Iso: Barb Gear for my DH Gear

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    I'm starting to solely play my barb now that i've reached lvl 60 and don't have all that good of stuff atm. I'm leaning more towards Ww barb too.

    I have this DH that got me through inferno act I, II, and most of III

    take a look at my gear here:



    What im' looking to do is 1 : 1 for some barb gear. For instance, belt for belt or boot for helm etc...

    please post what gear you have (write out stats or pic would be best) and what you want. Then I will PM you if I want to trade. If not I'll just write 'no thanks' in this thread.

    You are also welcome to make igg offers. I will answer those too.

    okay! well hopefully we can help eachother out.


    I don't need gloves, chest, or pants though.

    Roboalf#1648 - Add me if you want!
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    nobody's got any gear they want to swap?
    Roboalf#1648 - Add me if you want!
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