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5th class contest

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    The Dark Ranger!

    refer to here!
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    The 5th class will be called:


    This class will not have any stealth moves, auras, or traps.

    Will obviously use bows and less obviously use HAND WEAPONS.

    It will most likely have a summonable "pet," and will be able to "sense" enemies, maybe even know their weaknesses.

    It will have abilities to make it move faster (ala d2 assassin or WoW hunter)

    I could think of more things but I would rather wait.
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    My guess: The Scout. He can go temp invis, lay down wards. And has to channel several seconds to shot a GG crossbow. >.>"

    But in all seriousness, I will guess that the last class will be called the Scout. I actually like the name, sounds pretty badass.

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    Stalker, Ranger, Hunter, Scout, etc, etc. All these are essentially names for roughly the same thing. And I agree and have been saying that it's going to be something like that for quite some time, now.

    I'd really like to see something that can choose between dynamic, fast-paced, swashbuckling sword-and-board combat and strategic, ranged, bow/arrow or crossbow/bolts. A class that uses a shield doesn't have to be a knight clad in armour, really - and likewise, a skilled bowman doesn't need to be dressed in cloth or light leathers. Ideally, I'd like to see something between medium-to-heavy, with lategame barbarians filling the "Superheavy" armour look.

    Parry, parry, riposte->shield bash, block, hamstring, assault/shield rush.

    To use an analogy some may be familiar with, I'd compare my idea to a Dragon Age: Origins Rogue with the Shield weapons talents, or a shield-fighting Warrior with the Duelist specialization, both which are achievable with minor mods or savegame editing (and also my favourite class setups).

    Edit: World of Warcraft or not, I'd love to see a class like this that also has a pet as a part of the class, a single pet chosen from a number of possible pets with varying functions and upgradable skills, as opposed to the possible "swarm" of a Druid, Necromancer or Witch Doctor.

    Quote from Airandius

    They stated multiple times there wont be a healer class.
    A "healing class" doesn't equal "a class with healing". I'd personally love to see a class with healing, since I love being an asset to my team. Even back when I played WoW, I played a clothadin for sheer healing potential (way back, obviously). So I'm keeping my hopes up for a class that can heal, knowing full well that there won't be a healing class.

    Quote from Airandius

    It´s obvious that the 5th class will use bow-crossbow weapons simply because a lot of people like such a class, Blizzard isn´t stupid enough not to put in a class using such weapons. They´ll lose profits.
    Really? You'd think people were that picky? The losses based on that would be neglicable at best. There are a lot of people wanting to play a Paladin- or Knight-type too but most of us seem to be quite certain that that won't happen (including me). But there are very, very few pout-mouths that are going "Hrmph. No Paladin = No play!". I frankly think that they'll be losing so many more customers based on things such as No LAN and Pay-for-Play B.Net, but that hasn't stopped them from going ahead with those plans.

    Quote from Airandius
    Aye Cap'n. :)
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    Quote from Luckmann

    I frankly think that they'll be losing so many more customers based on things such as No LAN and Pay-for-Play B.Net, but that hasn't stopped them from going ahead with those plans.

    Pay 2 play bnet? i thought they arnt going with that?
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    Not it isn't pay to play. It only is if you dont pay the game in a store and pay full game price there. If you download it on the internet or something from blizzard, then they will charge monthly fees (p2p). The latter is for peole who live in areas of the world where gaming stores are not as common.

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    I really regret to exclude the Rogue as a possible returning class, but as we know there aren't any male rogues in the Sisterhood of the Sightless Eye and because we are going to be able to pick gender in D3 we have to forget about the Rogue :( (Ofcourse Blizzard can choose to change the lore in order to add the Rogue but I really doubt and do not support that).
    Another assumption is that the character will be depicted as a female (the Barbarian is depicted as a male, the Wizard as a female etc, leave the old Diablo 2 balance males:females=3:2). So it needs to have a 'gender'-neutral name.

    Ranger - sounds too plain to me. I am sure Blizzard won't go for 'plainness'.
    Hunter/Marksman/Archer - in my opinion everyone can be hunter/marksman. So far the classes are deriving from some sort of orders or guilds so I exclude that one too.
    Bard - some singing fella' playing a guitar or a flute? No thanks :)
    Ninja/Samurai - we got our chinese themed character, so I bet we won't have 2 of 'em :)
    And finally to my suggestion

    - I shall presume that she comes from the desert regions, my suggestion is that it's a guild of skilled fighters and former mercenaries that wish to fight off against the Cult of the Triune, but in a more hidden way instead of grabbing their torches and pitchforks, our guys want to find the mastermind behind this cult, because the sect has performed human sacrifices to their 'deities' and unfortunately for our heroes, the ones that were sacrificed were close to them and so they choose to have their revenge. You know the classic action-movie concept, the bad guys kill your friends/family and the things get personal!!!
    Skill trees: Traps; Marksmanship, Subtlety.
    - The abilities she has at her disposal include traps, stealth abilities (including some dirty tricks), various skills specialized in ranged combat (concentrating mostly on bows/crossbows) and a small amount of melee abilities, designed mostly to allow the Nomad to crowd-control enemies in close range so that she can move out of melee range and start shooting her foes from a distance again (without making them too powerful, after all it's a ranged class we want her to actually be one and not go melee stuff... we have the Barbarian and the Monk for that aspect :))
    Skill trees: Traps; Marksmanship, Subtlety.

