed himself and tried to continue faster.
    "You fool!" Pithius yelled dangerously close behind him. "You will be back on that platform you canoy escape the inevidable."
    "Not if you cant catch me!" Blake hollered back.
    "You think I cannot catch you?" Pithius replied. "I am but an inch away from your foot."
    Blake looked down and was startled that he was correct. Cursing himself he tried going alot faster.
    "You are a fool Blake. You would lead a legion of demons to your temple?"
    "Only for my friends to kill you!" Blake replied.
    "I think your in for a big surprise." Pithius smiled and suddenly slowed down a little.
    Blake was confused by this action but was thankful for it.
    The temple dedicated to Azrael lie just ahead. Blake regained confidence as he flew down into it. "Help!" Blake yelled as he flew in. Blake looked around and realized the temple was deserted.
    "Fool." Pithius said bedhind him.
    "What." Blake replied confused.
    "Your fellow angels abandoned the temple. They are searching for our platform." Pithius grabed Blake. Suddenly everything in Blakes eyes turned purple.
    "Welcome to the shadow realm." Pithius said. "The realm that I control while in heaven."
    "Damn you." Blake turned around and clawed Pithius's eyes.
    "Damn!" Pithius hollered.
    Blake ran away from Pithius.
    "Find him Damn you! Find him and bring him back to me alive!" Pithius screamed.
    The demons took off.
    Blake hid in the shadows around a corner. A demon walked by not noticing him.
    "They cant see me unless there in this realm to." Blake mumbled. "Perfect." Blake took out his sword and sliced the demon in half. To the others it looked like the demon fell to pieces by nothing.
    The other demons saw this and ran to the shadow spot and started to hit the ground. Blake laughed as they looked rediculous. He went and killed both of them. He snuck in the shadows and went around killing as many demons as he could. Then he snuck by a wall in the same room Pithius stood waiting. Blake snuck all the way around staying as close to the wall as possible untill he got into stricking range. Blake took out his sword and got ready. He swung his sword to end up hitting the marbled floor.
    "What the?" Blake mumbled.
    "Got ya" Pithius said behind him as he grabed blakes shoulder. "Lets keep mistakes from happening again." He said. He squeezed it and Blake let out a cry and droped his sword. Suddenly the sword disapeared and everything went back to the normal color. Pithius shoved Blake forward and let out a deep roar. The demons came back to Pithius. "Lets head back shall we?" Pithius smiled. Suddenly the doors slammed open.
    "You have desecrated our temple!" Dark said as he walked in followed by the Midnight Crusader scouts.
    "Demon killing is always fun." Dyno said smiling.
    "Damn!" Pithius said. "Attack!"
    The demons quickly surrounded Dark and the scouts.
    Pithius raised his hand and took aim at Dark.
    "No!" Blake screamed turning around knocking his hand out of aim as Pithius shot. Instead of hitting Dark he hit another demon which exploded.
    "Damn you." Pithius said. He dug his claw inside Blakes shoulder. "Lets go."
    "No!" Blake screamed.
    Pithius flew up and out of the temple heading back tword the platform.
    Zyeriis cut off a demons arm that would have hit Dark in the back of the head killing him instantly. The Imperial Angels beat down the demons untill there was only a few left.
    "Zyeriis." Dark yelled. "Go back to the others."
    "Why?" Zyeriis yelled back slicing threw another demon.
    "Dont question it just do it!" Dark snarled back.
    "I dont understand. You cant do this I saved yo-"
    "Now!" Dark yelled interupting him.
    "Fine." Zyeriis cursed under his breath and flew off back to the others.
    "Why did you send him away?" Argo asked batteling off another demon.
    "Becouse." Dark replied. "Dont ask about it.
    Dark and the Midnight Crusaders slew the demons and returned to the others.
    The platform was moving at incredible speed as it still continued to expand. The Angel Knights flew as fast as they could to keep up.
    "There moving to uncharted territory." Ninja yelled to Spunk.
    "Yes I figured they would. I didnt expect the Spear to be in charted territory or the angels would have it by now." Spunk replied.
    "Alright lets see if we can get closer to the platform."
    "Everyone fly as fast as you can tword the platform." Spunk yelled.
    The Angel Knights flew hard and fast. As they neared the platform suddenly a blast of hot air hit them. A weird feeling.
    "So." Ninja said. "They have some sort of spell. This is how there flying demons can keep up with it and not move a muscle. We have somehow got near enough to it to connect to it and as it moves we move."
    "Yes obiously we are the last people to find this out." Spunk replied. "Look."
