Wallpaper: An Artist's Thank You - 2011

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    I loved how this image turned out so with the help of CS3 I used some tools and made the image a larger size. I had this 800x800 image on my desktop background and realized how awesome it was as a wallpaper.

    So I figured it has been a couple years since I made a thank you wallpaper. So this one is for the fans of my wallpapers. Thanks for the comments, support and help over the past 3 years. I really could not have done it without you guys.

    Here's to many more years after the games release for wallpapers, art and fan fiction!


    Diablo 2 & 3 (C) Blizzard
    Diablo 2 & 3 runes also (C) Blizzard
    Fiery Kal (C) Holyknight3000
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    You're welcome :)
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    Pretty sweet looking custom iconish feel.
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