Chaos begins anew

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    This is my 2010 blizzard writing contest submission. It's not that great but hey oh well.

    Chaos begins anew.

    The Necromancer's dagger flared as it pointed in the direction of the wild demon. He quickly set off in that direction. Something was strange the Necromancer thought to himself. Although my companions and I banished the the Prime Evil's from this world and slaughtered many demons we did not get them all. There should still be many demons running rampart. Strange enough the demons seemed to have vanished overnight.
    The demon attacked. The Necromancer quickly ducked and avoided his blow. Reacting the Necromancer quickly muttered his spell. Sharp Teeth like projectiles flew at the demon and impaled him.
    The demon with a loud screech fell to the ground.
    “Pathetic.” The Necromancer muttered to himself as he walked toward the dead demon. As he got nearer something strange happened. The demon started decomposing rapidly. The body turned to ash and a strange white circle appeared above it.
    A strange laughter seemed to come from the circle and it flew off.
    The Necromancer quickly followed in pursuit. He knew the area quite well and guessing the direction it's heading toward a nearby village. The small white circle was in vision of the Necromancer and seemed to move rather slow.
    He grew nearer and nearer and suddenly disappeared. The Necromancer stopped quickly before running into the wall surrounding the village. He cursed himself for being an idiot. He cast a spell allowing him to go unnoticed into the village. He spotted the glowing light go into the local tavern.
    He entered the tavern and it was scarce. A few people sitting and drinking at the table the strange light seemed to be near two men. They were both rather skinny and looked as if they have not eaten in days.
    The Necromancer got closer to hear the conversation.
    “I'm telling you Sadon this demon was huge! I mean it must have been at least eight feet tall. It scared me to death. You know what I did then? I'll tell ya what I did then I grabbed my bow and arrow and I shot the demon right in the neck. Now I expected the demon since its a huge demon and I figure a arrow in the neck would just piss him off and go on a rampage but instead he fell dead to the ground. The easiest kill I have ever made. I mean I have fought smaller demons before and the arrow in the neck just annoyed em. Not this big guy though I mean he fell down and died instantly. The next part is the strangest. I mean after he died his body started decomposing and turned black like it was just burnt to death. I could have sworn I saw a strange light after but when I blinked it was gone. Enough about my demon story tell me about your story you said you had a strange encounter with a demon?
    Sadon began to tell his story when the mysterious ball disappeared inside him. He stopped like he was struggling then a strange scar appeared around his eye. “You are absurd with this talk of demons there is no such thing. You then talk to me like I partake in your nonsense. Have you lost whatever is left of your mind Walter?”
    Walter seemed to stare at Sadon like he was from another world. “I saw the demon in your own home! How can you talk to me like I have lost my mind?”
    “You are a fool!” Sadon yelled. “I will have enough of your insanity. Leave me be.” Sadon got up and stormed out of the tavern.
    The Necromancer quickly followed in pursuit. He looked around the village the population was vary small. He guessed that it was mostly wiped out by demon attacks. They were all terribly skinny. Enough to sicken a normal traveler.
    Sadon got to a house. He paused a minute and went inside.
    The Necromancer wanted to follow suit but froze. He had this feeling like he was being watched. He turned around and nearly jumped. All the people in the immediate surrounding were staring at him. He cursed himself and wondered how his spell wore off. He pulled out his dagger and tried to redo the spell.
    He was almost finished when he felt a blow to the back of his head.
    The Necromancer awoke in a small room. Rusty bars were keeping him from escaping. Two men were staring at him he presumed they were the same two who knocked him out. These two were vary muscular and tall. They probably have ate something within the last hour.
    “Name.” One of them said.
    The Necromancer looked at him and could see a strange scar near his right eye. He looked at the other person and realized he was a little smaller than the other guy. He did not have a scar and seemed more laid back than his friend.
    “Name.” The tall guard said again.
    “Lethodus.” The Necromancer muttered.
    “Well Lethodus by the looks of you, you are a Necromancer. We don't take kindly to your people bringing our ancestors back and dealing with dark magic. You all claim you are fighting some sort of demon or another. Let me tell you what. Your the damned demon! No normal person would mess with the graves otherwise. You sicken me!”
    “You are a fool to believe demons don’t exist.” Lethodus replied.
    “Your insane. I should keep you locked up here forever but the townsfolk would not like having a necromancer in there village. There village they work so hard to protect.”
    “Protect from what?” Lethodus asked quickly.
    “Lets just leave him here to rot.” The smaller man said as he let out a long yawn. “Besides he cant do anything to get out of here.”