    Ninja looked to the left and higher than they are the Imperial Angels were gliding along with it.
    "What now." Chuck asked. "The demons do not attack and there scouts gliding in a circle continue on there duties."
    "Its simple." Spunk replied. "We wait untill we can see the Spear. Then we fly forward and out and quickly retrive it in some fashion."
    "Sounds easy enough but I dont like the idea of being so close to the demons. They do not attack but the errie silence they produce does unnerve me."
    "Lets just wait for the right time to strike." Spunk said. "For now we can only wait."
    The platform gained magnificant speed. Faster than any type of angel or demon. Soon the platform took them off to uncharted territory.
    "I dont like this now." Ninja said.
    "None of us do." Stereo replied flying forward. "Wait. Who are those two angel figures straped down to poles tied in chains."
    "It seems one of them is an Imperial angel and one.." Ninja trailed off.
    "Is that Carfreak!?" Stereo yelled. "You said he was dead!"
    "We thought he was dead." Spunk replied.
    "Look what they have done to him." Stereo said softly. "I am going to kill him."
    "What?" Ninja yelled.
    "A death would be graceful to him." Stereo replied.
    "You would kill an Angel Knight?" Spunk said. "Someone just like you."
    "Im shure if I was in that same situation he would end my suffering." Stereo replied.
    "I dont think that killing him is the right choice." Kethol said. "You should save him."
    "I should save him so he can do what?" Stereo yelled. "Live out the rest of eternity in pain and agony!? No I am going to save him and you cannot stop me." Stereo flew down to the platform.
    "Stereo come back!" Spunk ordered.
    "Let him go." Ninja said. "Chuck prepare to have his back in case he gets in trouble. From the looks of it he will."
    "Yes sir!" Chuck said. He followed Stereo down.
    "This is outragous!" Spunk said.
    Suddenly the heavens went dark. There was a white circle high in the sky and what humans would call clouds appeared everywhere.
    "The angels are here as well." Ninja whispered softly.
    "What!" Spunk quietly yelled. "Where?"
    Ninja pointed. Spunk looked and saw the angels moving gracefully in marvelous manuevers in and out of the clouds and around the white light in the sky.
    "This is our chance to attack!" Spunk declared.
    "Yes." Ninja agreed. "Lets attack." Ninja flew down to Chuck and Stereo. "Listen." Ninja said. "You see that small little camp on the edge. Chuck go down there and attack it and quickly fly back up."
    "Yes sir." Chuck replied and flew down.
    "Stereo stay with us you really want to see this." Ninja said.
    "Fine." Stereo agreed and they flew up into the clouds.
    Chuck flew down into the camp and sliced a demon in half.
    The demons reacted to this in a violent outrage.
    Chuck flew up high followed by many succubus demons and a few demons capable of flying that were present at the camp. Chuck flew up into a cloud and smiled as the Angel Knights had there swords our ready to kill.
    The first succubus came threw. Ninja and Spunk were on that one in an instant. The other succubuses made a circle around it which alloud the rest to easily come out of hiding and slaughter them.
    "Good job." Ninja said. "Chuck go to another one.

    "Look at those fools." Eklipz said. "They will be the first to die."
    "Why do you speak in such a way?" Mani replied. "We could be helping them."
    "I dont belive in helping such low people." Eklipz replied.
    "Enough of the insults!" Mani yelled.
    Eklipz muttered something uninteligable and became silent.
    "I belive doing what there doing is a key to defeat the demons." Dark said.
    They watched as the Angel Knights succesfully took down many demons.
    "They could actually clear the camp that way." x1 mumbled.
    "No." Mani said. "They cant. They will tire out and die if they continue."
    "What do you mean?" Dark asked.
    "Look." Mani said pointed to the portal.
    As they killed a demon another one came out of the portal and went to the same spot.

    "We should stop." Spunk said.
    "Why!?" Stereo yelled. "We can make it to the middle where Carfreak is!"
    "Yes but did you not notice the portal?" Ninja said. "Open your eyes."
    "I am sorry but I must try and make it." Stereo replied.
    "Why would you kill yourself in such a fashion?" Spunk asked.
    "Kill myself?" Stereo replied. "Ha im going to go down there do what I need to do and come back." Stereo flew down tword the middle where Carfreak and the Imperial angel lie.
    "We got nothing better to do then launch an attack." Spunk sighed.
    "Kill as many as we can. Who knows maybe they will show a change of heart and let us live." Ninja replied. "Lets kick some demon ass! You lead."
