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5th class contest

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    Well, I remember when the monk was released, a member on here said that he called it. I cant remember who it was, think it was phrozen.

    So, I figured lets have a contest to see who will call the 5th class.

    Suggestions from everyone are welcome.

    Classes Suggested-Name of Participant

    Contest starts now till blizzard releases the 5th class.

    Closed! The 5th class has been announced. Demon Hunter. Now I have picked 3 people For guessing correctly. I did a (ctrl - F) search and searched demon to find anyone who couldve talked about a demon hunter type class.

    Bannik-the magic about blizzard is that they sometimes lie or tell half truths for example in world of warcraft they said goblins would never be a race for the alliance or horde...but now they tell us otherwise..

    sure guns are out of the question but what defines a gun....we could get a class that uses crossbows with explosive tipped rambo...who the hell knows what blizzard is thinking....

    who would have thought that blizzard would make a Buddhist monk a class (with dragon ball influence, seriously can you see how high he jumps....he would destroy any class in melee combat...)

    *I feel this guy was the closest. Based on how the 5th class works he was probably the closest to being correct.*

    Legilimens - Demon Rogue

    [email protected] - Demon-Hunter

    Also including these for Saying a somewhat correct assumption of the class!

    Thanks everyone for participating. ^_^
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    Since Rouge is clearly just females. It's the only free slot left what I feel.

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    I would also guess ranger, can i do that? :)
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    hmmm...i will put the first person to post it then the second.
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    I call the toothfairy :)

    No but really, I'm gonna predict the pathfinder.

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    I was thinking of some sort of Bandit or Thief or something.
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    Seriously, someone needs to make a NINJA class. Like now.

    But it does seem likely that there will be a reprise of the amazon. A ranged non caster dps is pretty much standard operating procedure in rpgs of every type. Going back to DnD original, all the classes except the most useless ever (The Illusionist, lol) have been done. Maybe the Bard might make an appearance, but I hope not.

    I think you have to look at role and function first. Barbarian: Melee str based, dps or tank, Sorceror: ranged caster dps, Witch doctor: Caster Dps, mid range/close range, Monk: Melee Dps, other than str based, rogue/assassin/NINJA: Stealthy melee combat, dex based, Druid: Hybrid melee or caster dps, nature type casting, Paladin: Armor shield and sword casting melee. Priest: Casting Dps or healing. Ranger/Amazon/Hunter ranged physical DPS. What else is there?

    I think the best bet for "new" classes are in the area of different magic types, like a melee caster that does magic damage and has magic armor, or elemental casters. But it doesn't seem likely as the balancing issues for the established classes are already known. The Witch Doctor class is pretty original, and I was happy to see it.

    I guess that after all that rambling I guess I don't have much to add, lol.
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    Maybe they will make an Archer Elf :confused:
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    I'll say: Wanderer! A ranged class with traps and cloaking abilities! ;)
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    Quote from "waelsj" »
    Maybe they will make an Archer Elf :confused:

    As much as i really dont want to put it up there. Im going to anyway.

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    Ok, i'll guess Druid. I think blizz will pitch us a curveball.
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    Despite the female connotations I will say Rogue.
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    You could write lore for a male rogue, i mean, 20 years have passed since D2. Maybe the rogues were so devastated by the coming of the 3 that they needed to let some men join, simply to continue the beliefs of their order? It could happen!
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    Valkyrie is my guess.
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    Ho ya I can see it from here, a WW2 assassin in diablo III that's really classy :D

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    perhaps a "half-breed"? not fully converted demon.

    or a "spirit", or other non-human class

    or maybe even a young class, like a .... "sacrificial child", could be fast like monk with more ranged attacks cuz hes so small and weak
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    Quote from "Psyxix" »
    Ho ya I can see it from here, a WW2 assassin in diablo III that's really classy :D

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    Definitely Rogue! The males will be called Rangers err somethin'
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