    “You don’t know what there capable of.” The taller man said. “We have to kill him. Did you take away his dagger like I told you to?”
    “Yea I just put it in his pouch that he's got there. Not like a dagger can do anything against a sword.”
    “What!?” The other man screamed facing him. “You stupid sun of a-”
    Lethodus sent forth a bone like spear that went through the man and he fell dead instantly.
    “I'll give you a lesson.” Lethodus said to the smaller man as he stared in shock at what just happened. “Never ever leave a Necromancer with his dagger and never imprison him with it and never attack him with it. It will most likely be your end. Oh to keep it simple just never act hostile toward us and leave us be. That might be easier.
    The bars on the prison fell over and Lethodus walked out. He quickly recast his cloaking spell and headed toward the house that Sadon had entered.
    He noticed more of the town as he walked out of the jail cell then when he followed Sadon. It was a horribly filthy place. He walked past the graveyard and to his surprise bodies were just lying out not even buried and It seemed the town people had no intention of burying them either. It was hard for Lethodus to believe that some small towns have gone so far down. He did think that some of these towns in the southern regions were so unorganized. How word from the north did not reach them about such a threat is a mystery.
    Lethodus also wondered how his spell wore off so fast. It should have allowed him to quickly sneak in behind Sadon and sneak in his house. Perhaps there is something else to this town than meets the eye. Perhaps it is related to this demon mystery.
    Lethodus finally came up to the house he slowly opened the door and went inside without making a sound.
    The first thing that hit him was the horrible smell. Something was decaying. Things were scattered everywhere the place was unlivable. It all seemed to have happened rather recently.
    Lethodus moved on to a different room and surprisingly he liked it. The room was full of skulls that he detected were magically enchanted. He came nearer to them and discovered these were not human skulls but various skulls of demons. If it were any other day he probably would have kicked out whoever was living here and moved in. He would first have taken out the horrible smell.
    “Having fun?” A voice said.
    Lethodus turned around and came face to face with Sadon. “Vary interesting place you have here. Mind telling me what the horrible smell is?”
    “Horrible? I think it smells wonderful. The smell of living demon flesh decaying. Don't you approve?
    “Why would you deny demons existing then tell me you have one living here?” Lethodus asked.
    “It's all part of our plan. I don't want to spoil your investigation by telling you everything but I can give you some advice.”
    “Really? What would that be?” Lethodus asked skeptically
    “Follow the road north and you will find an old companion and possibly find a new one. If you approve of course.”
    “Why should I believe you and your nonsense?” Lethodus asked nicely.
    “Because that is the only choice I’m giving you. If you continue to stay in this town I’m afraid you'll be dealing with a whole lot of villagers.”
    “So you must be the one that caused my spell to fail.”
    “You are correct. Now I suggest you leave or I will make you leave.”
    “How do you plan to do that?” Lethodus asked.
    “Simple.” Sadon replied. “Watch and perhaps you might learn something about us demons.” Sadon waved his hand at the skulls and a dark light emitted from it and surrounded Lethodus.
    Lethodus tried to cast a spell but it was to late. He found himself dazed and confused lying on a dirt road.
    “Look at the poor traveler.” He heard a woman’s voice say. “We should help him.”
    “Absolutely not.” Another voice replied. A mans. “He smells of death and looks like a Necromancer. We will have nothing to do with him and besides the mistress will be vary upset if we are late.”
    Lethodus looked up to see two people pulling a cart full of stone.
    “I suppose you are right. Lets quickly get these to the mistress.”
    The female was tall and skinny with dark fair hair. The man was rather large and muscular. They walked on the conversation talking to there mistress that they serve.
    “Did you notice the strange scar near the mistress's eye. I think it appeared a couple months ago and ever since she has been vary demanding.” The girl said.
    “Elizabeth! Don't speak about her that way. She gave us a home and somewhere to live! She is also a vary powerful sorceress she even was rumored to have defeated Diablo himself.” The man replied.
    At the last comment Lethodus quickly got up and was forced to sit down again. He was dazed and vary tired. He slowly got up and slowly set off behind the travelers.
    As he got nearer more of there conversation became clearer.
    “I think we should find somewhere else to live.” The female Elizabeth said.
    “Where would we go? We are offered a free home and food we cant turn that down. How could you think of such a notion. We work and in return we are better off than most.” The man replied to her.
    “This is not work. It is slave labor. It was nice a month ago when things were calmer and she seemed nicer and loving toward us now she is working us to death and we barley get any reward for it. You know other people are thinking the same thing I am.”
    “Yea you'll be thinking the same thing when she incinerates you in a ball of fire.” The man grumbled.
    “Rather be burned than be a slave!” Elizabeth yelled.