    "Alright." Spunk yelled. "On my mark we charge down there." Spunk smiled. "CHARGE!" He flew down there with the Angel Knights following him.

    Stereo landed before Carfreak.
    "Stereo?" He coughed.
    "Carfreak. Im going to end your torture."
    A spit of blood hit him in the face. Stereo looked over to see Blake is the Imperial Angel.
    "Blake!?" Stereo gasped.
    "Why do you sound surprised you bastard!" Blake snarled. "I told you the demons would come for me you left me there to this."
    "I thought they would kill yo-"
    "Enough of the Bull shit!" Blake yelled. "You knew the demons would capture me you said it yourself. You said the demons would keep me alive."
    "I am sorry." Stereo replied softly.
    "I hope Pithius kils you." Blake yelled.
    "You hope?" Pithius said behind him. "I will." He smiled.
    Stereo turned around. "You damned demon. You shall fall." Stereo turned and faced him and pulled out his sword.
    "Ha!" Pithius laughed. "Vapula."
    "With pleasure dear Pithius." Vapula replied.
    "What are you doi-" Stereo froze.
    "So. You are ready to die?" Pithius said.
    "You disgrace your whole race!" Stereo said.
    Pithius laughed. "We are demons. Do you honestly think we belive in what you call honor, dignity, and respect? I belive its time to die."
    "Damn you!" Stereo yelled.
    "Good bye Stereo." Pithius said.
    Pithius shot part of his claw at Stereo. Suddenly Stereos wing appeared and blocked it.
    "Vapula?" Pithius yelled.
    "Something is interfering with the spell." Vapula replied. "Appears to be Imperial Angel energy."
    "What the." Pithius replied.
    Suddenly a blinding purple light blinded Pithius and Vapula. When the light cleared Stereo was gone.

    Stereo appeared and saw the platform in the distance.
    "What the hell?" He mumbled to himself.
    "I saved you." A Imperial Angel said.
    Stereo turned to him. "Zyeriis?" Stereo asked confused.
    "Yes," He replied. "I have saved Darks life and they treat me like nothing important. For this I shall sacrifice myself to save the clan once more to try and get recognized."
    "No. Stay with them stay alive you will eventu-"
    "No." Zyeriis cut him off. "I shall end my life in a grand way. I saved your life, the least you can do is allow me this small favor."
    "I wish you well then." Stereo replied.
    "I will use the last of my arcane powers to teleport you back and keep the demons at bay just long enough to talk to Carfreak. After that I shall attack."
    "Alright." Stereo replied. "Good luck to you and may you die happily."
    "Thank you. Now are you ready?"
    "Yes." Stereo replied.
    "I will get ready to cast. It was great knowing you Stereo." Zyeriis said.
    "You to my friend." Stereo replied.
    Zyerris started concentrating and focusing on the arcane energy that surrounded him.
    "Alright its time. Good luck Stereo."
    "Thank you." Stereo replied disapointed he cant say a better goodbye.
    Zyeriis raised his hand and Stereo disapeared in a blinding purple light.
    Stereo appeared before Carfreak.
    "Carfreak. I am going to release you from this torture." Stereo said.
    "Sstteereeo." Carfreak replied happily. "I understand..End it fast I cannot take this any longer."
    "Weak fool!" Blake spat.
    "May you forever live in our hearts." Stereo mumbled.
    "Yes. If I cannot live in theres I will always be in yours." Carfreak replied.
    "Farewell my great recruit my friend." Stereo replied. He took out his sword
    "Stop him!" Pithius roared!
    "The Imperial Angel casted a shield around him." Vapula replied. "We must stop the source."
    "Fine." Pithius let our a small howl.
    A firey abomination came out of the rift that lead to hell.
    "Demon!" Pithius pointed to the Imperial Angels. "Sacrifice yourself for the better will of the demon race!"
    "Yes my master." The demon replied and shot tword the leaders of the Imperial Angels.
    "Hes comming at us!" Dark pointed.
    "Prepare yourself." x1 said. "I fear this demon is powerful."
    The demon stoped just a few feet short from his target. He sucked in air and got bigger.
    "Hes going to explode!" Mani yelled.
    "We can take him." Eklipz said. "Lets charge!" Eklipz backed up and waited for his fellow leaders to attack.
    "No!" A voice yelled.
    "Zyeriis?" Dark said. "What are you doing get back!"
    "Eklipz is a murderer!" Zyeriis yelled. "I will save you!" Zyeriis ran into the demon and pushed him back.
    The demon exploded and unleashed huge energy which absorbed Zyeriis.
    "The fool." Eklipz said. "We could have killed him."
