WTS 233kdps wiz gear

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    WTS sell full set together
    going bak to playing barb so im willing to trade for full set of barb gear as well as long as its a decent set and worth the same
    unbuffed my wizard is currently at:
    189k dps
    45k health
    44.50% crit chance
    331% crit damage
    530 all resist
    680 life on hit

    Buffed my wiz is at :
    233k dps
    675 all resist

    i also have extra pieces of gear that give more health and/or all resist that i will give with the full set.
    along with the full set i have
    chantodos force(off-hand)
    283 intelligence
    9 att speed
    10% crit chance
    14arcane power
    shock pulse dmg by 11%

    prospectors meridian(belt)
    167 intelligence
    118 vitality
    80 strength
    80 all resist
    17 magic find

    zunimassas marrow(chest)
    191 intelligence
    127 vitality
    43 cold resist
    74 all resist
    3 sockets

    i checkedthe prices of my gear and it comes to around 900 million not including the 3 extra items
    im looking for best offer plz post offer ill try to respond asap

    im able to clear MP5-7 prettty easy with a litle trouble with damage reflect mobs.
    imjay#1508 add meif u wouldliketocheck out gear in game also or if u wouldlike to buy
    any questions u may have please leave a post ill try getting back to u asap
    if any wanna trade for full set of barb gear plz leave game orlink in post tyvm
    tyvm for the post
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