WTS/Craft Radiant Star Emeralds/Rubies @ 10% off AH Price

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    I'm selling Radiant Star Emeralds & Rubies at 10% of the current AH price. For example, if Radiant stars are going for 20mil on the AH I'll sell you one for 18mil.

    Disclaimer: Radiant Star Emerald prices have been very weird lately, so if they're up for less than the cost to craft I won't be able to sell you one.

    I'm also crafting radiant / perfect / flawless star emeralds & rubies for the following prices:

    Radiant = your mats + 200k gold
    Perfect = your mats + 100k gold
    Flawless = your mats + 50k gold

    Some mat examples:

    - flawless star emerald: 12 tomes + 3 star emeralds + 150k gold (cost price 100k, 50k service charge)
    - perfect star emerald: 15 tomes + 3 flawless star emeralds + 300k gold (cost price 200k, 100k service charge)
    - radiant star emerald: 20 tomes + 3 perfect star emeralds + 600k gold (cost price 400k, 200k service charge)

    pm me in game wond3rboi#1430 or reply to this post for services!

    Disclaimer: If 10% of the AH is less than the cost to make the gem, I will be unable to sell the gem at that time.
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    i will get back to you within 1 day or 2 !!
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    bump: online now
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    bump online now
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    bump: online now
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    bump: online now
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    bump: online. radiant star rubies in stock
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    bump: online now. radiant stars in stock
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    Do you have any idea why the emerald prices collapsed? Can you still make profit on radiant star emeralds?

    Just curious, thought you might have an idea.
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    you can't make a profit anymore on the emeralds. They're selling for millions less than the cost to craft. I'd imagine someone made a bagillion duped emeralds before they fixed it in the patch and now has more money than god.

    Also: online now: radiant stars in stock
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