    "He sacrificed himself to save us." Mani said. "He should be awarded."
    "I think Eklipz is right." Dark said. "We could have killed him."
    "Drop the subject now." Mani said. "Lets watch."
    Stereo stabed his sword threw Carfreaks heart. He died instantly.
    "Murderer!" Blake spat.
    Stereo turned and walked in front of him.
    "Ha! You think you are saving me?" Blake said. "You are murdering me. Let me go and I can escape."
    "Your insane." Stereo replied. "If you were still with us you would see what I am doing is good. Not so called murder."
    "Whatever!" Blake yelled.
    "It is time for his torture hour!" Pithius laughed.
    Paimum walked up behind him and dug his claw inbetween his wings and took out the vary sensative nerve which connected the wings and paralized him.
    Blake screamed in horrific agony. He looked at Stereo and he seemed to change. His eyes changed from the redish color they have been back to the blue they once were.
    "Release me from this prison." Blake said softly.
    "I herebye free you from your torture." Stereo said. He swung his sword at Blake stomich.
    "Stop him." Pithius said.
    Stereo froze in mid swing.
    "No!" Blake screamed. "No! You bastard get out of my head!"
    Pithius laughed. "You see Blake. There is a force that was born inside you when you became vulnerable during the transformation. It is still a mystery though. We are trying to solve it."
    "You bastard!" Blake yelled.
    "Well I belive it is time to have you watch Stereo die." Pithius laughed.
    "Stereo." Blake mumbled. "Come back. Finish the job!"
    "Im afraid we froze his whole body. He is paralized thanks to Vapulas spell. No one shall take him away from his death this time."
    "Not if we have anything to say about that." Spunk said as he walked in with the rest of the Angel Knights behind him.
    "What the?" Pithius said.
    "You see we figured out your little game." Spunk replied. "It will work no longer."
    "Clever little fool." Pithius said. "How about if we give you Stereo back and you return to the sky we wont harm you anymore."
    "You think we would belive that?" Spunk asked.
    "What do you want?" Pithius replied.
    "Unfreeze Stereo and he comes with us back." Spunk said.
    "Fine." Pithius replied. "Vapula."
    "Vary well lord Pithius." Vapula waved his hand and Stereo finished his swing and killed Blake.
    "I will see you soon." Pithius said to Stereo.
    "And you will not be leaving alive." Stereo replied.
    The Angel Knights flew off back to where they first entered the Platforms zone.
    "Can we trust him?" Stoned asked.
    "No." Spunk said "but at least no more blood is shed or anyone else is close to death."

    "They murdered one of our own." Eklipz yelled. "Are we going to just let them go for this crime?"
    "Eklipz he did Blake a favor." x1 replied.
    "It is still murder!" Eklipz said.
    "Get over it!" Mani yelled. "We have bigger problems than the Angel Knights."
    "Look." Stereo said. "The portal from hell to heaven is almost to the center of the platform."
    "I dont think it matters that much." Spunk replied. "We severed the demon connection. No more demons have came threw the portal after we slaughtered at least a few dozen to get to you."
    "I dont know." Stereo replied. "I belive the only option we have is to watch and wait."
    "Lets wait and see." Ninja said. "The only good option we have."
    The three factions watched eagerly to see what would happen. The demons brok the errie silence with the pounding of drums. The sound of war echoed throughout the platform zone.
    The portal finall made it in the middle around the alter. Suddenly briliant fires lighted up all over the platform. The demons seemed immune to this fire. Pithius let out a roar that could be heard by all. Suddenly three black angels emerged from the portal. They were bigger than any normal angel. The three shot out and attacked. One at the Angels one at the Imperial angels and one at the Angel Knights.
    The first of them hit the Imperial Angels hard. Stereo watched there reaction. The imperial angels surrounded it. He noticed Eklipz standing outside of the circle and when it started striking down his fellow allys Eklipz snuck to its backside and stuck his sword through it. Stereo was ready to mimic this action but the angel slammed into him first and brought him down.
    "Help him!" Ninja yelled.
    The Angel Knights flew down and surrounded the angel. The angel then grabed Stereo and flew him back tword the platform. Stereo saw Pithius awaiting with open arms and a smile.
    "Come to me my little friend." He hissed.
    The angel threw Stereo at Pithius and turned around to deal with the chasing Imperial Angels.
    Stereo gained control and charged faster at Pithius. "So you want me? You can have me!" Stereo yelled as he collided with a surprised Pithius and knocked him to the ground.
