WTB MF Set for DH 250+ pref 75k dps on RMAH

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm looking for an MF set w/ at least 200+MF and 75k DPS for a Demon Hunter. I am looking to buy it on the RMAH. I have about $50 bucks I want to spend depending on the pieces. My hope is that someone out there is tired of playing their DH and has a set lying around and wants to make a quick $30-50 bucks on RMAH.

    I come home from work around 6pm Pacific Standard Time California and I usually playing until around 12am before I call it a night. I've been farming act 1 with 184+MF with 5 stacks and I'm tired of the lack of gold I'm making. I'd like to move up to act 2 or 3 or just plow through act 2.

    Many thanks!

    battletag Gladiator#1901
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