Fiery Runes Series 4: Diablo IV - The Lord of Terror

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    Not to be confused as a "Diablo IV" just the 4th fiery runes diablo piece. This piece was edited from the d3 box art given to us from the blizzcon 2011 press kit. I had to painstakingly paint out the flaming 3 bars from the bottom part of the Diablo III logo on the to of our dear friends forehead. Then i flipped when i got enough from one site tweaked some cloning to make it match.

    Thus the final result you see before you. Hope you like. I will be making two more wallpapers over the next few days. One more FRS related and another just as a wallpaper.

    Diablo & D2 Runes (C) Blizzard
    Fiery Runes by me
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    Splendid as always :)
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