    "We shall have our battle another day!" Steroe flew up but Pithius was quick and grabed Stereo's foot.
    "We will have it now!" Pithius yelled.
    Stereo brought down his blade and cut off part of Pithiuses claw. It of course regrew instantly.
    "I belive your angels failed." Stereo laughed.
    "I belive all three factions failed." Pithius smiled. He pulled Stereo down and pinned him to the ground. "Im afraid you shall perish."
    "Not if I can help it!" A voice cut in as an Angel Knight knocked Pithius down.
    "Lord?" Stereo asked.
    "Stereo get up and get ready to fight." Lord replied.
    "Yes sir." Stereo replied. "We shall take you down Pithius!"
    "Pathetic." Pithius replied. "We shall have our one on one match." Pithius let out a unusual small roar.
    The portal shook and suddenly root like tenticles came out of the portal and quickly grabed LordofWars legs and started pulling him tword the portal.
    "Help!" Stereo yelled. He tried to cut the roots in half but they were to strong.
    "I am here." Spunk said as he flew down and grabed LordofWar and pulled him back. "Distract Pithius while I help him get free."
    "Yes sir!" Stereo replied and turned to face Pithius.
    "Your confidance has risen now that your precious leader is here." Pithius laughed as he raised his hand and shot a claw at Spunk.
    Stereo raised his blade and deflected the shot.
    "Pathetic." Pithius laughed. "Vapula!"
    No anser.
    "Vapula you damned demon where are you?" Pithius turned around to see Vapula locked in combat with Ninja and Chuck. Pithius turned to see more Angel Knights helping Spunk. Pithius raised his claw at the group but Stereo steped in his way.
    "You are beaten." Stereo said to him.
    "Really?" Pithius smirked.
    "With the roots blocking the way of reinforcements you will eventually lose." Stereo replied.
    "A point given to you." Pithius said. He let our a small roar and the vines let go of Lord and retreated back into the portal. Pithius turned to Vapula to see him on the ground slain by Ninja. "Vapula!" Pithius screamed.
    "He is dead." Stereo said to him. "And now you are to." Stereo walked forward.
    "You are to overconfident, Stereo. You shall find that I am to much for you to handle."
    "Bring it on." Stereo replied blade ready.
    "Some other time." Pithius let our a huge roar.
    Demons swarmed from the portal and surrounded the Angel Knights.
    "Now go back to your damn corner where you belong!" Pithius yelled. "Or I will give the signal to strike!"
    "I dont know why he gives us opertunities to escape." Spunk said. "But lets not waste them and lets go!"
    "Agreed." Ninja said and they flew back up.
    "Look at them fools." Eklipz said. "They are going to kill themselves. They almost lost LordofWar."
    "We should be helping them." Dark said.
    "All in due time." Mani replied. "The angels have some sort of plan so we attack with them."
    "Look." Ninja said amazed.
    "I cant belive it I can see the temple." Spunk replied.
    "The angels are acting." Chuck said and pointed at them.
    Half of the angels flew magnificantly leaded by the Dark angel that once attacked them.
    "Damn angels!" Pithius screamed. "Attack them now!"
    The demons flew at the angels but the Angels didnt stop and attack untill they hit the top left corner of the platform where one of the fires originated.
    "They are up to something." Spunk mumbled.
    "Argo!" Dark yelled.
    "Yes?" Argo replied.
    "I want you to lead the attack upon the platform the bottom right corner oposite of the angels." Dark commanded.
    "Yes sir! I will not fail you." Argo replied
    "We know you wont." Mani said. "We will head for the temple and take the Spear."
    "Defend the fire at all costs!" Pithius yelled. "It must not be put out or all is lost!"

    "We will fly over to the temple and follow the rest of the angels." Spunk said.
    "Yes." Ninja replied. "We cannot waste a second move guys fly as fast as you can!"
    Out of the distance Golden angels flew down to the platform and started attacking both angels and demons.
    Spunk led them past the batteling angels and demons not wanting to get caught in between the fight.
    They neared the temple and saw the Imperial Angel leaders walking in the temple.
    "Hurry!" Spunk yelled. They flew to a hole in the top of the temple. He could look in and see the Imperial leaders batteling golden angels.
    "Lets see if any angels or demons have followed." Ninja said. They turned around to see what could only by the Arch Angel Michael leading the rest of the Angels tword the Angel Knights.
    "Chuck, Stoned, and Evilseed I want you to lead them in a Defense. Me and Spunk will confront the Imperial Angels."
    "Yes sir!" Stoned replied.
    "Stereo that means you stay with them." Spunk said. "Thats an order."
