Wallpapers of 2011

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    It was 2011; a year full of new news and new videos from diablo 3. We had Blizzcon, Gamescon, and even the VGA's. This year I made less fiery runes pieces and more general artwork. I finally had a theme for most of my general artwork that people enjoyed. I no longer really needed nameplates outside the fiery runes. This probably was my favorite year in wallpapers.

    Looking back over this collage of 48 pieces; I saw the work i put into the pieces this time. Their quality went up even farther. People enjoyed them even more than the past 3 years.

    I look forward to making even more enjoyable wallpapers for all to love and hate in 2012. Also you think my wallpapers are good now. Expect when the game is out that I will have even more content to work from.

    So see you all in 2012 for the release of the game and my 4th year doing these wallpapers. Expect the fiery runes to change somewhat when we get to the release of the game.

    Happy 2011 everyone!

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    Wallpapeception :o!

    Keep it up for 2012!
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