    “Enough!” The man yelled back. “Let us find a nice spot in the woods to camp. We earned a well deserved rest.”
    The two quickly got off the road and deeper in the woods.
    Lethodus quickly tried to follow in pursuit trying to catch up. He got near and then suddenly saw a white stone being swung at him. It hit him in the head and knocked him out.
    Lethodus awoke in the same spot he was knocked out. He cursed himself heavily for pursuing the way he did. Now he had a massive headache and could barley stand let alone walk.
    He looked up and could see smoke in the distance. Apparently the travelers were smart enough to notice him following behind. Which he then cursed himself for walking behind in the open. A foolish move. They did not mask there fire at all. It seemed they thought that he would not follow them anymore after this warning.
    Lethodus went in the woods and could see the two sitting next to a campfire. They had no tents and slept with there heads on a stone. This did not seem to bother them since they were fast asleep. Lethodus then went to a tree a little out of there vision and sat down and did the same.
    Lethodus awoke to the sound of leaves stirring and things being carried. He looked to see that the male and female were heading toward the road. He quickly got up and cast a spell to make him go unnoticed.
    “Were late.” The man said to Elizabeth. “We have to get there as soon as possible. Hopefully she does not get angry at us.
    “You worry to much William.” Elizabeth replied. “She should be grateful she is getting this type of stone to help finish her palace.”
    “You should not speak of her like that! You have no idea how powerful she is.”
    Lethodus smirked at that last comment. He probably does not have any idea how powerful she really is. Assuming this is the same sorceress that accompanied him and the others. How could it not though for the man William said that she probably defeated Diablo. Hopefully she can help in this strange investigation.
    As they moved on the duo came to a crossroad. One was a well kept path and the other was a simple dirt road.
    Lethodus came up expecting them to immediately turn on the marble road but instead they turned on the dirt road which took Lethodus by surprise.
    As they started moving again Elizabeth turned and looked in the direction where Lethodus was.
    Lethodus quickly hid behind a nearby tree.
    Elizabeth shrugged and started walking again.
    “What is it.” William asked.
    “Oh it's nothing I just keep feeling like we are being followed.”
    “It's probably that damn Necromancer I knocked out yesterday. I figured he would have learned his lesson by now if I see him again I swear I will kill him.”
    “Why are you so hostile toward people who are different?” Elizabeth asked.
    “There Necromancer's!” William yelled. “They mess with the dead and cast dark curses upon you that haunt you until you die and probably thereafter! They cannot be trusted under any circumstance.”
    “What if they happened to save your life or help you out?” Elizabeth asked.
    “Why simple you thank them and then cut open there throat!”
    Lethodus shook his head. How some people view Necromancer's is quite absurd but he was use to it.
    They traveled on for hours until a small village was seen into the distance. The small homes looked incomplete and seemed like a storm could knock them all over. The humongous stone building in the distance seemed like it could withstand a hurricane. It was absolutely stunning. The top had three towers made of gold and it stood high in the sky and seemed to mock the angels themselves.
    This was surprising to Lethodus the sorceress she remembered was not fond of golden or expensive things. She stuck to simplicity and trying to improve her powers and strategies to kill her opponents. This could not be the sorceress he traveled with but curiosity pressed him on perhaps there is more to this than meets the eye.
    Lethodus cast a minor cloaking spell on him trying not to make the same mistake as he did last time. Hopefully he will spot and demons who can see through his spell before they see him. He traveled slow but fast enough to stay in line of sight of the two travelers. As he walked in the village he could tell it was a complete dump like the last town he was in. When he saw the villagers doing labor he could immediately tell they were vary unhappy.
    As the villagers saw William and Elizabeth enter with the car load of stone they started to follow. They were heading to what appeared to be the town square.
    Lethodus slowed down again not wanting to be spotted. He studied the villagers looking for any signs that they have a demonic taint. So far he could not spot any.
    Lethodus reached the town square and noticed that the palace entrance opens up right to the town square.
    The only thing that seemed out of place was the fountain in the middle of the town square. It was brown and looked rather old. The water looked dirty and nearly undrinkable.
    Suddenly the palace gates opened and a women came out. She was dressed in simple cloth clothing but had some strings of gold sewn into it. She carried a staff that had a golden jewel on top of it. She walked fast toward William and Elizabeth who both looked vary nervous.
    Lethodus gaped at what he saw. This was indeed the same sorceress that accompanied him and the others to chase down and defeat the prime evils. Something was strange about her she seemed different.
    “You are late.” The sorceress said. “I sense that you have wasted your time getting here for your personal luxury while you make your fellow villagers work harder than ever. You have no idea how important these stones are not only for me but for you. I should incinerate you both.”