    "Yes sir." Stereo said disapointed.
    Spunk and Ninja went down the hole to confront the Imperial Angels.
    Stereo snuck back tword the whole to come in from behind.
    "No you dont!" A Imperial Angel said slamming into him.
    "Seige?" Stereo asked confused.
    "Yes. It is I. Prepare to die!" Seige replied.
    "You shall not stand in my way." Stereo tried to slice Seige in half but Seige blocked his strike.
    "Interesting." Seige replied. "Never seen this stuff when we were together."
    "Dont remind me." Stereo twisted and tried to bring his sword to Seiges head but Seige blocked this attack again. Seige struck back and tried to stab his sword threw Stereo, Stereo flew to his side and swung upwards tword Seiges stomich but Seige flew out of the way.
    "Interesting." Stereo mumbled and tried to use Seiges move but Seige blocked it.
    "Evil no!" A Angel Knight called.
    "Argo watch out!" A Imperial Angel yelled.
    Stereo and Seige both immediatly turned to those who were in trouble.
    "How about we finish this another time?" Seige said. "A more important person is in trouble."
    "Agreed." Stereo replied and they both flew to help there friends.
    As Stereo flew near he saw that Evil regained totaly control of the situation and they were now slaughtering the angels. Stereo turned and looked at Seige who was occupied of blocking a demon from stabing the back of Argos head. Stereo took the opertunity to quickly fly down into the hole where the leaders were having a 'friendly' discussion.
    "We should settle it here and now!" Eklipz yelled.
    "I'll put you in your place!" Spunk replied angerly.
    "Stop this." Mani said. "We should have some sort of competition to decide who gets the spear."
    "A fight to the death." Eklipz declared.
    "I will handle this." Mani said. "Stereo step forward in the middle of the temple."
    Stereo looked at Ninja and Spunk. They both nodded in agreement.
    "Dont fail us Stereo." Spunk whispered loudly.
    "I will not fail you my leaders." Stereo replied as he steped out tword the middle.
    "How shall we have him compete?" Eklipz asked.
    "A simple anser." A dark voice said at the entrance. "We have him duel another member of the Imperial Angel."
    "Who are you?" Mani replied.
    "I am the oldest living breathing demon alive. I was once the most beautifulest angel the heavens have ever seen. I was the first to be cast into hell. I am the first to mimic the almighty. You may have read me in ancient texts as the serpent or some pathetic name. To let you know I am Satan. The master of demons the ruler of hell and the stealer of souls."
    "Impossible." x1 replied.
    "It is possible little angel." Satan waved his hand and the ground rippled and a huge towering thronw of spikes rose ouf of the ground. Satan sat upon it and looked down at the two sides. Satan made them feel powerless.
    "I will fight Stereo." Dark said.
    "Now now we want to keep this fair. I was observing a battle between Stereo and another that I found interesting to me. Unfortunetly it was interupted but first I will change your view to something that I would like you to see." Satan waved his hand again and suddenly the angel leaders view changed to the platform. The fire was vanquished and the demons were loosing. As the last of the fire disapeared the portal leading to hell shattered. Suddenly the platform shook and started to explode. First the middle shattered into shards which rained down upon everything. Then the platform fell to the ground where it then rippled and exploded taking most demon with it. Pithius among them. The remaning demons did all they could but new they would fall.
    Everyone vision returned to the room and the change in the room was noticed as Seige stood in front of Stereo.
    "I belive a fair fight is indeed here." Satan said.
    "So it be done." Mani declared. "These two will fight and the winner gets the Spear."
    "You are almost correct." Satan said.
    "What do-"
    "Just let them fight." Satan said cutting Mani off.
    "So again we battle and fight." Seige said.
    "Enough of the talk this time. A battle to the death."
    "So be it." Seige replied and lunged at Stereo.
    Stereo dodged it and swung back. Seige flew in the air and then Stereo charged at him fast. Stereo blade cut threw the side of Seiges stomich. It may look bad but in reality he could manage it and he attacked back. Stereo blocked his blade and flew higher than him and kicked him in the stomich.
    Seige spit out blood and returned the attack. He spun around Stereo in circles hoping he would get confused but Stereo held firm. Although Stereo was holding himself together Seige was making small cuts everywhere.
    Stereo then stuck his blade out and started spinning. Siege was caught surprised and received a small cut on his chest. Seige flew away from his range and started to poke at Stereo with his sword hoping to hit him in a vital spot. Stereo stoped spinning and readied himself for Seiges next attack.
