Fiery Runes Series - The End... or is it?

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    On July 4th 2008 I first created "Fire Runes" for a forum signature. The idea sprung up while I was tinkering with a forum signature avatar. I used the 4 runes: Pul, Lum, Ber, and Mal; the runeword for "Wrath". I personally don't remember why I chose that runeword but I know those were my first runes.I thought these runes looked so cool that I went to the other 29 and put them in a circle pattern. Thus the Fiery Runes Series was born.

    Nearly a week later on July 10th I released the first Fiery Runes wallpaper featuring the Diablo 3 logo and the runes ablaze around it. Over the next three and a half years I would release multitudes of wallpapers featuring the runes always trying ways to improve their quality and the quality of the wallpapers as a whole.

    Series II would be released on September 1st 2008 featuring the Lord of Terrors smug mug from the D3 artwork that was released at the World Wide Invitational 2008 in France. I brightened the runes and attempted to improve the quality. On October 10th 2008 I would completely revamp the runes from the ground up improving their quality and making the wallpapers take a giant leap forward in size and quality.

    The Longest of the many series was Series III and it started on December 1st 2008, and it lasted for 25 months with 33 wallpapers signifying the 33 runes used in the old rune-circle. I improved many things in that series, like the Locations sub-series. There in Series II started as the circle in the middle and a panorama of a location setting. This was nice at first but eventually the circle took away from the image. I tried a few styles to improve this look, but eventually during Series III I would put the runes in bars above and below the panorama finishing the look I was going for after so many trials and errors.

    Series IV began on April 18th 2011; and with this series I was trying to make the runes slowly get dimmer and dimmer. The original plan was to slowly burn them out. But that eventually just didn't come fully to pass. I just made them dimmer and that was all.

    The Fiery Runes Series was a hobby that I enjoyed. Many times I let the trolls get to me and I would take breaks for a few weeks, and make other wallpapers. Eventually I would just ignore the trolls and make what I liked and had hoped the fans would as well. Love them or hate them; the Fiery Runes did become a part of the diablo fan community. I may never really know how much they really did or did not impact this community. Though I will say It was a fun ride!

    With that I officially end this Fiery Runes Series. I will have more hints of what I have planned over the coming weeks in April. Thanks to all of my supporters, and critics. Without all of you this series wouldn't be what it is today.

    Thank you for everything.


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    Serioursly? Not an April's fool thingy?
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    yep definitely not a joke man. I tried to post this before April 1st but that didn't happen.
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