hey guys!

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    I haven't been here in a couple years, and by the looks of it, a lot of people haven't. With the announcement of RoS release date I'm sure a lot of the older members may come here and check it out. I was trolling through all the old posts I've made and it was pretty interesting reading what I(and of course all the other members here) had to say when I was a younger man. Our rp was pretty funny, kinda miss it!

    Anyway, just dropping a line. if any of the oldies from the site see this, respond and maybe we can play some d3 together when RoS comes out! The people i remember off the top of my head are: Carloseus(i stalk him on fb every now and then),tehstickle(still talk to that homo via text messsage) thasadar, elfen, silver, siaynoq, ferret, jarhead,caliban, winston, stormcat, equinox, chaosdragon94(lil troll ass haha), murderface, bambithegreat.

    EDIT: if i forgot anyone i apologize, its been a long ass time....

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    Wow, just came here for a fit of nostalgia and saw this. Some of the people you mentioned still drop by every few months (just like myself), PM the others, and hang out for a few days before disappearing again. Things aren't like how they used to be when we played tons of D2, but most never truly leaves :P

    Ferret#2899, on EU servers most of the time, but I have no problem hanging out on US realms just for the sake of hanging out.
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