New Class Idea: Reaper or Dervish

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    OK apparently i need to own that fail game world of warcraft to post in the blizzard forums... so i will rant here :)

    first off i would love to see a charecter with light armor such as a cloak. the classic hood would be badass with armor surrounding it. I would love to see that evil element in a charecter such as a reaper. a charecter that could implement 3 skill trees, scythe mastery, Banishing (or some dark magic) and Some Aura's, because we are missing those. You know those badass weapons like the scythe and a Giant Cresent Moon Blade. THAT is what i would love to see this charecter specializing in. Have melee (scythe mastery) Defense (Auras) and a mix of hexing and or cursing (banishing or whatever)i would love to play as a charecter with a giant cresent moon blade. Wearing a badass hooded cloak to conseal the charecers identity abit, to add a little mystery to the plot line.

    Edit: maybe your playing as a banished charecter that served diablo? i dont know i see SO MUCH POTENTIAL! :starwars:
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    Just brainstorm, come on people reply. add discuss. i think its a great idea but if others think differently or have any suggestions...
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    Please oh please no dervishes! I want the 5th class to be revealed asap and weird class ideas will end! :D Sorry for ruining your moment mate, nothing personal, but specializing in scythes wtf - you know the 5th class is going to be an archer archetype that's ****ing obvious. I like the hooded concept idea thought, like a nazgúl right?
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    I think those "Evil" elements you speak of might actually be part of the 5th class whatever its going to be. But i dont think the scythe specialization would fit, and probably not the names "Reaper" / "Dervish" also. I like cloaks and hoods though so i kinda agree on that point.
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    I think that they will save the idea of an evil-turned-good character for an expansion and not the original release. I also do not think that any character will specialize in a specific weapon. Don't get me wrong though, Scythes are my favorite weapon types (it even inspired part of my user name). I do hope that the class with auras has a unique twist on it. The only other main problem I have with the class is the evil/dark magic. Diablo keeps their magic types to a set core and I do not see them adding evil/dark magic.

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    I'm not a fan of classes too expecialised in a certain weapon type. Imo the player should choose the weapon w/o strong bias.

    The class could be a great scyther user, ok, but not a entire set of skills based on it...
    I like the hood/cloak concept ad i'm ok with the dark magic. But it looks like a expasion character you know..
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    A cloak hooded char much like a assassin, with katar, and dual wielding, and also a bow skills, maybe some black magic spells could be kick ass
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    Amazon - the sexy ass-crack-peeping blonde; the guardian of natural realm, please. We need her back and need her be awesomefied,
    befriended with the nurturer of the Nature; the Druid.

    However, I still want the Assassin to return too. Assassin cannot leave now. Assassin in Diablo 2 was awesome! :o
    I don't mind the title "Rogue" either, like in Diablo 1.

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