Any 5760x1080 WPs?

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    I'm looking for some 5760x1080 wall papers. Currently I'm using

    which is obviously just 3 of the blizz wallpapers set to each monitor individually. I've also used one that had Diablo dead center, with the III on each side screen with some sort of BG going on of a ruined farm or such. Anyone got any other good ones out there?
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    I know that Blizzard use to have 15000px width wallpapers on their Wow page. I actually saved one from Burning Crusade with that size , but i think is not very common. You could try to search on Debianart ;D
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    That is a lot like the one I used to have (may still have it but bored with it). The only one I know of that they had was wow oriented, and was like a time laps of BC>WotLK, but I'm not lookin for WoW papers, I prefer the Diablo universe far far far far more then Warcraft.
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