    “I am sorry!” William said “Please forgive us we, we were tired and needed a rest. It was a tiresome task and we were stopped and nearly robbed on the way back.”
    Elizabeth then looked at him like he had gone insane.
    “Really?” The sorceress said. “What did these robbers look like?”
    “It was a Necromancer! He came out of nowhere and tried to rob us. He threatened us with his dark spells and we were forced to stop.”
    Lethodus frowned. It was one thing to hate a Necromancer for the wrong reasons but to make up stories to cover up a mistake and blaming it on Necromancer's is another. He had to force himself from coming forward to declare the man a liar. Something was not right about the sorceress he had traveled with. This did not seem like the caring Ishara he had traveled with.
    “William.” Ishara said. “I will speak to you in my palace. As for the rest of you...” Ishara raised her staff and summoned a huge fireball and shattered the town square fountain. “Rebuild it with these stones here. You have until tomorrow to get the job done.”
    She turned and walked back toward the palace leaving a stunned village and water gushing everywhere for the villagers to fix and clean up and build a new fountain.
    William followed quickly behind Ishara.
    Lethodus quickly weaved through the villagers and started running toward the palace door before it shut.
    Lethodus entered the palace and was immediately amazed. This was unlike any other Palace he had ever seen or heard about. On the outside the palace looks absolutely humongous. As you walked in there were many stairs leading up to a throne. Behind were many items that Ishara gathered on there adventure together. He recognized one of the swords which was red and magically enchanted to make her fire spells a force you would not want to be facing.
    A line of skulls decorated the wall all the way around. It seemed a strange decoration for her.
    Lethodus detected a rather strange enchantment upon them. Similar to the one that littered Sadon's home.
    “William you lie to me. Why is this?” Ishara asked
    “I tell you nothing but the truth!” William yelled. “Please you must believe me.”
    Lethodus moved to a corner of the palace and watched surprised that William was kneeling before Ishara.
    “Forget about my last comment.” Ishara said in a voice trying to soothe William. “Tell me how is Elizabeth doing?”
    “Well she is doing fine I suppose.” William said taken aback by the question.
    “Tell me has she been saying anything about me?” Ishara asked.
    Lethodus could see where this was going and he could not believe in this wildest dreams Ishara could do something like this.
    “I do not know.” William replied. “If she has I assume they are only good things about you mistress.”
    “Really?” Ishara said. By the sound of her voice she was getting tired of Williams lies. “I think if you do not start telling me the truth I will incinerate her in front of the whole village to teach them all a lesson.'
    “NO!” William yelled. “Please do not harm her I am sorry.”
    “Then tell me what really happened.”
    “We...we decided to take an extra night of sleep.” William said in defeat.
    “I gave you two nights to rest. Was that not good enough?”
    “It was a four day trip we did not use any on the way there but the cart of stone was so heavy. We used two back but that was not enough. We needed more rest.”
    “Eight days it should have taken you to get that stone back here. Yet it takes two of you nine. You make us wait for you then you claim of wild stories of bandits and Necromancer's. I am tired of your lies William and you shall learn a lesson in fire.” Ishara got up and pointed her staff at William.
    Lethodus could not take this anymore “Enough!” Lethodus yelled stepping out of the shadows. “You will not harm this man.”
    “Well what a surprise.” Ishara said lowering her staff. “If it isn’t my old companion Lethodus. I never would have expected to see you again.”
    “I would have never expected the caring sorceress I traveled with to murder innocent civilians for no reason.” Lethodus replied.
    “That was another time. Things have changed now.”
    “No. Lethodus said. “You have changed. Everyone else is still the same.”
    Ishara laughed. “You are a blinded fool. Just because you think that the prime evils have been banished from our realm does not mean that everything will just settle down and be peaceful. Ishara sat down and looked at William.
    Lethodus then noticed the strange scar near her right eye. So far he only knew that that meant on the outside she did not believe in demons. This scar was puzzling to Lethodus. What does this mean?
    “I'm afraid I cannot do as you requested my friend.” Ishara said.
    “What do you mean?” Lethodus asked
    “Lets have a cookout of human flesh!” Ishara yelled. She got up and quickly sent a fireball flying at William.
    William could not even let out a scream. When the fire was over there was nothing left but bone.
    “You damned monster!” Lethodus yelled.
    “Don't worry you'll soon join him” Ishara sent a fireball at Lethodus.
    Lethodus dodged it and muttered a spell. Teeth like projectiles flew out at Ishara. As they were about to hit Ishara disappeared. Lethodus looked around the room confused then he remembered. He quickly turned around but it was to late a fireball sent him flying across the room and crashing into the wall.
