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    Hello everyone, sorry I haven?t been active in recent weeks. Dealing with a cold, and a smashed left toe are things that tend to pull me away. I have also been trying to see if someone could help me with the Radiant Visage but to no avail. So I thought it was time to just use what I have and bring out the rune symbol in a cool way. Better this than letting a nice piece of art rot for a few more weeks.

    This rune I build much like the Inner Sanctuary. I literally reused the same graphic space with the blue boxes centering the image. What I did was impose in the background, the symbol from in-game screenshots. The best I could see showing the rune at its best. Since the game is at a certain angle I had to naturally tweak the angles and do my best within a margin of error; straiten out the design so I could rebuild it.

    When I rebuilt this rune I used extremely large ellipses and tried to make them match on one side so I could in essence flip one quarter of the image to the left then merge the two and mirror down. This made the image match better and look more even. I also drew an ellipse small enough for me to round out but make the center line of the eye design. With this I also flipped and mirrored the small area to give me a faint rounded slash through the eye in the middle just like the main symbol.

    I hope everyone will enjoy this as much as I have making it and sorry the delays were bad; it?s been a rough few weeks for me. See you next week.


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    The Runeweaver
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    Aha! Finally something new :D.
    I like it man, keep exploring new techniques, the fiery runes series was getting kinda stale after the 40th consecutive wallpaper :/.
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    Nifty! Glad to have you back, though sucks what you had to go through. Keep up the up 'n up.

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    Looks great! *thumbs up*

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