Very short story about the interlude between D2 lod and D3

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    The Barbarian Harroc pulled his mighty axe from the corpse of Baal, He wiped the sweat of his face and went through the portal and returned to his village of Harrogath.
    His muscles aced after the long battle. He laid down to rest next to his wife and son, all was well for now, the evils where destroyed, his mountain was safe.

    Or so he thought!

    Years later Harroc returned from hunting to his new home village of New Tristram where he moved with his family after the destruction of the World stone. When he reached the pallisades he saw that the town was under attack by enemies he thought he defeated years ago. Harroc charged through the foul creatures and rushed home to his house. There he found his wife and son dead, slayed by shadowspawn. Harroc howled a furious warcry that echoed over the land as he held the mangled bodies in his arms.
    After what felt like an eternity he wiped his tears, picked up his huge axe and walked out the door for the last time. He never looked back as he went out into the wild to slay every last demon he could find, if he so had to fight his way through hell, again….

    By Kuoraz
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    :QQ: :QQ: :QQ: what is the ending?
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