280str, 268vit, 11%life, 36%mf Amulet.

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    Been looking for offers, or a price check on this amulet for a couple weeks on D2jsp, but no one has replied. Hoping for better luck here.

    The closest amulet to mine on the AH was 21million for one with about 2/3 as much str/vit, no %life, and 37 mf. But that obviously doesn't mean mine would be worth that or more.

    Any offers or appraisals are welcomed. I put it up on the Ah a couple days ago for 60mil. Away from home til Sunday so I won't know til then if it sold.
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    I think the reason why you got no offers is because it just has base stats. People want crit or crit damage or attack speed on their amulets. You can get base stats on every other piece of gear but you can't get crit/attack speed on all pieces... so that makes the amulet spot specific in terms of what it needs.

    It's a good starter inferno piece for a barb.. but no end game barb would be using it. The only saving stat is the 36 MF it has. Could be a good swap amulet.
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    I understand that. Regardless, the stats are so high that it has to be worth even a decent chunk of change. Most amulets with 220+ str/vita are being sold for five to seven million with only minor other stats. Or were a few days ago when I looked.

    Really want opinions on what's its numerical value might be.
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