WTS FAST Runs (MF or EXP runs)

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    Selling runs for either MF or EXP (for your paragon) in inferno.

    All acts (1-4) including whimsyshire.

    You choose which act, quest, and until where you wish the run to go to. The price will be adjusted accordingly.
    • 100% of all elites and champions that are encountered during the game will be killed.
    • All champions, elites and goblins will be called out in chat to give you a warning.
    • If you die I will not always rez you. It is your responsibility to release, TP to town, and click on my banner to continue
    • You do not have to kill a single thing, you can literally sit in full MF and stand in a corner within 2 screens of me as I kill
    • Stoppage will be minimal. I suggest having an empty stash to quickly throw in all UNid'd items, and using boots/passives to increase run speed
    • If you do not have room in your stash, you may drop all items in town, free of worry of theft. Just do not drop them around the nearest vendor that sells/repairs to avoid suspicion when I need it.
    I am a 110k dps WW/sprint barb with battle rage (~150k with WoTB) with 24% movement speed.
    Search for my profile on the d3 website: Kryses#1274

    Please feel free to whisper or add me in game Kryses#1274
    Usual times online are generally 3:00 pm to midnight Mon-Friday EST. Weekends vary.

    Rough Prices (negotiable)
    1) Act 3 speed EXP run (as done by Alkaizer)
    • start in Core of Arreat
    • Tower of the damned level 1
    • Arreat Crater level 2
    • Bridge of Korssik
    • The Keeps Depths level 2
    • run takes approximately 12 minutes with two people
    • 200k
    2) Act 3 run
    • Quest selected at Kill Grhom
    • Clear the Battlements and Stonefort for all elites, then head from the Keep Depths level 1
    • Continue through quest line finishing at killing Azmodan
    • 200k skipping all white trash and just going for elites, champions and goblins (no side caves and dungeons of the like [i.e The Barracks]) *You may stay in town the entire time until a call out occurs for champions, elites or goblins*
    • 300k same as above, but including all side caves and dungeons
    • 400k include white trash along with the rest (no side caves and dungeons)
    • 500k include white trash including side caves and dungeons
    3) Warden, Butcher, Whimsyshire
    • 5 Stack NV guaranteed before killing Warden and Butcher, then off to Whimsyshire
    • 200k
    Please note all these prices are negotiable. I am a very fair guy and will not turn down a reasonable offer.
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    why are you even doin this, you seem like have all the gears you need. you properly dont need gold. is this some type of public service you doing just for fun? anyways, good gear and i would trust this dude.
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    I'm doing the runs anyways one way or another, grabbing people to tag along for a profit doesn't slow me down too much and it forces me to do some different things other than the speed runs. But thanks for the "I would trust this dude"
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    bump bump bump
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