WTB Weapon 40-60Mil: 600+ LoH, Crit Dam, Str and/or Vita

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    Lookin to spend in the 40-60 million range. ONE HAND ONLY Strongly prefer Axe / Mace, but not a necessity.

    I am aware of what the market is so don't come in with 750 dps, 150 str, 700 loh, socket weapons.
    Current weapon I'm replacing is 798 damage, 109 str, 53 vita, 730 LoH, 44% Crit Damage Axe

    Posting this b/c on a 55-60 Mil, it'd be like selling on the AH for 64.7 - 70.5 mil.

    Battletage: Potemkin#1291
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