No Shield-oriented Class?

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    I just realized there isn't a class that will specialize in the use of shields like the Paladin did. I mean, every class can probably use one, but there is no class with shield-based abilities I assume, unless the Barb has some. I'm not saying I'm going to miss Smite, *shudders*, but seeing how effective shields are for the skeleton warriors in the game-play trailer makes me wonder what role shields will play for characters. I'm guessing they'll be much needed and highly useful.

    Completely random idea: by merely having a shield equipped you're able to "slam" it into your enemy for a chance to stun them. Sort of an inherent trait of having a shield, to go along with blocking...
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    That would be a nice 5th class. One that can be long ranged bow/throwing, OR close combat focusing on shields somehow (with skills similar to, but not as op'd as smite). Maybe they'd have deflect like those skellys. Or a skill that lets them counter with the shield (shield bash?). It could even be a % chance. So they'd have %to block and %to counter, where they either countered by slamming the shield into the opponent, or by deflecting the blow in such a way as to leave the opponent vulnerable.

    This idea could even go towards tank or towards dps style characters, depending on how blizz wants to make it.

    Anyway, I don't think they're going to do that, but it would be cool.
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    This never even registered with me until you pointed it out, I hope the 5th class is a paladin type character as you need at least one heavily armoured, shield using tank in the game in my opinion.
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    Even though we don't have a shield class at the moment, i still hope for a bow class.
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    I can't remember where, so please forgive me, but Blizzard said specifically that they don't want any "tank" type class or "healing" type class.

    That being said, if we are talking about something like what the Amazon did, where you could be an archer or a spear-and-shield user, that's very possible.

    And on a personal level, I really enjoyed the Amazon in Diablo 2, so I personally think that would be pretty cool. Granted, Blizz said there would be no returning characters, so it would have to be different enough that it wouldn't be the same character.
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    Barbarian is kinda supposed to fill in the heavy armored and shield role partially. But from what I've seen, the modification of armor on the barbarian doesn't really carry a "heavy armor" look. I mentioned this before, they are lacking a class that's able to wear proper heavy armor.
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    Yea, they are. I just can't see them going and making another melee class and leaving the bow class out just for a heavy armor class.

    Personally, I see them doing a bow class, then in the expansion adding a heavy armor in. But that's just my opinion. Lol.
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    They honestly do need an Amazon-like class. The trouble is "Amazon" only pertains to female persons, so they would have to change the name up and stuff. I know they aren't going to have any classes other than Barbarian return, but an Amazon-like character would fill a lot of the remaining holes in game-play styles.

    My best guess is still Hunter, but perhaps some sort of "Beastmaster/Survivalist" Hunter/Amazon hybrid is possible. They could specialize in ranged weaponry (bows/javelins), beast mastery, and traps. There's too many possibilities! But I think we're in the ballpark here. We virtually KNOW ranged weapons have to be involved, but a variety of skill sets are mandatory too.
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    Oh I think a ranged character is the most likely as well, but the possibility of a amazon-like class is still there.

    I just cannot see a pure melee class taking the spot when a there are already two melee classes and no bow class. It just doesn't make sense to me. A hybrid is a possibility, a pure bow class is a probability.
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    yeah, blizzard sorta dug themselves into a hole here. they need a bow class and a shield class, and if they were to combine both into one class, it would be a rather conflicted character. I suppose the Barb could use a shield, but that's a weak excuse. maybe shields will be used for the spellcasters; WD and Wiz. if you think back to D2, all spellcasters used shields.. but again, that doesnt make sense. why would you need a shield if you're shooting lightning from a distance?
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    Yeah I don't think that's conflicting, the only issue is role overlapping with other classes.

    In DII we had
    Barb - melee everything
    Amazon - ranged/melee shield/melee spear
    Sorc - spell
    Necro - spell
    Paladin - melee shield/spell

    In DIII we have
    Barb - melee 2H, Dual wield, shield (sorry, but he has a whole tree devoted to defense, + Shield Spec.)
    WD - spell
    Wizard - spell
    Monk - melee light/spell
    Unannounced - ranged (I'm not gonna argue this one)

    Problem is barb does have a shield thing and shields don't seem to be as distributed across classes as they used to be (with everyone using one). Monk grabbed the light melee section so I also don't see the unnannounced class grabbing that (e.g., no rogues or assassins). Tbh spear carrying javelin throwing beastmaster (+ ranged obviously) with poison attacks, with some assassin or druid skills (here I'm implying traps and summoning, probably traps since WD fills summoning for this rotation) maybe seems most logical because that niche is not filled very well, I don't exactly imagine barb carrying spears and javelins, I'm sure he could but he's not portrayed that way.
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    Barbarians will probably be able to be full-on DPS (berserker), tank/defensive-minded (juggernaut), and sort of a combination of both (battlemaster). I think that Barbarians will be able to fill in that tank-like role, I'm just not sure that they will have shield skills, which was what I was getting at to begin with.

    The fifth class will and should be ranged-oriented. Maybe the Paladin or something similar can return in an expansion, but as it is all that is needed is a ranged character to fulfill almost every role between the five classes.
    A belief in no God is a belief in everything. It is a belief in the unfathomable number of events of blind chance required for every living thing to be here.
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    no shields exists in diablo 3
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    Good goood good good good
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