Why only 5 class choices????

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    We need more than 5 chars. It's clear we are missing so many different areas of the fighting strategic by a limit of 5 chars. ... who is with me!!! I know we can narrow things down to a basic 5 areas, but we shouldn't be narrowing down anything. We should be expanding. Is this a step forward or a step back?

    Let's hear from the critics .....:
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    There will be more classes in the expansion(s). That's where they hinted the necromancer might have a chance to return.

    I guess we'll end up with the same number of classes as in D2lod.
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    Yeah, I'm totally with you on this one. 5 chars just aren't enough for me. They should make so many classes... But I don't know if they will... If we have 10 classes at the end of all expansions will be a blessing...
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    I don't want any more than eight or nine, or they'll just reach a point where every character's just a reskinned version of two other characters put together, and that would be dumb. It would be okay for a few, but I don't want ten or fifteen of them. This isn't--dare I say it?--WoW, with all those races and classes.
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    I think 5 is fine. 7 would be alright. Im use to playing with just 5 classes anyway but oh well.
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    I don't think the fun is in playing a great number of different characters but the gameplay. They are trying to make the character skills so different that you wont really need other characters because there will be different ways of constructing your characters.
    This way they will make 5 very special and big characters, with big meaning lots of directions, and we wont get the Warcraft3 type of game, where some of the heroes are awesome, and the others suck.
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    Quote from SeanTocker

    , and we wont get the Warcraft3 type of game, where some of the heroes are awesome, and the others suck.

    I agree with that point. It stinks when the chars are so spread out that some dominate just by skill nature. However I still can't shake that we are loosing individuality with our online play by narrowing the choices. This is not as simple as "If I want choices then I can go play another game." We should all have our cake and eat it too.
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    The number of characters is not issue but the number of choices in the skills and variety of the builds.
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    With the possibility of an expansion in mind, and with it the addition of let's say 2 classes, I think it's sufficient.
    Each class will take quite a bit of time to fully explore and master. I for one will not succeed in fully exploring and mastering all classes, therefore I don't need extra classes.
    The current 4 classes cover magic and melee, with the 5th ór one of the possible additions bringing a possible physical ranged class... what more do you need? At most a druid like shapeshifter.
    As mentioned before more classes will probably result in a combo of two/three other classes, which is a nice idea for one class, but that's probably the max.
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    Druid+Amazon= awesome! I mean if you put the two next factors together thats awesome! Nature allied class with bow skills ;) also i have thinked of it special resource, a quiver, its just perfect
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    Quote from Hans

    The number of characters is not issue but the number of choices in the skills and variety of the builds.
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    A bow and dual dagger wielding class plxxxxxx
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    I am up for increasing the number of classes but not bast 7 or 8. Really what I want is a melee DPS class that isn't armor heavy, and not like the assassin from D2 LoD; traps and martial arts are meh, i'd rather have a dagger or a short sword and rapidly stab crap to death. :whoops:
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    5 classes is a great number imo... but they're going to add more in expansions. Stuff is missing not due to numbers but due to the fact that they are intending to have more classes. You have nothing to worry about.
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    I am not bothered by the number of classes, especially if they turn out to be as customizable as Blizzard has suggested so far. Just with the four classes that have been shown already, it seems like the game has more diversity of play styles than any other hack and slash. Every class plays quite differently from every other. I wouldn't want Blizzard to ruin that by rushing out a large number of classes.
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