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    I'm in need of gold and I've got these items of no more use to me.

    3. Inscrutable Armor @45M (as of writing this, only two items better than this exist in the US GAH... one is at 50M and the other at 500M) [SOLD]

    4. Fire Walkers #1 @1.5M (all res cannot be ignored, plus there's pickup radius) [SOLD]

    5. Fire Walkers #2 @1M (200+ int walkers go for atleast a mil) [SOLD]

    6. The Wailing Host --> I think I'll brim it if it doesn't sell for even 200K [GIVEN AWAY]

    7. Visage of Giyua @1.5M [SOLD]


    Please post here with offers/thoughts if you think the prices are insane.... Any takers are welcome.
    "God? What's that?"
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    Bump with changed prices and other items sold.

    1. Honor Slayer @5M minimum

    2. Baron's Star @1.5M
    "God? What's that?"
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    Maybe you should take a look at www.igxe.com, they do some gold sell and collecting.
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