The Lloigor the Crazed poem

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    I can see there haven't been any posts in here for a while now, so I'm a little scared to post something, but I SHALL :> So, here is a poem about somebody we sometimes overlook :) It's intentionally written in different styles in its three parts. Thank you :)

    Part I
    ‘I need a darker spell…
    No, darker! DARKER!
    Tome, why do you rebel?
    Hm… on this one I shall put a marker.

    Good times, GREAT TIMES!
    I actually think I’m having fun
    When I think of all the crimes
    I can commit with what I’ve learned!

    But I’m not ready to go out!
    No! No! No! I’m still not ready!
    I’m a freelancer, ‘cause I vowed
    to go out when my nerves are steady.

    Part II
    I sense a presence… oh, come on!
    Why, oh, why, can’t I be left alone?
    It’s one of those little pricks again!
    Seriously, I’m a freelancer exactly ‘cause I’m sick of them!

    Oh, it’s not willing to get out!
    It looks happy and is being loud!
    Preposterous! Monstrosity! Disaster!
    Think! Think of something! Faster!

    Oh, here is an idea to unfold!
    What if it is given 1-2 Gold?
    Yes! I think it worked!
    It took it with a shameless smirk.

    Phew! I can get back now to my Tome.
    WHAT! It’s not only in my dome,
    But It looks like it wants to pick a fight!
    I have to watch my temper and it will be all right.

    OH,NO! It took my tome!!!
    Now, now, you little vagabond,
    You shall feel the power of my wrath!
    And I’ll get to use the new spell of summoning some bats.

    OK, I guess that they should be enough.
    Oh, the vagabond is pretty tough!
    It just poked me! Really did!!!
    I cannot ignore it any longer! Not a bit!

    I guess it’s true what they all said,
    That my brother Zhar went eventually mad.
    All because of those molesters!
    But I shall qualify them for being Hell infesters!’

    Part III
    So, Lloigor The Crazed
    fought bravely for a little while
    but, oh, was he amazed
    to see this hateful smile
    rise above him as he dies…
    those ‘little vagabonds’ have won!
    Those ‘demon creatures in disguise’
    laid a hand on his beloved Tome!
    Alas, the adventurers had never cared
    of what the Tome would have to say.
    Instead, It was needed for a dare,
    so they could properly attack their prey.
    But still the story tells
    Of Lloigor who works freelance.
    Of his Tome, of how he dwells
    at a Cathedral room, always showing up by chance.
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    Fanfiction doesn't see a whole lot of foot traffic nowadays but I really liked it. :)
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    Bravo! :)
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    Pretty neat :) Thanks for sharing
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    Thumbed up
    Eventually, we're all worm food. Even the worms.
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    Thank you so much! :) I'm thinking of writing more, just need the right in-game (or just lore) characters, so...
    We'll see :)
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