    Is it the 5th class?

    To be honest it's really though to come up with a good name about the last class. I hope you liked and enjoyed my lengthily suggestion :)
    PS: Please, Blizzard, do not add shapeshifting skills to the 5th class! I want to see my Druid in the expansion! :D
    Edit: A funny thought - just think about how will NPCs turn to you if you are one of the classes that I have excluded as a potential 5th class.
    "Mark my words, Ranger!"
    "Greeting young, Marksman."
    "Wow! You're an archer!"
    "You now speak to Ormus, good Bard":P
    Etc, etc... to me Nomad sounds the fairest.
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    "Nomad" sounds too Generic.
    The name "Nomads" actually means communities of people who move from one place to another without having a permanent settlement.
    It doesn't necessarily describe someone with fighting skills.
    They could be warriors, hunters, shepherds, traders and many more things.

    However, i also believe that 5th class probably will be primary a range class.
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    The Taurus/ earthly nomad...

    In my head, I can picture some character coming out of the dry steppes, sandy and earthy, and is able to control the earth (ground.) The character would be efficient in spears/ javs and bows to cover the physical ranged gap the other characters don't encompass, and use it's ability to control the earth element defensively and passively. No one really mentioned anything about any character controlling the earth element, i think it would be pretty badass for a charatcer to have a crazy defensive abilities with stone shields or what have you and be able to throw a spear or an arrow imbued with the force of an earthquake.
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    I find the character description quite interesting.

    I'm not sure about the name though.
    Taurus is actually the latin/(and with a small variation the Greek) word for "bull".
    It also used to describe one of the constellations of the zodiac.

    I believe that Blizzard will likely use a more common/realistic name.
    The World Is Full Of Kings And Queens Who Blind Your Eyes And Steal Your Dreams...

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    Diablo games work for me because:
    • They are primarily PvE, which can include co-op;
    • and I consider it the only PvE game in the world for me.
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    I hope it's a knight, even though not likely...
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    I've seen people say a ninja class. That's not off the table, maybe it'll be a samurai. Fits the game well...
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    all I can say is I cant wait for blizzcon to be here. that way I can look through this 12 page thread and find out who will win!
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    Won't use guns, although will use bows, traps, perhaps some stealth integration, and will defenitely use the energy source similar to WoW's rogue or the hunter's focus. Although, I'm not too sure why this was not ready to present whereas the Monk was. They'll elaborate on that at Blizzcon. Or prove me completely wrong.
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    Not that I would want to rip a class straight from WoW and give it similar properties, I think it would transfer well to D3 and offer much-needed versatility. It would also allow TRAPS to make their way back into the game, since the Assassin is not.
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    I call .... sumo wrestler,,,
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    D1 hellfire class they worked + can use spells\bow

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    I hope its something like the paladin but with ranged capabilities :olddiablo: B)
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    Ok, I still stand by my choice of Hunter/Ranger/Pathfinder category.
    Range attacks could be a skill tree on its own. Marksmanship skills, some range buffs, etc...
    Other skill trees could be some Shadowy form of martial arts (think of the Rogue in D&D) where stealth (moving around undetectable) for a period of time plays a crucial part. You can't kill what you can't see right? Heh...
    Or some kind of favourite/hatred enemy skill tree (think of Rangers in D&D) where bonuses apply to a group/category of enemies, undead, beasts, demons, etc... Some crowd control skills here would be awesome, in case players decide to go close combat instead of range.

    My 2 cents

    Quote from Alphidius

    I still stand by my choice of a Ranger/Pathfinder sort of class.
    Probably a nature woodsman/tracker/hunter sort of class.
    Can't wait till they announce the 5th class!
    When is Blizzcon again? :)

    Quote from Alphidius

    Ok based on what we have...

    Barbarian: Melee tank, meat shield, physical & critical damage
    Witch-doctor: Debuff, curse, necromancy, poison & unholy damage
    Wizard: Temporal, illusion, evocation, electrical, fire & cold damage
    Monk: Sudden strike, combat combos, unarmed & holy damage

    I would agree with others that the last class should be some kind of range type of class...
    Looking at the classes now, Barbarian practically stays more or less the same with some different skills...
    Witch-Doctor & Wizard are essentially Necromancer & Sorcerer respectively but with a more contemporary D&D class vibe...
    Now the Monk class is like a combination of Paladin & Assassin classes...
    So my guess over the next class would be somewhere along the lines of a Druid & Amazon classes....

    Probably a Ranger of nature or some kind of Pathfinder that uses the surroundings to his/her advantage...
    The class would be able to deal deadly range attacks, hide in the shadows, disrupt & slow enemy movement...
    My guess is that this class is also able to deal bleeding damage...

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