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    Guys, i'm close to being noob, compared to what i've read around on this forum. But i got a small idea according to the 5th class, and was hopeing for some good reaction.

    Everything point towards a archer type. But as many says, all the classes has this ability. So the only way of getting a archer class intressting is to power up his distance attacks and so one.
    I then ripped the idea from WoW prof. Engineer....
    What about, like socked items, the 5th class can improve all his gears. Like a weapon specialist, able to improve his gear with all different kinds of tecs. Aims to bows, diamond arrows, dragon scale on the armor. You name it.

    He would be like a Bounty Hunter, a mistearious man, wonderfull to make a expension about... Do you think Blizzard may do something like this?

    I my shelf is not so into this class... Get a feeling that it misses something. Anyone got some responds?!
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    What you are saying is pretty much the same thing as an archer, only that the archer crafts his own gear. Which is somewhat present with sockets in weapons to add suffixes.

    Though an engineer wont work in the world of Diablo, because they don´t have that level of technology. Compared to the real world, Diablo is set in a medieval age.
    I do believe there is gunpowder, but no guns. It´s really primitive so a WoW like engineer would not work.

    Also none of the classes have the classic ranged archer type. Just because the Witch Doctor and Wizard use ranged magic spells does not make them ranged archer types.
    A lot of people simply love characters that wield bows as their main weapon and have skills that correspondent with it.
    And honestly, I can make up a whole bucket of skills that could be used for a bow/crossbow wielding class.
    Second, the fifth class will have bows which is obvious, but that's only one of the weapons/skills. Most classes have at least 2 or 3 options of gear they focus on. I'm pretty sure that daggers, throwing weapons and or long range weapons like spears will return in some form in the last class because those weapons are somewhat left unused by most classes.
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    Agree with the need of a bow/throw-using class. I'm lovin' that type of charc. And looks like Blizz don't have any other way to go, beside makeing ous a class just like this features. I LIKE IT! :thumbsup:
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