    Seige swung down, Stereo blocked it but Seige kicked Stereo in the stomich to return the favor. Stereo was dazed and fell to the ground. Seige took this opertunity to charge at the ground where Stereo was.
    Stereo fast to react rolled over and as Seiges blade hit the marble ground. Stereo got up and hit Seige in the back of the head and he fell.
    Seige in one last final attempt to kill Stereo flew up. Stereo quickly reacted and flew up a little higher. They both swung there swords at the same time. Stereos blade cut Seiges head clean off as Seiges blade sliced deep into Stereos stomich and cut it open.
    Stereo fell to the ground.
    "Seige!" Mani yelled
    "He is dead." Satan replied.
    "And so are you!" Another voice said.
    Everyones head turned except for Stereos tword the voice.
    "I shall slay you in the Almightys name!" The Arch angel Michael said.
    "Really?" Satan laughed. Satan waved his hand and Michael exploded into a brilliant light. "Such fools." Satan laughed.
    Stereo found the strength to get up. He was falling down again when Mani waved his hand and Stereo was being draged tword him.
    "You bring Stereo another inch tword you I will kill you." Satan roared.
    Mani immediatly droped his hand and Stereo fell.
    "You see." Satan said. "You two have a feud between each other. This feud started becouse of him." Satan pointed at Eklipz.
    "What are you talking about you stupid demon?" Eklipz yelled.
    "I will pardon the insult now but lets rewind your vision back." Satan smiled.
    "No!" Eklipz yelled.
    Satan waved his hand and there vision turned to when Eklipz was speaking to the enlisted members of the clan.
    "You enlisted members want to prove yourself to this clan then this is what you must do!" Eklipz declared. "You must go to the temple of the Angel Knights and attack them! Do not wonder if you will lose or not becouse I have forseen the future! I have become so powerful I can aid you to victory! Now go my enlisted members go and slay the abominations!"
    The enlisted cheered.
    "You see I have become more powerful than the other leaders. They will soon give up there place to fuel my eternal power!" Eklipz turned and walked away and dismissed the enlisted. "Soon. I will grab the Spear and force all to bow before me!" Eklipz muttered.
    There vision returned to the room and everyones eyes went to Eklipz except for Satan and Stereos.
    "You betrayed us!" Mani said walking tword Eklipz with his sword drawn. "You shall be slaughtered!"
    "Do not harm him." Satan said.
    "What!" Mani yelled. "Why do you want him to live!"
    "Becouse." Satan replied. "I want himt to come with me."
    "What!?" Eklipz said shocked.
    "My dear Eklipz the only reason I came to this place was to collect you." Satan replied.
    "Why do you want me?" Eklipz asked shaking.
    "Why you are evil. I want to train you to some day become my leutenent in hell."
    "I will die before that time!" Eklipz screamed.
    "Im afraid you will not die but suffer a million times over. You will be the most tormented and you will learn to become immune to torture. There are other tests but thats just the first."
    "Damn you!" Eklipz pulled out his sword and got ready to kill himself.
    Satan waved his hand and Eklipz appeared in a dark sphere his screams were unbearable.
    Stereo rolled over to look at Satan and his new minion. Stereos vision started to change. Suddenly everything behind Satan turned black. Stereo suspected he was the only one to see this. Suddenly Satans true form appeared to Stereo. Satan appeared with horrid red skin with many scars he had spikes on his wrists blood dripping from his mouth and a look that if was truley revealed would put fear into his enemys hearts and paralized them probably for the rest of eternity.
    "You see now the true mastermind of the fued. How if he was not in the situation you both would be allies instead of enemies." Satan said. "You see why you are both fighting each other and why you would kill each other over a pathetic artifact."
    "Pathetic?" Spunk said. "This artifact will make one of us invincible."
    "If you place the Spear with the other artifacts that were writen your whole race would be destroyed." Satan replied. "If you Angel Knights put that spear with the rest of the 'artifacts' all of the Angel Knights would perish instantly."
    "Then what do you need with the Spear?" Spunk asked.
    "I will not tell you directly but I will tell you this. When I was an angel and heaven was first created all the angels got along. We all loved and respected each other. We lived off this feeling and sensation. When I was banished for trying to become close friends and a helper of the almighty I was cast into a pit with no one else. I was alone and unwanted and not respected. I slowly began to change. Thats when I decided I needed others. So I took a human soul and created the vary first demon. I was so excited that I collected more and more and made demons more powerful and stronger and more intelligant. As ages went by I realized the demons kept me good company but they didnt respect me they feared me and they had no respect for each other. When the human Paimum perished and was awarded a medal I was excited that maybe the demons will change and respect each other now. But that dream shatered as Paimum slaughtered many demons who were once human like him. Thats when I retrated to the coldest darkest part of hell. I watched the heavens and envied there greatness and respect. Soon I became angrey and swore and oath to kill the almighty as he ruled and planned everything. I decided to creat a hole to heaven and have the human world colide with it and destroy everything. This went against the Almightys decrees. When the almighty lies he perishes. So here lies the ruins of heaven ever sience."
