Selling High-End Intelligence Gear

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    Chantodo's Force (source)
    Res: 180,000,000 gold
    BIN: 250,000,000 gold

    Triumvirate (source)
    Res: 110,000,000 gold
    BIN: 175,000,000 gold

    Aurora Abomination (ring)
    Res: 17,500,000 gold
    BIN: 25,000,000 gold

    Zunimassa's Pox (ring)
    Res: 500,000,000 gold
    BIN: 750,000,000 gold

    Yes, BINs are high, but someone out there will pay for it. However, given that 90% of the people won't, I'm open to negotiations.

    Note: I will sell these items at any given time if I like the offer. I can also refuse to sell if I don't like the price.

    If adding me in-game, please leave a message stating your interests (don't just leave it as "Add me as friend," I will ignore those), for example "WTB Zunimassa's Pox."

    Also, post here before doing so, that way I know who you are and where you came from.

    Trolls that post here will be embraced as entertainment and bumps. Low-ballers will be treated the same, but I will laugh more loudly.
    Blizzard Entertainment - Diablo III Community MVP
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    I always QQ when i saw the price of that ring
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    Quote from popzap

    I always QQ when i saw the price of that ring

    Well, you can always make a reasonable offer and we can work something out... As long as it's within firing range of standard market prices.
    Blizzard Entertainment - Diablo III Community MVP
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