The Fallen One

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    Tenerf crouched down behind a large rock, he was looking at the Human house, there was no silvery sky god this evening to provide light for the human eyes without enchantment of course, not that this was a problem for Tenerf and his brethren they could see quite well in the darkness and a well planned raid was always during the darkest hours.

    Tenerf was part of a large group the humans called Fallen, they had set out that eve for the closest Human house community, led by Grumming the shaman of clan Bekrinn an older Fallen with bluish skin, with most of the adult male fallen around 20 in total.

    Once they got closer to the Human's house Grumming chanted a quick prayer and ordered the attack, most of the Humans were sleeping so the first that died were a female human who ran out right into a group of 10 fallen that had gone around the side of the house, the other was a large human who crashed through a window and impaled himself on his own sword as he tripped.
    Grumming pointed his shaman staff and sent a ball of burning light smashing right into the window the fat human had fallen out from and immediately screams erupted from the house.

    Tenerf had always been somewhat of a thinker amongst his brethren, a strange and unusual gift indeed for one of the Fallen, in this small skirmish and the many before he always kept back a little from the fight and the feverish hunger his companions always displayed whenever the clan shaman whipped them into a fighting frenzy and drove them on relentlessly in the face of danger, with the promise of resurrection and faith never-ending.
    When one of them was felled they would almost as one turn and try to run, but with the Shaman present and chanting they would regroup and go back for more glory.. not so Tenerf he seemed almost immune to the chanting spells of Grumming, he would feel the blood inside him urging him on like a wave of rage, but he would control this and on occasions channel this into actions which had brought him to the attention of Grumming as a potential replacement or as a potential threat to his power over the Bekrinn clan.
    Grumming knew one thing for sure, Tenerf was different... but he could not comprehend why or how he just knew there was something more to this fallen.

    This night Tenerf was quite unsure of the decision by Grumming to attack this Human house, he saw no riches here for the taking apart the feasting of flesh and the sacrifice of these human wretches to their dark gods, he did however notice the unusual glow coming from a window higher up in the house..

    "Shaman... Human shaman.." he shouted in the Fallen's guttural language as he pointed to the growing glow from the high window.

    Grumming turned his attention to this new threat and began to chant..

    The nearest Fallen group was almost to the front door of the house when this was thrown off the hinges by one of the biggest humans Tenerf had ever seen.
    The door was made from a solid wood and promptly squashed two of the nearest Fallen underneath it they did not make a sound as they had no time to react, the others fell back and were tripping over one another in order to get away.
    A large human warrior with flame hair and beard stood on the door gripping a two handed large axe, he was wearing a chainmail, helmet and nothing much else.. his naked hairy legs like flesh tree trunks rage in his eyes scanning the darkness.

    At about the same time, the group of fallen who had gone to the side and back of the house were now facing two large dogs, these were bread for fighting beasts in the wilderness that was the Craaeg Hills and promptly tore the first two fallen to bits, sending the others scrambling back into the darkness and away from the snapping sharpened jaws of these beasts.

    Grumming the Shaman unleashed his burning ball at the glowing light in the high window just as the Human shaman's blue light grew to a crescendo and fizzled out in an arc towards where Tenerf, Grumming and a small group of Fallen were standing lighting up the surrounding grassland and revealing their location to the giant Human with the flaming hair who let out a bellowing war cry and charged towards the Fallen group, but not before Tenerf pushed Grumming aside and dived out of the way from the blue fizzling bolt that the human shaman had sent towards them.

    This hit three of the fallen who were not quick enough and covered them in a bluish glowing magical fire, it froze two of them where they stood, the third was caught almost half way and his legs and one arm were frozen solid he opened his mouth to scream but only dark blood came out before his unfrozen half fell to the ground twitching.

    Tenerf rolled out of the stomping legs of the charging Human, and moved to the darker area where the human would not be able to see him as well, Grumming was already up and chanting as the large human hit the two frozen fallen and shattered them in a thousand pieces.

    A scream from the high window where the human shaman was told Tenerf that Grumming's burning ball had found it's mark, and at the least he would not have to worry about the freezing light for now.

    Grumming released his burning ball towards the flame haired human, now standing amongst the frozen pieces of the Fallen, Tenerf watched as this hit the large human from the side and carried right over his whole body.
    Instead of the expected result, the large human let out a mighty scream and turned towards Grumming, his beard and hair now was truly in flames, his legs hairless he reminded Tenerf of a deamon he once spied from the hell's plane of fire.. only more enraged.

    The flaming Human staggered towards Grumming slow large steps with his double axe raised to split the shaman in half, Grumming was frozen in fear and within a few more steps that large axe would cleave him in half, he started chanting but his fear was making him miss crucial phrases for his enchantment, Tenerf saw this and sprung to action drawing his curved blade and smaller knife he raced towards the back of the large human, he knew that he had no time to stop the axe blow so he concentrated all of his small but strong sinewy body energy and strength, and a few paces from the back of the giant human he sprang up and aimed his feet towards the middle of the still burning human's back.
    The unexpected blow put the swinging axe man off balance making him overreach his intended target, but still fall over the shaman who let out a whimper as the large human fell partially on him.