    Burnt and out of breath Lethodus tried to stand up.
    Ishara teleported upon him and she began getting ready for a another fireball.
    Desperate Lethodus lashed out with his dagger and stabbed Ishara in the leg.
    Ishara let out a yell and teleported away.
    Lethodus got up only to see a fireball flying at him. He quickly jumped to the side it missed and hit a skull which exploded.
    Ishara let out a scream of what appeared to be agony as the skull exploded.
    Lethodus taking the advantage muttered the same spell he tried the first time only adding on to make the teeth like projectiles faster.
    Ishara recovered in time to dive out of the way and on the remains of William.
    Lethodus smiling at the mistake quickly began casting another spell.
    Ishara seeing his smile and where she was at quickly rolled off as the remains of the skeleton exploded. A fragment hit her arm and it sunk in deep.
    Lethodus using the extra time wisely began casting a curse.
    Ishara got up but found herself moving vary slow and sluggish although she was not tired or drowsy in any way. She cast another fireball at Lethodus.
    Lethodus quickly moved back to dodge it. Unfortunately the curse slowed her down but not her spells or spell casting. He started casting another spell. He summoned a bone like spear and sent it in her direction.
    Ishara dodged it and it hit a skull on the wall behind her shattering it completely. She screamed in pain again.
    Lethodus wondered why this is. He remembered they were similar to the ones in Sadon's home. That gave him an idea.
    Ishara conjured up another fireball and sent it at Lethodus.
    Lethodus cast another spell which made all the skulls fly off the wall and in front of the fireball.
    “NO!” Ishara yelled but it was to late.
    The fireball exploded the skulls.
    Ishara screamed a piercing scream that on a normal day would make Lethodus shiver.
    Two skulls remaining fell to the ground.
    Lethodus walked over to Ishara who was lying on the ground in pain. “Why do you do this? Why don't you fight the demons?”
    “You will burn in hell for what you have done here today.” Ishara spat.
    “On the contrary knowing demons as well as I do I believe you will be the one burning in hell for your failure.”
    “You are a fool.” Ishara replied. “You have no idea how demons act and work together.”
    “We have both been to hell and back. We have seen how vicious they are and how they want to destroy everything. If they win they will turn on themselves.”
    “Are you sure?” Ishara replied laughing. She got up. “To bad I'll incinerate you before you get to do anything about it!”
    Lethodus smiled.
    “What is that grimace for you damned fool!?”
    “Incinerate me then. If you can.” Lethodus mocked. “It appears the skulls that you destroyed took a number on how smart you act.”
    Ishara raised her staff to cast a fire ball.
    Lethodus quickly went behind her and stabbed her in the neck with his dagger.
    Ishara let out a grunt and fell. She grabbed her wound trying in desperation to stop the bleeding.
    “I am sorry I had to do this Ishara I hope you understand the world will be better off without a sorceress who is damned possessed by the vary thing that you have fought for so long and hard to kill.
    Lethodus walked over to the two remaining skulls. One looked like it was disfigured. He shattered it. The other one he picked up. It had two long horns that curled out from the top and two more that came off his chin. His instinct was to destroy it as well but he decided to keep it for study. He put it in his pouch and walked out of the Palace.
    Lethodus could not believe his eyes. Carnage everywhere. Everyone was fighting everyone. He walked down the steps and found they were fighting over food. Lethodus had a sudden urgency to head out of town. He followed his urge to the edge avoiding the people who were slaughtering each other.
    Lethodus was sickened at the madness but something pressed him toward the edge of town. He found out what.
    Two men were carrying a female and strapped her onto a horse.
    Lethodus got closer and saw that it was Elizabeth. To tired to reason with them Lethodus walked up and stabbed one of the men in the back.
    He let out a scream and fell back. He pulled out a sword and held it at the Necromancer.
    “Let her go.” Lethodus said.
    “Why?” The man asked. Obviously in pain from the attack. “Why is she important to you?”
    “Why is she important to you?” Lethodus asked.
    “She will be worth a fine penny.”
    “You sicken me. I wont allow you to do that. I'll give you 10 seconds to get the hell out of my sight.”
    “Hah you and that little dagger against two people with swords? Bring it on then.”
    Lethodus raised his dagger and rushed forward taking the man by surprise. He sank his dagger into the mans neck. He watched as he then fell to the ground.
    The other man taking the opportunity quickly got on a horse and rode off with Elizabeth.
    Lethodus cursed and summoned his last remaining energy and sent a bone spear at the horse.
