WTT Hardcore set items

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    If anyone wants to trade set items, let me know.

    Right now, i got:

    Zuni's vision (worth approx 20m)
    - 250+ intel

    Nat's bloodyfootprints (worth approx 50m)
    - 170dex
    - 50+ Arcane res
    - 70+ All res

    Nat's bloodyfootprints (worth over 750m)
    - 270dex
    - 55 vit
    - 70+ All res

    Blackthorne amulet (worth approx 50m)
    - Intel + vit over 100

    I will link the items when i get back home. I would trade those for something comparable in value. I can trade for any class since i got all 5 classes level 60. I will not trade my BIS Nat's boots unless i got a really good offer.

    Wisp me in game:


    I am also looking for serious people to team up with for farming purpose. I started Hc only like 1 month ago but im already worth over 900m so i am doing pretty good. All 5 HC are at level 60.
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