Fiery Runes II: Softshack's Caldeum

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    Greetings all I have a special start to the sequel to the fiery runes series today. With permission and help from a fellow fan artist; Softshack. We have the final version of the first locations wallpaper. This is the original file as it is intended. It;s not blown up.

    With diablo coming exactly two weeks from today I thought it was a great time to reboot the wallpaper series as a whole. I hope you like the outcome as we trudge on into the future.

    Just to add that the runes are all new and all built from scratch. I used artwork from the book of cain pages: 8, 39, and 69. As well as the now over D3 Beta, and blizzard's final incarnation of the runes (Which incidentally are fiery in the game).

    I hope you all enjoy this wallpaper, and thanks so much to Softshack for helping make this starting wallpaper a reality. I couldn't have done it without him.

    Now that I am done here's some comments from Softshack himself:


    "It's been a long wait since the announcement of DIII back in 2008. I still remember where I was and what I was doing when I first read that announcement. Since that time, it has inspired me to create many fan creations -many more than I would have expected!

    One of my very first fan creations actually led me to become a part of diablo.incgamers. Since that time, it's been great to follow this site and enjoy the pretty much daily updates on Diablo-related subjects. Thanks everyone, for making this site what it is. I look forward to the 15th!"

    - Softshack


    See you all soon for the next wallpaper!


    Fiery Runes II by Holyknight3000
    Caldeum Fan art by Softshack
    (used with permission)

    Tools used:
    Adobe Photoshop CS3

    Diablo III, Caldeum & the original Source art for the runes © Blizzard
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