    The horse fell and they both fell off.
    Lethodus hurried over to Elizabeth and cut off her restraints.
    Elizabeth got up quickly grabbed a sword.
    Lethodus moved back surprised as she swung it at him. It hit the other man behind him Lethodus realizing what happened turned around and stabbed his dagger in the mans neck finishing him off.
    “Thank you.” Lethodus said.
    “You are welcome.” Elizabeth replied.
    Lethodus walked over to the man who was struggling to stop the bleeding in his neck. He noticed the scar on his eye. “Are you a demon?” Lethodus asked the man.
    The man somehow found the strength to start laughing. He laughed almost hysterically until he started coughing up blood. He then lie still.
    “Damn.” Lethodus mumbled. “We have to get out of here.”
    “Alright what way are we heading?” Elizabeth asked.
    Lethodus started thinking but a small voice inside his head urged him to go north. “North.” Lethodus replied. “We head north.”
    They got on the horse they did not kill and rode off.

    Lethodus and Elizabeth rode fast heading north. They drove the horse on as fast as it could for miles. Lethodus had a determination to head north.
    Stop a voice inside Lethodus's head demanded.
    No. Lethodus thought I must continue.
    Lethodus continued to ignore it. He kept the horse going until the horse itself actually slid to a stop.
    “What the.” Lethodus said. “Stupid horse.”
    “The horse is not stupid.” Elizabeth said.
    “Whatever.” Lethodus replied.
    Suddenly the horse fell over and Lethodus and Elizabeth tumbled off.
    “Lets make camp somewhere in the woods.” Elizabeth said as she let out a yawn.
    “Fine.” Lethodus said as he dragged the horse off the rode. He was going to bury it but was to tired. He figured he would get it done in the morning.
    They made a camp fire and huddled around it.
    “Why are you traveling with me?” Lethodus finally asked.
    “I have no where else to go.” She replied.
    “In order for us to continue together I need to ask you a few serious questions concerning your beliefs.”
    “What kind of questions?”
    “Do you believe in demons?”
    Elizabeth let out a chuckle. “No of course not. That’s silly.”
    “You should.” Lethodus said. “I am investigating the disappearance of demons.”
    “If you cant find any demons why do you believe they exist?” Elizabeth asked.
    “Because me and a few other people fought through over thousands of demons. The sorceress in your town was one of them.”
    “I heard rumors she was some kind of hero defeating a great demon or something. I thought it was all bull.”
    “So far it seems that the demons are trying to erase people's memory's of there existence.”
    “Why?” Elizabeth asked puzzled.
    “Most likely so in a few years or more they can launch a huge attack on our world and either enslave us or kill us.”
    “That's horrible!” Elizabeth yelled.
    “Yes. I am trying to figure it out myself. Hopefully heading north will solve our mystery. We need to rest now. We have a long walk ahead of us.”
    “May I ask one more question.” Elizabeth said eagerly.
    “Sure.” Lethodus replied.
    “Why did you become a Necromancer?”
    Lethodus stared at her. The memory's of a long forgotten painful past came into view. He forced them out. “I am sorry.” Lethodus finally said. “It is a long story perhaps I can recall it another night.”
    They both went to sleep.

    Lethodus tried to force out the memory's but they came back fast and hard as he slept. The dream he had worked so hard to stop returned.
    Lethodus lie in the middle of his old abode parents dead all around him demons running rampart outside his village slaughtering everything. Did his parents really summon a demon into this world? He could hardly believe it. Tears ran down his cheek. Suddenly the screams stopped. The demons roaring in what he thought was pain. Then dark men came into the room.
    “Hello Lethodus.” One of the men said. “You have been witnessed to a terrible tragedy. You see your parents were what they called Necromancer's. They were corrupt and thought that the balance was uneven and that heaven was winning. It must be hard for you to understand this but come with us and we can give you a new life. One where you don’t have to live in fear. Take my hand little one and I'll show you.”
    Lethodus stared at the mans outstretched hand toward him. He wanted to yell and run away from these men but somehow he got a feeling that going with them would be the right decision.
    He took the mans hand.
    They walked outside only to see death.
    Lethodus's friends lie dead all around neighbors were dead. Men, women, children, even infants lie mangled and dead scattered around the village. How could such monstrosity's exist. He closed his eyes as they walked out of the village.

    Lethodus woke up to a bright shining sunny morning.
    Elizabeth was still sleeping soundly.
    Lethodus sat up and pulled out the skull he collected from Ishara's palace. It looked oddly familiar. Like a face he saw once before. He felt the strange magic it radiated. Part of him wanted to crush the skull entirely then go find the council and report his case to them so they could help his investigation. But something stronger in him beckoned him north. It seemed to have occurred shortly after he left the palace. The urge to head north.
