5th Class-- Class Mechanics and Resource

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    So Blizzard is making all 5 classes in Diablo 3 have different class mechanics and resource systems which I highly commend them for.

    The 5th class has not been announced, but being a lover of the Zon of D2 and the hunter of WoW I'm highly optimistic that the 5th class will use bows or something of the sort.

    I was talking a lot with my cousin about what we think could be the class mechanics and resource system for the unannounced class (which I understand is completely worthless) but we start conversing about how we loved the old school megaman games and how you could hold down a button to charge up an attack, release the attack and your resource goes back to 0.

    So what do you guys think about this mechanic for a ranged physical class?

    Example: Multishot -- hold down the mouse button for 2 seconds and it released 10 arrows, or just click to release 3.

    Rapidfire like shot - click to shoot 3 arrows, hold down for a couple seconds and releases 10 arrows.

    I think it would be an awesome new system and work really well with D3, I want to hear what everyone thinks!
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    'Ello there, I'm the cousin. I really like this idea for a resource but I think holding down the button might be a bit restrictive considering how the left mouse button is typically used for movement. A better yet similar system I think to crib from would the the 0%-100% charge meter from Secret of Mana (excluding the part where you hold a button down to charge up past 100% for a special attack of course since that would directly contradict what I just said).

    Essentially each special attack would have something like 6 stages of power (0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%) allowing each ability to be variably used as a quick spamming move, a potent game changer, or something in between. A good regen rate I feel would be about 20%/sec with the bar maxing out at 100% from 0% only taking 5 seconds, with players ideally staying in the 20%-60% range. This would allow players to be rewarded for the kiting and maneuvering that ranged classes typically employ with larger 80%-100% forms of their attacks and conversely being punished for panicking and spamming weaker 0%-20% attacks since with the proper use of non-resource costing abilities (which would be primarily CC and evasion) a true 5TH CLASS HERE would never lose their FOCUS (the name for the resource I have come up with this very second).

    I think with some adjustments to regen rate stuff and what exact abilities they'd need to be off the resource this could be a very fun and fitting mechanic for Diablo 3. Thank you for listenignt o my story the end, KQKyle grade 3. :goes back to desk to drink some fuckin apple juice:
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    Welcome, guys and enjoy your stay here! :) Well, I don't like this "system" and how exactly is holding down some button a "resource system"?
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