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    You could play Diablo :whistling:
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    Sword and shield barbarians are lame Pu@#$$ies, everyone knows the Big two handed weapons, or duel wield is where the bada$$ is at ^.^

    as for expansions, youd be a fool to think they wont eventually make an Expac for D3, you do know Blizzard right?
    I was going to suggest a Transmuter type character until people started talking about archetypes
    basically a warrior that can manipulate steel, ie make his weapon longer, make enemies armor heavier slowing them down.
    I dont care what bashiok said, I want to see at least 1 original non cookie cutout character, at least when expac comes. Anyway dont know where that came from, its an idea ive had for a character for a long time ^.^
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    look we can all make predictions but is sorta obvious for some ranged class...its an archetype everyone loves...now...the question comes down too what ranged class...and this topic made me sorta think a few things..firstly its true shields need too be used by more then 1 class ,if only the barb uses shields its sorta boring.

    now here is what i was thinknig...a ranged class can be divided into 3 catergories for diablo first is the nimble fast shooer using short bows etc....he can move and shoot at the same time (Thats his speciality) then we have the second one which would be a long range archer focusing on powerful long range single shots....(Maybe magic infused) and the third could be a crossbowmen who uses a shield...he can use the shield but he becomes stationary and cannot move and shoot for example

    this way we can have a fun and unique ranged classes

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    Im a newb but I think Ivaron needs nerf? :biggrin:

    Diablo games work for me because:
    • They are primarily PvE, which can include co-op;
    • and I consider it the only PvE game in the world for me.
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    No shields. Have you seen any gameplay videos? What do you need a shield for?
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    No shields. Have you seen any gameplay videos? What do you need a shield for?

    Shields are for blocking, right! :P There are no shields in gameplay videos, but you can see one in this screenshot:

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    well in D2 sorceruses had wands so they had the chance to have a shield so if they had them why wouldnt the wizard have something like that and is everyone forgeting crossbows they had 1 handed crossbows.
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    Sword (Mace, Axe, etc.) and Shield are covered by the Barb. In fact, my first character is going to be a Mace and Shield barb. What are you people talking about?

    Shields are for blocking, bashing, stats, and generally 1H swords are a different group of weapons.
    I would really like if Blizz added 2H bucklers. That would be neat.
    Quote from Yngvar

    I had one of those in Sacred 2.
    ...man, I wish that game could have been good.
    Blow pipe Dryads (or w/e they were called) were awesome. :D Although they should have probably renamed the blowpipe to medieval minigun... the rate of fire of that thing was insane.
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    The last class will be a lame ranger.
    Imagine Wc2 elven archer with humam ears. This your class. u.u'
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    Quote from Nekrodrac

    Hmm...interesting. Never thought of that before. Maybe we could have a character who would use only shields. Then for his ultimate attack he would run and smash the shield on top of a demon's head. Or better he could throw his shields at monsters.
    Seems awesome.
    On another hand, all chars you mentioned can use shields and probably will.

    Oh and welcome friend. :biggrin:

    Captain America for the win! :D
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    Quote from AnotherDiabloFan

    ... Everyone seems so damn sure that the final class is going to be wielding a bow, so why even include shields in the game. Bows, without a doubt, will necessarily require two hands. The Barb seems to be proficient at dual wielding. The Monk looks like he is going to be pummeling people with both hands, and, as spell-casters, I really doubt the Wizard or Witch Doctor will be rocking shields. Unless I am missing something, don't we still need the prototypical sword and shield brandishing, main hero type character. Hell, maybe the fifth class will be a swordsman/ranger hybrid, something like a shadow warrior. Thoughts, complaints, maniacal rants?

    Hmm... that god me thinking : )

    While the barbarian really doesn't seem to be the right guy using shields he may still find some use for em [build experimentation?]. In DII there were some good builds for the barb that included shields and made you almost immortal : ). The same goes for all the other classes, where the casters in particular may use em for the sake of protection [lol, for what else :)]

    Now here's what got in my head - as we know most classes in DIII focus on more that once specialization [excluding the barb and the wiz - pure strength, pure magic?] could it be that the fifth class actually make use of bows and shields? Where the use of shields could be not only defensive but offensive too : ) - like charging, bashing, some taunts i dunno... The shield could have blades and spikes and all that kinda stuff : )
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    The last class will be a archer/warrior type. Maybe even something like the Amazon of Diablo II. I think that's quite obvious.

    The expansion will then include a shapeshifter. Simple.
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    This reminds me of the good old pvp days where sorcs were equipped with stormshields. Beside the point, I think they are going to make a specific shield for most classes along with good one handers like we had in D2.
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