    Tenerf saw the large human wriggling to slowly push himself up, as much as he admired this large human's endurance and strength he had to put an end to it, he quickly cut the tendons on both exposed legs, the now smoldering human took a swipe as he grunted from the cuts Tenerf inflicted but the agile Fallen predicted and easily avoided this clumsy attempt and jumped off as the human turned on his back.
    Tenerf kept a wary eye on the Human as he slowly approached the whimpering Grumming to pull him to a safer spot away from the reach of the human.
    He looked up to see the few fallen who had run off when the blue freezing light hit return to him and ordered them to grab and look after the semi conscious Grumming.
    A strange sight then presented itself to the small Fallen group in the form of a female human with still smoldering robes running screaming from the house being chased by a few braver fallen.. one of these was on the female's back and clawing her face, this human female was sprinting in the darkness until she hit the barn door with a sickening sound and then fell silent.. the Fallen squealed with glee and set upon her.

    Was it the bluish gleam that the ring gave off? or was it the squeals of one of the fallen who was trying to gnaw trough the hand on which this strange magical ring was on that drew tenerf attention.. regardless he was drawn to this for the first time in his short life he did not care for Magic he usually relied on his intelligence, agility and instincts... he ran over to the fallen human female and tried to grab the glowing blue ring.
    "Mine.." Growled the fallen trough flesh and blood covered teeth as he was gnawing on the hand, Tenerf shrugged and turned away, then in a fluid fast motion kept turning as he drew his small blade and punched it to the hilt into the fallen's skull, the blow making the unfortunate fallen sever the finger and freeing the blue glowing ring which tenerf caught and put in one of his pockets so no one else would be tempted to take this from him.

    The Fallen at the side fighting the war dogs had managed to kill one of the beasts but at a heavvy loss, 6 of them lay in pieces the remaining 4 had armed themselves with a couple long wooden poles but the beast was snapping these like twigs and it would not be long until they too would join their brethren as all seemed lost one of the fallen behind the snarling dog was enveloped by a greenish glowing light and began to twitch... within moments another near the first fallen was also covered in the greenish glow and the four holding the dog at bay began to whoop and scream in their guttural language as their fallen brethren were beginning to return to life, further behind these Grumming the shaman was being helped to stand by two Fallen he, was chanting and resurrecting those fallen not too badly destroyed by their fight.

    The tide was turning as the ranks of Fallen were once again boosted by the resurrecting of their brethren to join the battle once more, there seemed to be no more Humans inside the now burning house when suddenly the barn doors flew open and one of the four legged beasts the humans used to travel on, burst trough the group of fallen still feasting on the female human scattering these and trampling one of them into the dirt.

    A smaller human was on top of this beast they ran into the darkness towards a larger place where the 10 human homes were surrounded by a wooden wall.. a place the humans referred to as Benelsdale.

    Grumming and Tenerf looked at the speeding human and beast heading towards the larger human clan they called Benelsdale and both seemed to silently agree this was not a good omen, the humans would come and seek revenge for the deaths.. a slow guttural noise made them turn just in time to see the burned human giant, still lying on his back because he was unable to stand, pop the head right off a fallen who had gotten to close to him.. the other fallen all jumped back from him in fear as he was swinging the dead fallen's headless body in an arc to keep them at bay... his hair and beard had all but been burned off one eye was swallen shut but he still was fighting and the chainmail was keeping the fallen curved blades at bay so even if his arms and legs were all but cut up no mortal wound was possible, he would die the death of a thousand cuts... eventually!!

    What a brave and strong spirit thought Tenerf silently and to himself... he would have made a great brethren!
    He turned and walked away a little from the rest of the group, put his hand in his pocket and pulled out the ring cupping it with his other hand so as to not reveal anything to the night... he admired it and thought it was a very interesting thing calling out to him like that...

    "Hello Tenerf..." a voice said.
    He quickly closed his hands on the ring and looked around expecting to see something...someone... but there was no one near him..
    " Don't be afraid... I have been waiting for someone... someone just like you Tenerf " a feeling of understanding and belonging washed over Tenerf.. he felt safe, powerful and totally at peace.

    To Be Continued :)

    Sorry for Grammar I was never too good at punctuation :( lol hope you enjoy the slightly different perspective it is not often someone writes from the bad guy's side of the fence so I thought this would be a fresh approach and hopefully mildly entertaining :)
    I wrote this on a whim and on the run in notepad.. I don't know where Tenerf's road will take him... we shall wait and see heheh

    Thank you for reading :)

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