WTS / High Damage Sword w/ Crit Damage, Socket, & Lifesteal

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    Looking for offers over 95 million gold (see reasoning below). Message me here or in-game (zunimassa#1400).


    1072.2 "Black" Damage/Second
    499-1033 Damage
    1.40 Attacks/Second
    62% Critical Damage
    2.60% Lifesteal
    Socket (Empty)

    Currently highest on page 2 of AH w/ the following filters:

    Critical Damage = Not Specified
    Lifesteal = Not Specified
    Has Socket = Not Specified

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    Changing my starting bid required after reviewing some current items on the AH. There's this axe, which has a lower attack speed, lower damage, same exact base critical damage, and lower lifesteal...with a current bid of 94 million gold and 11 hours left. It's on the AH, on the same page, and is named Doom Crux w/ 1039 damage.
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