    "I dont understand your story." Ninja said.
    "It is simple. In my story I lacked something. That something is what you must become in order for the Spear to work. I am done here I have collected my new pet and I shall leave." Satan got up and waved his hand at the throne. It exploded into shards and then Satan opened a portal to hell. "Now Eklipz when you start entering you will transform. Prepare to feel pain." Satan pushed Eklipz's sphere down into the rift. Suddenly horrific screams filled the temple as Eklipz went down into hell. "This is just one of many pains." Satan said and followed after. The rift sealed.
    "What is he talking about?" Dark said.
    "Friendship." Ninja replied and steped forward.
    "Indeed." Mani steped forward as well.
    "Ready for another try?" Ninja asked Mani.
    "Always old friend." Mani replied
    "Then lets do this." Ninja put his hand out
    Mani grabed his and together they grabed the Spear of Serenity.
    The spear of Serenity produced a blinding but harmless light that filled the warmth of everyone and everythign surrounding it. The spears light absorbed all Angel Knights and Imperial Angels.
    The Angel Knights and Imperial Angels appeared in the temple of Azrael.
    The loss of the Angel Knights was noticable when only the High command and a handful of Generals appeared.
    "You have found the secret." A dark voice whispered. "The spear has disapeared but brought some friends back from the dead. Cherish thse friends always and live hapilly." The voice of Satan disapeared.
    The doors to the Hall opened and a bunch of Angel Knights walked to stand next to the leaders. In this group included Ash who leded them, Amanda, Da_sorce, Saturn, Higor, Seanownz, and Juggalo.
    Out of the Shadows Blake came and stood next to Dark.
    "This is a day of days!" Mani declared. "We have struggled in a conflict. A furious conflict between us! At this time I herebye declair this conflict over!"
    The crows cheered.
    "Aslo." Mani said. "We shall not let diffrences get between us. We shall live happily in heaven for as long as we can. The control for power is a fools quest. For friendship is the ultimate and most awarding power you can receive. It took a demon lord to teach us this. I belive now that we can live happily and together in harmoney. The mystic portal will soon be open just to travel to the temple not be transformed into one side or another. Together we will overcome all obsticles and fly over the highest wall no matter how our wings tire. From this moment forward we are an impossible foe to overcome!"
    The crowd cheered and clapped hapilly.
    Down deep in the hotest part of Hell, Eklipz was crawling threw a tunnel filled with vicious scavangers and still suffering from his transformation. The tunnel was completley dark but Eklipz felt he had to continue to get out. He was in the upmost pain even the softest touch brought extreme agony on his newly shaped skin. Eklipz finally made it to the clearing where he stood up. Satan was sitting on the same throne.
    "You have questions and concerns." Satan said. "I know your question. Can they unite back into one? Well to this I can only tell you the odds. I have made it so the odds of them finding a way are almost none."
    "You are just a soft hearted pathetic demon." Eklipz hissed. "And I hate my toungue!" Eklipz stuck out his newly found forked toungue.
    "You will grow into it in time." Satan replied. "But to anser your insult I am not a soft hearted demon. You see Vapula was a dear friend of mine. I sent him to Pithius to get him to agree to invade heaven and cause the conflict. The plan was mine and all this was was a small test. The next will be tougher than the last."
    "Ah." Eklipz hissed. "I like the sound of that."
    "There test will be easy compared to your next test." Satan laughed.
    "What?" Eklipz said.
    "You will see." Satan waved his hand and Eklipz disapeared. Soon the sound of Eklipz screaming in agony filled his ears and relaxed him like a soft melody.
    "Nothing can stop us now." Mani continued with his speech. "The angels and Demons will tremple before our combined might. They will never harm us and we shall live on top of all! For the Spear of Serenity chose us to be the best. We have what Satan could never gain. We have what he envys, we have Friendship. for all your Trans Siberian Orchestra listening pleasure
    If you want to arrange it
    This world you can change it
    If we could somehow make this
    Christmas thing last

    By helping a neighbor
    Or even a stranger
    And to know who needs help
    You need only just ask

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