    He put the skull away and decided he should go bury the horse. He should have known he was riding the horse to hard. He should have stopped sooner. As he got near where the horse should have lain to his surprise it was gone.
    He looked in both directions and could find no trace of the beast. He could not find a single footprint leading off to any direction. He walked back to the camp. It must have ran off in the middle of the night. He sat down and wondered.
    Elizabeth got up and yawned. “I'm starving.” She said.
    “Here.” Lethodus reached into his pouch and pulled out some bread and handed it to her. “This should keep you satisfied until we manage to kill something larger.”
    “Thank you.” Elizabeth replied and devoured the piece of bread.
    “We should head out soon.”

    Lethodus and Elizabeth got up and started following the road north.
    Lethodus had an odd feeling that what they were seeking was close ahead. He started to speed up a little he could feel something was close by.
    “Slow down!” Elizabeth yelled.
    Lethodus stopped and turned around. Elizabeth was a long ways back. How could he have gotten so far ahead? The excitement was overwhelming. “Were almost there!” Lethodus yelled. “I can feel it.”
    “I don't understand where are we heading and what is it we seek?” Elizabeth asked as she caught up with Lethodus.
    “I have no idea but something tells me to go north.”
    “Why do you follow that instinct?” Elizabeth asked.
    “I have trusted my instinct before and it has led me out of danger and helped me solve many mystery's.
    Elizabeth looked at Lethodus trying to really study him. “What if these demons are misleading you?”
    “How could-” Lethodus stopped. What if the demons were leading him? Perhaps heading north is a terrible idea.
    How can it not be? A voice inside his head asked. Heading north to solve the mystery is what you want. Solve it be a great hero among your Necromancer's save the world from a demon invasion you MUST head north.
    “I am free of demons.” Lethodus finally replied. “I have killed many on my way here I am smarter than they are. Trust me this is no demon threat.”
    “If you say so. I trust you.” Elizabeth said with a sigh. “You saved my life after all.”
    “Alright lets keep walking.”

    They neared a crossroad but something up ahead made Lethodus stop and squint. He could see a cliff far off into the distance. He started toward it but suddenly felt like he was in danger. “Elizabeth do you still have that sword?”
    “Yea why?” Elizabeth asked.
    “You might need to use it.”
    “What do you mean”
    “I mean that you might have to use it.” Lethodus walked forward a little but as he got nearer the sudden urge of danger became to great. “Lets get the hell out of here!”
    No. The voice inside Lethodus's head said. You will move forward. You chose to investigate this issue now you will see it resolved!
    “Elizabeth. Run.”
    “Get the hell out of here now!”
    “No! I came with you I'm going to see this through with you.”
    “You cant!” Lethodus yelled. He involuntarily moved forward.
    “Whats so bad? We can take on a demon cant we?”
    “No. Not this one. If you want to live I suggest you leave.”
    “To hell with that! What do I have to lose? My village is destroyed I have no money I might as well solve the great mystery to demon disappearances and be deemed as crazy.”
    “Fine.” Lethodus said as he struggled to hold himself back. “Take the skull that's inside my pouch.”
    Elizabeth walked over and grabbed the skull.
    “May the mighty dragon help us.” Lethodus mumbled.
    I am sorry my child I cannot help you at risk of being discovered. The voice of Trag'Oul was soft in his head.
    “Can you help the girl?” Lethodus said silently.
    Yes. It will leave the demons puzzled though and they might try and track her down to figure out why she is special. They will not be pleased to find she is a nobody.
    “She does not have to be.” Lethodus mumbled.
    “Are you talking to yourself?” Elizabeth asked.
    I know what must be done and I will help you as best as I can. Goodbye Lethodus you served the balance valiantly.
    “Elizabeth when I tell you I want you to take my dagger and the skull to a town far to the north east. It is a town called Kurast. There you will find a necromancer. Tell him of our tale and give him my dagger and the skull. Give him as much information as you can.”
    “But why?”
    “JUST DO IT!” Lethodus screamed. “If you let this information go the world might be damned!”
    “Fine. I..wish you the best of luck then.” Elizabeth said.
    “I will transport my dagger to you right now take the skull and run!”
    “Alright. Farewell.” Elizabeth turned and ran off as fast as she could.
    Lethodus turned toward the cliff regaining control of himself. He took out his dagger and started casting a spell. He looked down below of the cliff and saw millions of demon skulls littered everywhere. They all had the same magical properties as the one he was carrying.
