The GG Kiosk (Bracers, Rings, Boots, Chest Armor)

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    Welcome to my small shop.

    Below you will find Bracers, rings, boots, and one chest armor. Each item is priced against the auction house, guaranteed cheaper than its counterpart. If you can find me an item of equal or greater stats listed on the AH at a cheaper buyout (BIN) than mine, I'll match it!*

    2ndary image link:

    RES = The minimum price to buy an item. Once RES is reached, a 12h auction automatically starts.
    BIN = The price to buy an item immediately without dispute.
    *AH matching buyouts must be equal to or higher than the listed RES for that item.
    Search tags: gg, gfg, godly, magic find, mf, cold resist monk, demon hunter, DH, barbarian, barb, baba, high dex vit
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    c/o on War Claim = 2.5m
    Bidding on this item closes at 10:15am. (less than 8 hours from now)
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    Free bump, why is it called RES?
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    Quote from Afro_DemonHunter

    Free bump, why is it called RES?
    Thank you. It's called res because it starts for reserve. The price where I reserve the item for the highest bidder above that price. Meaning I HAVE TO sell it to the person who bids highest above res. If people bid below RES I am not obligated to sell, above RES I am.
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    1m on 5. Bombs#1271
    Please PM me if I win or get outbid. Thanks.
    Battletag: Bombs#1271
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    #4, War Claim sold!

    Also, C/O on Stout Boon, 1m.
    Quote from mfmukhtar786

    1m on 5. Bombs#1271

    RES met!. 12h auction ends at 11pm tonight! (about 9 hours from this post)
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    Sout Boon, #5, SOLD!

    Buy your items soon, because The GG Kiosk will be on vacation for one week starting this Friday!
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    Items that are still available in The GG Kiosk are #1, #2, and #3.

    Just another announcement that the kiosk will be closed for one week starting tomorrow, so buyout soon!
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