[Price Check] 65 RA, 18MF, Varied Stats Bracers

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    405 Armor

    +47 Strength
    +71 Dexterity
    +68 Intelligence
    +44 Cold Resistance
    +65 Resistance to All Elements
    +187 Armor
    18% Better Chance of Finding Magical Items

    Have looked at the GAH and could only find bracers that had some of the stats and the range was between 800,000 and a few million. Couldn't find an exact match so I'm not sure who it would be good for since it's lacking vitality. Maybe there's a Monk here who stacks Cold Resist?

    Thank you in advance.
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    Problem with them is that they have a litlle of every stat and not enough of any one primary stat to make them worth a ton.
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