    “Now why did you have to go off and tell her to run away with the skull?” A voice said.
    Lethodus turned around to see Sadon.
    “That skull was vary important to our plan.” Sadon continued. “Now it's a shame we have to hunt down the girl. She could have made a fine slave. She had the ideal traits no family no friends no home. What better to serve the masters of hell don't you agree?”
    “I hope you burn in hell.” Lethodus said holding his dagger up which was glowing brightly.
    “Now what do you have there?” Sadon asked. “Some kind of spell that you plan to use on me? Will it destroy me utterly?”
    “This spell will not be used on you. It will be used to-”
    “Protect the girl?” Sadon finished. “Vary interesting. When I send out a demon soul to posses her she will come right back and hand over the desired items she has.”
    “I have a feeling you will be vary disappointed.”
    “Your feelings have only caused your death. You have played right into our plan since day one. You think we were not prepared for heroes rising against us? Why do you think we only brought out our most weakest demons to try and wreak havoc upon your world.”
    “Weakest?” Lethodus said puzzled. “I don't understand.”
    “You will when I have finished telling you and then you will be shown our great plan.”
    “I get the honorable tour?” Lethodus asked.
    “Not so honorable. Everyone we possessed has seen it. But you will be the only one that understands it. I am done talking with you good by Lethodus. Soon when they see you they will only sing tales of doom and dread.”
    “Damn you.” Lethodus yelled.
    “Yes I am damned but unfortunate for you, you will not have that luxury as you can see.” Sadon pointed out in the sea of skulls.
    Lethodus looked and nearly dropped his dagger. There will millions of white lights. The type that he saw when he killed the demon that possessed Sadon in the first place.
    “I see you understand. Goodbye.”
    At his signal two glowing white demon spirits shot forward.
    “No you don't!” Lethodus yelled and he unleashed his spell.
    Thousands of skulls from the field came rising up and made a huge wall behind Lethodus. It was magically protected to keep the spirits trapped behind it so they cannot advance further.
    “NO!” Sadon roared. “DONT POS-”
    It was to late a spirit flew inside Lethodus.
    It felt strange at first. Lethodus struggled not only for control of his body but of his soul. It was as if something was taking over the vary essence of what made him up. He struggled and fought but he knew he was going to lose. This demon was vary powerful unlike anything he had faced before.
    Lethodus suddenly visioned himself surrounded by white. He was falling. Suddenly his vision sat upon great winged beings. He could see they were angels. They were grouped in what appeared a semi circle. They were discussing the fate of the world of Sanctuary. One of them was bent on destroying it, one was mutual and one was for saving.
    He recognized one of the angels, Tyrael. He voted for saving sanctuary. He also saw human bystanders watching. He recognized two of them. They were both Necromancer's The mighty Rathma first of the Necromancer's and Kalan one of the earliest necromancer's.
    The angels and Mephisto made a pact.
    The scene changed this time it was part of hell. A great battle was taking place. He saw Andarial, Duriel, and many other lesser demons he did not recognize. They were battling Diablo, Mephisto, and Baal.
    His vison shifted to someplace in hell again. Only this time Diablo lie dead and a warrior took a red stone out of his head. The body of Diablo decomposed and turned into a small boy. The warrior put the stone in his head and he let out a horrifying scream.
    He then saw him and his other companions battling a demon. It was Izual. When his words echoed in his head.
    “The plan set in motion so long ago cannot be stopped by any mortal agency. You and all your kind are doomed.”
    He did not think much of the words at the time but it is beginning to make sense.
    His vision changed to sanctuary. Many humans have gathered together at a dark portal willingly giving themselves up to the demons. Letting them posses there body's willingly. Taking shape into the demons that possessed them.
    He then saw a small town. It looked oddly familiar. He then realized it was Tristram. A giant fire ball fell from the sky into the cathedral.
    His vision shifted to hell once again. This time many humans were slaves carrying out specific jobs. A horde of demons seemed to gather
    The enslaved humans seemed to be casting powerful enchantment spells upon the demons. He then realized the plan that was set in motion so long ago. His idea of demons were changed completely. The demons were right all along. The plan set in motion so long ago cannot be stopped by any mortal agency. The balance has shifted. If not acted properly doom will befall everyone and everything.
    His vision changed back to the white light. He was falling. He put his arms out and accepted defeat. Perhaps this fate is worse than what is to come.
    The spirit of Lethodus faded out of existence. for all your Trans Siberian Orchestra listening pleasure
    If you want to arrange it
    This world you can change it
    If we could somehow make this
    Christmas thing last

    By helping a neighbor
    Or even a stranger
    And to know who needs help
    You need only just ask

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